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For starters, I am going to ask you to please forgive me for the fact that this post is going to be unbearably incoherent. I put it down to the fact that a) I am bone tired from school, and b) I had Hungry Jacks for lunch (I do not actually like Hungry Jacks, but it was a ‘special occasion’ and I didn’t want to be the party pooper who ruined it because they don’t like the food!)

I was once again thinking about why I blog today. Probably because I am so tired and irritable, and should be planning lessons rather than blogging – don’t ever let anyone tell you teachers have it easy! It takes me HOURS everyday just to plan out a day’s work – so I am really not motivated. Of course, this flowed on to why the heck do I even want to be a teacher, when I could have a fantastic 9-5 job somewhere… I think!

Well, really, the two are in some way intertwined. I want to teach because I love sharing my knowledge and interest about all things to do with English and History. I want the kids to delve into the arts, to appreciate the written word and where we come from. I want them to be able to express themselves creatively AND critically, to be able to say exactly what they mean and say it well. In other words, I want them to do all the things I attempt to do right here, but better.

Blogging is in some ways the same. I want to entertain people, to share my love of both the written word and the game. I want them to be curious about Warlocks, curious enough to go to the character creation screen and make one for themselves. The difference here is I don’t seek to teach people about Warlocks. Why? I just do not feel that I am enough of an authority on them! I am terrible at number crunching. Ask me what spec to play, and I answer you based on experience and gut feeling, not based on numbers and theory. This means that my likes and dislikes DO colour my perception of the class. How could it not? As with everything I am passionate about, I am just a wee bit biased about our good ol’ locks, especially the Destruction locks amongst us! There are many things which I have yet to learn about the Warlock, and I am willing to admit this. I have yet to master the PvP aspect of the game. I do always plan to work on that, but time conspires against me (darn needing sleep). Affliction sends me batty. Demonology would be fine if my felguard didn’t frustrate me at every turn. My other pets? Cute, huggable, and full of character. Well… almost all of them – Mezzrath, my Blueberry, is a bit dull. He is the ‘sit at home with a good book’ member of the family. My Felguard? He just strikes me as… too overt? The opposite of subtle, in any case. I do love a bit of subtlety about my pets, to make up for the fact that I myself am the opposite (Boom! Crash! SB crits everywhere! Yes, Sar has entered the room).

So, as I was saying before I went completely off the path, through the woods, and clear into another country – I do not blog to teach, I go to work to teach. This is my non-teaching zone. I leave education to the wiser beings among us, the theorycrafters, the intellectuals. Me? I’m just a simple country girl who likes to chat a lot… and has a sadistic streak. Why else would I get a kick out of the fact that you all suffer through my ravings?

Why else would I love being a warlock?

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