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Let us venture back, to the other day, when I ran that MgT run. The very same run that I wrote about before. Now, our healer left that run pretty early, and we had to call in a replacement. Kalf just happened to be online, and I asked him if he could please come in and help us out. I warned him that the tank ‘wasn’t the best’ and told him to pleeeease pleeease keep his mouth shut about it throughout the run. He said he would, and confident little me summoned him up.

Well… things started out kinda OK. Sure, we had a couple wipes as we went on the trash, but we got the 2nd boss down with no problems. However, on the way to the third boss things started going awry. We wiped quite a few times on the same pulls, it was getting late, people were tired and tempers were starting to fray. Soon enough, Kalf started commenting that he can’t heal if he is getting beaten upon by mobs, and that trees aren’t tanks. The tank started to get a bit frustrated as well, and commented on the difficulty of tanking multiple mobs. This soon began to degenerate into an argument, where some people were offering suggestions (perhaps not worded the best way), and the tank thought that everyone was telling him or her how to play. I decided I would just call the instance then and there, saying that I could see this becoming nothing more than an insult slinging contest, wished everyone a good night, and left the group.

Now, apparently some exchanges continued between Kalf and the tank after this. I have heard Kalf’s side of the story, and now some of the tanks, but I don’t feel that I can fairly say what happened between them. Insults were exchanged, and not so friendly banter occured. When Kalf ignored the tank on one character, he/she got on another to continue the ‘discussion’.

Fast forward to last night. I was chatting to Kalf on MSN when he mentioned to me that the tank was taunting him in ‘say’ in the middle of Ironforge, and other people were getting involved. Now, my curious nature had me logging on and heading to IF to see the stoush. Sure enough, some nasty sarcastic comments were being made. Kalf was doing the sensible thing and not responding, but the nature of the comments were getting on my nerves. Kalf is one to hit the GM button with this sort of thing, but I like to try to find other ways around this when I can. (Oh… the 2v2 comment was because they were ridiculing his arena team… and it’s MY arena team, it doesn’t reflect on his ability lol – I just suck).

(apologies for the nasty cutting… I was talking to other people at the time and didnt think their conversations were relevant!).

So, clearly through some polite and mature conversation, these sorts of dramas can be averted. Huzzah!

Now… back to looking at that picture of George Clooney… *swoon*


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I have always depended on the kindness of strangers friends” (Blanche DuBois)

First things first, I think I deserve a wee bit of applause for remembering to write things down in my ‘WoW notepad’ as I went yesterday. /cheer!

As you all know, I have an enormous list of things which I need to work on to get my tanking set for when Hermia hits 70. Yesterday I decided that I would begin working on those right away, and at least get some experience from the kills that I had to make anyway. So heigh-ho, off to Nagrand we go!

Now I know that lots of people farming in a concentrated area can be a traumatic experience. As soon as the words ‘Elemental Plateau’ are mentioned people begin to cringe. I develop an eye twitch just thinking about it! Well, the area for farming Thick Clefthoof Leather can get pretty hectic as well. So first of all, a shout out to everyone who was farming there yesterday. Everyone was polite, I didn’t notice a single instance of kill stealing/skin stealing (except for one instance where I didn’t see a tauren druid going after a bull. I quickly apologised through the convenient ‘sorry’ emote, and intentionally left the next couple for him. He ‘licked’ me and went on killing).

In a couple of special mentions on the farming side, we have Valcrist, who kindly let me skin all his kills, AND sent me a tell later on with a lovely offer of a pair of the boots that I needed, since he had a spare pair on his rogue. I already had the boots, but it was incredibly nice of him to offer. Two Horde players, Mildrid and Morbidone, who also ‘let’ (in that I couldn’t ask, but they didn’t object) me skin their kills as well. I tried to help out killing their mobs as we went to make things a bit faster and less painful for them.

After a while I proudly mentioned to Whisperel (my favourite leatherworker!) in guild chat that I was nearly done! I had 55 Clefthoof leather, I needed a mere 20 more. Whisp offered some of the leather she had in her bank, but I refused (Whisp and her husband Wymonn already do FAR too much for me – more on that later!), and said it wouldn’t take me too much longer to farm the rest. Besides, when you are getting 800XP per kill, it’s not all that nasty. Well, Whisp pretty much insisted, but I was determined to do it all myself (so I came up with the not so sneaky plan of just farming it all anyway, so she didn’t have to use her personal stash). That kinda failed when I was running around farming, and saw someone killing a few clefthoof. I ran over to see if they may have needed a spot heal, since they were taking on a few at a time, and it was Whisp! Well, darn. She quickly traded me 25 clefthoof leather (more than I needed!) before I could say anything. Since I was done, I traded her all the clefthoof leather back, as well as the other leather that I had gathered over the day – sooooo many scraps! I said I would go rustle up some Primal Earth off Sar (since she is a miner), but Whisp already had that as well! Whisp flew back to Shatt, with me slowly slowly trailing behind… and when I got there, she had finished the crafting and traded the vest and leggings back to me… as well as a surprise of a Stylin’ Purple Hat, which was going to be my next farmed item. Then… I was told not to go anywhere, as Wymonn was logging his JC alt to ‘gem me up’.

