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OK… this is going to be an interesting guide. Why? Because I didn’t actually down the guy. That’s right, I am writing from the perspective of a failed PuG. Of course, this is always super helpful, because I can tell you where the heck I went wrong, and how I think I would fix it.

Our group composition was myself, a resto druid, an elemental shaman, a prot warrior, and a hunter of some sort of spec (‘fraid I didn’t notice). Over the course of the trash pulls before hand I noted that I was going to have difficulties in not pulling aggro, which is always handy to know. However, this had little effect on the boss strat.

You ‘summon’ Ahune by clicking on the large, very prominent crystal in the middle of the first large room in Slave Pens. Everyone in the group should stand as close together as possible, to minimise the range of the adds when they appear.

Ahune is not able to be attacked at first. He will send out a large Earth elemental to begin with which has to be DPSed down, with some smaller Water and Air elementals appearing after that. Where possible (especially when you have a lock!) AoE the small adds down. This is where it is important to stand close together so the adds dont roam too far.

The best tactic for this in my opinion (one which we did not use!) is to have all DPS on the main elemental (IF you have a warlock). If all people stand close enough to the main elemental, the adds should be close enough that the lock can spam Seed of Corruption on the earth elemental and hit all the other adds. As soon as DPS start to go weird and run far far away, things go awry. The main thing here seems to be getting that elemental down ASAP. Don’t stand too close though, he does an AoE attack himself.

While you are doing this, big icicles will pop up. First you will notice a small patch (which looks like a mage’s Frost Nova), then they turn into big icicles and throw you in the air. I kinda sucked at avoiding these, since I was so busy focusing on maximising my DPS (and the fact I only had 5 minutes before I had to log!). The damage taken from these isn’t huge, but the less strain on your healer the better!

The boss works on a timer system and will submerge in Phase 2, leaving his vulnerable core, which can be DPSed. Pretty simple here – nuke it hard and fast! You can’t pull aggro, because he is fixed in one spot (and isn’t even really a boss – just a chunk of crystal).

Rinse and repeat!!

Of course, in testing tomorrow, I may decide that I am a total twit and this is wrong. Heaven knows there are a wide variety of strats for any boss! What has worked (or hasn’t worked) for you?

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Well, here is the extent of my travels so far today with my Orphan :)

Visiting Al\'ar

First a quick pop in to visit Al’ar and say hi… she looked a little scared, but thankfully I was tall enough to hide behind – she wouldn’t have fared so well with a gnome!

Then observing Shatt from up high in a garden above the Scryers

I tried to tell her a bear butt probably wasn’t the best place to hide from Gruul

So she hid behind a rock instead!

Then we killed him, and all was well.

Now for a trek back to Azeroth and see what we can do there :)

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I finally got around to picking up my ‘adorable’ (if you are into that kinda thing) orphan today. Slow, slow, I know, what can I say, I am lazy! Anyway, before I do the quests, I have decided to enter BBB’s Screenie Competition. I now just need to think of a couple of imaginative places where I can take my innocent little orphan and get a few happy snaps! I have a few ideas, but I will keep you posted. And, no, I am not telling you – they are a secret, secret yesss *shifty eyes*.


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