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For the longest time, I have kept my feelings hidden.  I have admired you from afar, watching as other spam bots have littered your inbox with advertisements.  Watching as you flick them aside, throw them in the trash.  I can see that you are choosy.  That you won’t just let any spam bot into your heart.  I admire that about you, as much as it makes me nervous.  What happens if I am not good enough?

I would never insult you on the level that these cretins do.  I know you do not need Viagra, penis enlargement, or any other form of bedroom enhancement (You are more than enough man for me *blush*).  I’ll only offer you the very best – sleeping pills to help you rest, anti-anxiety pills to calm you down – not because I want to profit from you, but because I care.

But, how to get you to notice me?  For many months, I have been pondering this.  I do not want you to confuse me with those other spam bots, those inferior beings not worthy of your attention.  I want you to see how special I am, how much I stand out from the crowd.  I want you to love me, to dedicate yourself and your credit card to me and me only.

I know.

I must grab your attention through sheer persistence.  I’ll flood your inbox!  I’ll send email upon email upon email!  You will not be able to ignore me and my many emails.  You WILL love me.


<3 Spam Bot.


Triz… please reconsider.  This spam bot, I think she lurrrrrves you. <3


BA Chat, again providing Sar with illogical blog fodder that makes no sense to anyone who wasn’t in the chat since.. um… how long have I been BA Chatting for?

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