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Ok, so I am going to follow the crowd (one of those pesky Mage types must’ve sheeped me) and link my Merrymaker post from last year.  Why?  Because Blizzard have changed diddly squat!

Once again… I’m not going to get the title.  Not sure if I posted about this last year, but all I needed was the stinking PvP achievement.  Battlegrounds are not my friend.  Well, anyway, last night I decided to try and do it again.  First cab off the rank – AV.  Probably not the best for farming those kills, but I can often survive a whole AV (so I don’t lose the costume), and it’s my least hated battleground.

Anyway, I get in at the start of an AV for ONCE in my life (at the time I thought this was a good thing) and off we charge.  I decide immediately to stay with the pack, since I fail miserably at PvP and always get horribly killed if I am on my own (resilience = lol).  Unfortunately, I was not aware that the pack were MINDLESS TWATWAFFLES who charged straight to Drek without capturing ANY towers.

THEN some twatwaffle of a DK tank (who I am sure was named something idiotic, like so many of the other DK’s out there:  Noobcake?  Deathtard?  Something stupid) kept running in, dying, and then abusing us for not attacking.  HELLO Mr I-am-a-giant-twatwaffle-with-no-brain… we aren’t going to get Drek down with the damn towers still up!

So, while half of AV decided to sit there and argue about who was missing what parts of their anatomy, I got bored and annoyed with my whole TWO HK’s and embarked on a suicide mission.  Other people don’t want to get a tower?  Fine.  I’ll go get a god damned tower.  And defend it.  Because I am not a twatwaffle like SOME idiots who are whinging that people have no balls.

Of course, I die before I even get near a tower.  Duh.

And land back at the damned start of AV, because no damned twatwaffle stopped to get a graveyard either.

So… when a few more people had died, we just farmed HK’s near our base.  Which confirmed the worst of my suspicions.

This pack of Horde SUCKED ASS at PvP.  Seriously.  A group of 6 Alliance wiped out a group of 15 Horde!  They didn’t work together, they didn’t use ANY defensive abilities…. If I can beat you at PvP, then you god damn fricking fail.  Of course, more Horde rocked up and eventually just kept killing us, so we didn’t make any ground.

Eventually, we lost. Of course.  I think the Horde had 450 resources to our 0.

Twatwaffle twatwaffle twatwaffle!



…Oh, that gear post I said I was going to write?  Yeah, I was lying.  Me, gear post?  Huh?  What the heck WERE you thinking?

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