Now this is really not out of character for Whisp and Wym. As I have levelled Hermia, I have often found little surprises in the mail, accompanied by ‘Thought this might be useful!’ notes from them. I got my Clefthoof Boots from Whisp before I had even hit the 60 mark, let alone the 70! Sar has also gotten things from them before as little presents. I have never before been able to acknowledge their kindness, and I thought that here would be the best that I can do for now. So, thankyou ever so much Whisperel and Wymonn.

To top the day off, Kalf also got me a Necklace of the Deep (even though I specifically told him not to!). I was umming and ahhing over it since I am saving for my epic flying, so he just went and got it for me. So sweet (and naughty!).

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In the blogging world today, there is an uproar. Now just a quiet one either, this is a full pack of lions we are talking about here. So what is it that got our panties in a knot? Well, in Blizzard’s latest sweeping of the ban stick, they have given at least one innocent victim a bonk on the noggin. Now, it just so happens that one of these innocent victims are a member of the guild Aetherial Circle. Sound familiar? It should! AC happens to be the home of more bloggers than I can count on my fingers, and each and every one of these bloggers is up in arms over what has happened. Now Lamaa isn’t a blogger, but he is a good friend of everyone in AC. They are 100% sure that Lamaa did not cheat. I for one, trust their judgement and believe them.

Now, you may be asking what Lamaa did that was so wrong to get banned. You may suspect that he used the Glider bot, right? Well, nope. All that he did was…

Ban Stick!

Use a Logitech G15 keyboard in combination with running Wine on Linux. That’s right, he was banned because of a keyboard, and a program. Apparently the G15 has a macro functionality of some description, which goes against Blizzard’s EULA in some way. Don’t ask me to explain it, I do not get this stuff. Now, Lamaa didn’t even use this function of the keyboard apparently. But, because he installed the software when he purchased the keyboard *shockhorrorgasp!*, and Warden picked up that this software was installed, along with him running Wine… BAM! Ban Stick pwnage. AND they had the hide to charge him his next three months subscription fee – the very same day.

So, I think that the requests are fairly simple here Blizz. Reinstate Lamaa’s account. Send him more than a form ‘you broke the rules therefore we hate you’ letter explaining why you banned him. Perhaps even put up an official warning of some description about the G15 Keyboard, or about running Wine? Although, I can’t imagine Logitech would be too pleased with Blizzard saying there is an issue with one of their top of the line gamer keyboards.

And, in the future, take a closer look at who you sweep the ban stick at. You never know, there may be a whole blogging community hiding behind them, pens poised (or should we say, keyboards? G15 keyboards even?)

Note: For fuller details of Lamaa’s ban, see any one of the AC blogs. TJ is a good place to start, but most every blogger today has jumped upon this.


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Well, I am a total nitwit. Complete total nitwit even. Remember when I talked about the Running of Da Bulls event, and how keen I was to go to it? Of course you do… how could you not remember an event as awesome as that, and not be excited about it? Well… I totally goofed up on my time differences. It actually ran yesterday for me, and not today as I was expecting. Needless to say… disappointment isn’t even close to describing what I feel, I was so looking forward to it.

I am going to go off and cry now.


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Alot of people on my server have been commenting on the difficulty in getting a 5 man run going. We used to have difficulty getting regular runs going, but there was always interest in a heroic. Since badges have become substantially easier to come by now through Kara runs and the like, no one wants to run many heroics anymore (apart from the occasional MgT run, because everyone wants the mount!). I think the new dailies have also had something to do with this – most people I know have basically scheduled play time, and having dailies to cram in to this as well eats alot of it up – people just don’t have the time anymore to do 5 mans in amongst all the other farming and questing they need to do. Have other people noticed this phenomenon on their own servers? Or is this just something that seems to be happening on Cenarius?

Oh, and by the way? I manage to fit in the time by not doing all those new dailies. Sure, I am always low on gold… but I manage to make enough cash to get me by the old fashioned way, and I don’t enjoy questing. Why spend my limited time in the game doing something I clearly do not enjoy?

