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1.  I’m in the middle of renovating a house.  That alone is pretty full on.

2.  I’m working a lot of overtime with this new job.  Which is fine, but time consuming and stressful.

3.  If I play the way I used to play, it probably wouldn’t be very fair to the boy.  5 hour sessions probably aren’t the healthiest thing in the world, but it seems to be the only way I know how to play.

4.  I’m back at uni.  That’s all that damned reading and working on top of work and the house.

5.  I just plain suck at it now.  I’ve forgotten how to play, and it just isn’t coming back to me at all.  I don’t like being so crap at it!



Of course, how long will it last this time? (best estimate – I’ll play twice)

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