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Today Arcis continued their plunge into Mount Hyjal. While I must admit I was somewhat dubious (and disappointed) about heading in there rather than venturing further into Black Temple, it was an interesting experience to have our first go at Kaz’rogal. While we didn’t get him down, he seems to be a fairly easy boss, and I found that the trash before him is actually much more difficult. We got him to less than 20% on our first and only attempt, with three people blowing up the raid (which I found to be both stupid and disappointing).

The trash is an absolute nightmare, especially when you have not experienced it before. We had some difficulty killing waves fast enough, which resulted in prolonged periods with no drinks. This wasn’t so bad for me – life tap FTW! – but the healers were getting pretty antsy by the end of it. I found gargoyles difficult to AoE as well – only once did I manage to get them all together, and let me tell you, I was taking a heck of a beating from them! Sure, one gargoyle may not hurt much, but 8 of them all at once is nasty. We wiped a few times on the fifth wave, but eventually made it through with some well organised CC, and got to the boss.

I honestly believe that this boss is fairly straight forward. I don’t have any of the shadow resist gear yet, but with Prayer of Shadow Protection I managed to successfully resist between 50-80% of the damage from other people’s explosions. Exploding from lack of mana is pretty easy to avoid as a Warlock obviously! The main things I noticed were that people were unwilling to sacrifice some DPS in order to stay alive – rather than run away from the raid if they knew they were going to explode, or ease off and auto attack for a short while, they would continue running through their mana and blow everyone up. One of the paladins managed to do this to the whole melee group. I suggested that he could perhaps not be in the melee group and help heal or something if he felt he couldn’t effectively manage his mana, but people vetoed that idea ‘It’s a DPS race! We need his DPS in there, not him helping with healing!’. Well… sure, his damage would be nice (although it’s not really huge, since he is a Prot Pally), but I can guarantee the damage from the other melee is much better! It would be nice to not have them killed!

Other people also didn’t take the advice to run away from the raid if they knew they were going to blow up, and killed over half the raid in doing so. Thank goodness he goes down very easily – the fastest I have certainly ever seen on a raid boss. Another couple of attempts, where everyone knows what they are doing, and we should be fine. More people are getting some shadow resist gear for the next attempt, although I am far too poor at the moment (as usual). Of course, I will need it for Azgalor, but I like to take these things one step at a time!

Tomorrow’s schedule appears to be Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend (uh oh, because I fail badly at the simulation!), and Kaz’rogal if we have time. I will keep you posted :)

Finally, I made yet another video (glutton for punishment, aren’t I?) answering the questions posed to me by Elf. Currently it refuses to upload onto YouTube – not sure if it is an internet issue or what – but I am testing alternatives. Since I am having difficulties uploading, it may be up tomorrow. Here it is!

Also – thinking I might do a BlogTV thing tomorrow after my raid, which finishes at 10.30pm Cenarius server time (don’t ask me what timezone that is, sorry – hopefully someone knows), which is 3.30pm Australian EST. I would estimate a 4pm start for me. I know thats kinda late for most people, so it’s not like I expect a huge attendance! Just let me know if you are interested by commenting please. It will be at . I make no guarantees about my personal appearance – my weekend uniform generally consists of gym pants and a baggy jumper. Yep, I’m a slob!

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Succubus? Bat? Demonic Gryphon? What would be the perfect flying form for a Warlock? That my friends is the question posed in this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic! I am a fan of the shared topic, I must admit, since a) it helps me beat the writer’s block and b) it tends to bring some more traffic over here, and when we are sharing the love I do like to get greedy and hog more than my fair share!

I have long had gripes about the lack of a Warlock class flying mount. I had gotten somewhat accustomed to getting my mounts through quest chains, and really hated the idea of riding a boring old gryphon. I’m a lock, I am meant to be above that sort of lowly peon transportation, best suited to Mages and those other pesky people (you know – Hunters, Druids, Warriors, Shaman, Rogues, Priests and Paladins). However, I have often wondered what I should ride, should Blizzard be kind enough to come to their senses and give me a flying mount.

I used to just ponder upon the demonic creatures which have wings, but you know what? Some of them have faces! Most of them have faces! I can’t ride something with a human like face! Can you imagine the jokes? Eeeeeeep. So, that rules out succubi, other random winged demons, and also Illidan, despite the fact that would be kinda cool.

So… something winged and not with a human like face. Well, after seeing the absolutely laughable skeletal gryphon, I don’t want anything gryphon related. I want it to be memorable, or distinctly warlock-y.

Nah, a demon rabbit makes NO sense. In all honesty, I think a demonic unicorn would be spectacular. I absolutely adore my Dreadsteed, so if he could fly that would be pretty nice. I could also cheat and say that since Druids get to shift into their flying mount, Warlocks should turn into a flying demon – perhaps a weird evil fairy for gnomes hehe. Humans of course would be succubi (yes, even if you are a man!). I’ll leave the horde mounts up to you guys.

As a completely unrelated aside, I have made another vid, despite proclaiming I wasn’t going to until I got a new camera. I won’t put it on here, because it isn’t really relevant – it’s a response to TJ’s video. I took the ‘remove glasses’ advice, and so am pulling weird faces when I try to read. Not to mention it is also super quiet due to bad microphone placement. Next time I may have to wear my headset – scary!

Edit: How about a demonic flying murloc?????

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So, as I do believe I mention, this is my first attempt at video. After viewing, I noticed a couple of things:

  • My fringe is a problem. If I am constantly tilting my head to get it out of my face IRL, I must look bloody stupid!
  • The screen is reflected on my glasses. Sorry ’bout that.
  • I also mentioned the dodgy looking synching with the sound and the video. If I can ever work out how to fix it, I will. Promise!
  • Once again, I mangled a blog name – it’s Sorry!!!!!!

After doing this, I am much more keen to do the BlogTV thing. I think I would much rather the interaction. The problem with this is, I don’t get home until 4pm here, which is, what… 11pm on my server Cenarius, and I think Cenarius is on Eastern time?? Not too sure on that one. At any rate, it would be a heinous for for you guys. Lemme know what you think anyway!

P.S – I got Hydra’s question a smidgen too late :(. The answer is chocolate, the question was ‘Vanilla or Chocolate?’ Chocolate everything!!!

P.P.S – speaking of bad spelling, look what I just found:

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OK everyone, tomorrow is the day where I finally get around to doing my video. I definitely have the house to myself, as my sister has gone to the boyfriend’s for the week and my brother is off on school camp. Huzzah, alone time!! So, I would love to hear any questions you guys would like to ask. As a general idea, I will probably do one in response to TJ’s video (since she asked for it!), but I might waffle on with some other stuff as well. So long as it all fits in a 10 minute timeframe, anyway.

So, shoot… but I reserve the right to dodge ;)

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