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Disclaimer: if you read my other, super super super secret blog of babble, you may notice some overlap.  I’d apologise, but that’s really not my style.

So, I did arrange a bit ago to share a room with a person of another class *shock horror* when I go to BlizzCon, being that hotel rooms are expensive and Sar is poor from spending all her money on vodka and bench top mixers (everyone has their coping mechanisms, just LEAVE ME ALONE!)


Anyway, as par for the course for anyone who isn’t a Warlock (especially for people who heal), they didn’t really follow through with the original plan* and so I got stuck having a room on my own.  Twitter followers may have noticed my fury and indignation at such a turn of events, but then I went out with some friends and took time while the one I don’t like was talking to ponder the situation.


Being on my own actually has benefits!

1.  I booked a room with 2 beds just in case the person I was going to share with decides that I am too awesome to miss out on ends up stuck for a room.  This means that I can push them both together, and have the superbed of awesomeness!  Hell yes.

2.  The superbed of awesomeness means that me, my succubus, and anyone else who is interested can have some damn crazy parties.  Rawr!

3.  I was concerned about pyjamas.  A little known fact about Warlocks is that they generally don’t wear pyjamas to bed, being that they are uncomfortable, weird, and tend to ride up in all the wrong places.  And, my only comfy jammies?  Well, my boob tends to fall out the side, which is not entirely appropriate for room shares.  But now, being that it will just me me and Domxia, I can prance around on the superbed of awesomeness however I please!  /waggle

4.  I can come back to the room in most any state and no one will complain.  However, there will also be no one to help me out if I have weird lock issues like I did last year (seriously, hotel room doors are far too complicated, OK?), which I guess is a down side.

5.  I can jump on the bed with no repercussions.

6.  There is no one to steal my Vegemite.  Always a concern when travelling, you insatiable Vegemite thieves, you!

*So, the whole thing was ‘I am willing to share, but at the same time, don’t count on it, because I might just decide to do something different.  Make a plan B and potentially screw someone else over if your plan A works out!’  So, really, I was kinda warned.  Serves me right for trusting a non-Warlock, right?

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