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A little while ago, the lovely people of Aetherial Circle lost a good friend of theirs, Sharvan. You might all be familar with the people of Aetherial Circle since alot of WoW bloggers come from that guild. I just wanted to put the word out that BRK has dedicated the Running of the Bulls event that they are holding to Sharvan’s memory. Sounds like a great deal of fun, and from what I can gather, the more the merrier. I know that I personally will be late for/skipping that days raid (hopefully) to make this run. I even have Tauren Saresa (a somewhat confused female named male Tauren) all ready for the run!

Also, BRK has put a PayPal portal (or whatsmicallit) on his blog for people to donate and help Sharvan’s family with the costs of the funeral. Feel free to donate please :)

We are all with you AC, and we are sorry for your loss. Although we may not have known Sharvan, we can all feel sympathy for such a tragic passing.


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I was over at BBB’s blog just a moment ago when I came across a post that I think is well worth commenting on. You know those annoying people who ruin the game for you in sneaky sneaky ways? Like stealing your elementals off you JUST as your cast is about to go off? Or pinching your quest mobs, ninjaing your herb while you kill the mob near it? Yeah, he talks about them. However, he also balances it out with a good experience, which is what we all like to see. I found it interesting though that the negative experience came from Alliance, people of his own faction, and the positive one from Horde.

It is oft stated on Cenarius that Alliance has the higher douche bag quotent. The prevailing theory is that the younger, more immature players go Alliance, while Horde has been traditionally the home of older, more experienced players (could also serve to explain why Horde pwn us at PvP, everytime). Now, who knows if this is actually true… I haven’t levelled a Horde to investigate this phenomenon. It does get frustrating though, being grouped with a variety of ninjas, and general asshats. Or having someone from your own faction steal your elemental! We are meant to be on the same team guys! Let’s be nice, hey?

However, I have grouped with many good, friendly Alliance players. As I mentioned in the comments at the bottom of BBB’s post (in reply to both him and Kestrel), like Kestrel, I would take any issues I had about an Alliance player to an officer of the guild. This was not always complaints either. When I was in Dying Breed (before I became a guild-ridden abandoning so-and-so) I was one of the officers there. As a rule (since we didn’t have particular jobs as officers – the DB is a relaxed, friendly guild… somewhat like Cheers, if a guild was a bar) we didn’t have much to do, so I took it upon myself to be the resident PR officer. If someone did something to a guildie that I thought was inappropriate, I’d fire off a mail. However, if someone from another guild did something which was just out right nice, or if they impressed me with their manners, kindness, or just general attitude or skill, I would also send their Guild Leader a mail commending them. I figure doing so won’t only give the person concerned a warm fuzzy feeling, it would also give the guild a positive feeling – that “Yes, we may be small… and there are only, what, 10 million people who play this game… but yay, someone noticed just how awesome we are!” I have always been a fan of building good relationships, and I hope that when people on Cenarius hear the name Saresa, they think “Oh yeah, I know her… she was really polite/helpful/had a great attitude!” (Lets face it… I won’t ever get noticed for my lackluster shadowbolting skills! I don’t give 2 hoots whether people compliment my gear or not… it’s just pixels. Shiny happy pixels. But I digress).

Now, this is not nearly so well worded as BBB’s post. So, if you haven’t read it already, head there. This is more my spin on the whole thing I guess. But anyway… time to share my cutesy-happy Alliance/Horde experience with you!

Dancing Kitties!

We were just wandering around Un’Goro, minding our own business… and decided a dance was in order. If any of you see Croach on Cenarius, tell him Hermia the dancing Un’Goro cat says hi!

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I ran across this quiz mentioned in Leafshine and Too Many Annas, and couldn’t resist – me being the quiz fiend I am! It asks you a series of questions, and then assesses your answers to tell you what sort of player you are.


SEAK players are usually very interested in the the ‘total experience’ of a virtual world–meeting other people and finding the unique places within it. They don’t care much for PVP or levelling, but meeting up with online friends to see new parts of the world is usually fun and exciting.

Breakdown: Achiever 46.67%, Explorer 66.67%, Killer 20.00%, Socializer 66.67%

Not very surprising – I have always known that what keeps me interested in WoW is meeting new people and getting to know them. Levelling for me is a very slow process, because I often get caught up in guild chat and completely ignore the actual levelling aspect of the game! I have fond memories of Saresa sitting in Light’s Hope Chapel for hours on end, chatting to my friends in the guild. Oh, good times. My ex-boyfriend used to always say that the only reason I played WoW was to socialise (although he did qualify that this is perfectly fine according to the Theory of Funitivity! Yes, it really IS a theory!)

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