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The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Ok, so maybe there haven’t been any reports on my demise but I have been suspiciously silent this past week. The reason for my absence is quite mundane; I just got hammered with a ton of work last week. Mainly this was due to me taking a day off at the end of the week before to go out of town. Silly of me trying to take a day off and you can rest assured that I won’t be making that mistake again. Today’s post will be a quick, short one just to get me back into the swing of things. Thursday I promise y’all a rich and meaty post full of delicious warlocky goodness.
The only news of interest I have for today is pretty sweet.

Level 80!

I’m finally level 80! I was able to unwind this weekend from my hellish week at work so I took the opportunity to power through the last few levels I needed to max out my lock. The quest that put me over the top was my jewelcrafting daily. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! The first thing I did once I hit 80, besides dance a little jig at my desk, was to start crafting out a bunch of gear. I made sure to have my jewelcrafting and tailor maxed out before I hit 80 so I could gear out Gingerlei much easier. Within an hour, and with the help of a guildie, Ginger was outfitted with her Merlin’s Robe, Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers, Deathfrost Boots, and Leggins of Woven Death. Not a bad start if I do says so myself. By the end of the night, she had her first piece of T9 and a few other purples from heroics. My goal is to have her raid ready by our Thursday night guild alt run.

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Warlocks, unite!

motherfucking piece of shit

Those pesky Hunters over at the Hunting Lodge Podcast have been ENCOURAGING Hunters to kill Warlocks.  Horrible, blood splattered Warlock murders.  For NO reason, other than ‘but it’s funny!’  And THEN, my fellow Warlocks, what do they want people to do?

Take photos.

Seriously.  it’s the WoW equivalent of this:

deer in headlights I was going to post a picture of roadkill… but, unlike some bloggers/podcasters, I have a semblance of HUMANITY and DECENCY.

So, I submit a challenge to all you Warlocks out there:

Take a screenshot of you killing a Hunter.

Hell, make a video of you killing a Hunter.  Or doing something nasty to a Hunter.

Or, MAKE a Hunter, and do stupid stuff with it!  Like… I don’t know, surely you can think of some Huntard thing to do.  And I totally didn’t suggest that you name them Brigwyn or Daewin.  No, not at all.

THEN: Send the screenshot to Brig and Daewin!  Bahahahaha!  They check all their (hopefully squirrel poop infested) mail over at thlpodcast AT brigwyn DOT com.


Disclaimer:  OK, so the competition was actually asking them to ‘MD a Warlock’.  But, we all know what happens next… It’s like asking someone to take their shirt off and then spending the night drinking tea and playing chess.  Just doesn’t happen.  Unless you are me.

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Euripedes from Critical QQ wrote a really interesting post about the inevitability of progress.  And, you know, he’s right.  Progress is inevitable!  The more we play, the better we become, and the more we learn about the game.

Of course, in my case, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a lot to learn…

Let’s have a look at a Sar raiding UI screenshot, from, a year ago? *shrugs*  In any case, it isn’t bloody pretty, and it makes you see why people can do so well blogging about interfaces and mods.

Most Borked UI Ever

Admittedly, this is when I was playing on my 15” laptop (oh, the horror!), but my goodness what a cluttered horrible screen!  No wonder I could never really see what was going on around me.

Today’s version of it is a lot cleaner.  Having a 24” gives me a  lot more real estate to play with, but I would like to think that I have improved somewhat!  Of course… there is a lot left to be desired in other aspects of my gameplay.

<3 Whelps!  Thank goodness they are easier to deal with at 80 than they were at 60… or even 70.  My frapsing skills also leave something to be desired… goodness me, that is a horrid looking video!

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