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I know that people have taken to calling Wrath of the Lich King “Rash of the Itch King” instead… which is quite humorous, I must admit. That is… until the evil Itch King strikes in your very own home!

I have perhaps the world’s worst way of dealing with stress. It’s horrible, I hate it, but the very way that I deal with stress means that I am at a loss of how to fix it. Essentially, I don’t stress. In stressful situations I am generally quite cool, calm and collected (especially in stress spike situations – I am the master of those!) However, allow a little stress to slowly but surely build up, and all sorts of things go awry. I don’t feel emotionally or mentally stressed, apart from the occasional panic attack. However, my body reacts in undesirable ways…

First off generally comes the acne. Hugely embarrassing to be in front of a bunch of teenagers with a big zit. Thankfully, this time, this didn’t happen.

Then I get coldsores. So far so good on that front – it’s even MORE embarrassing being called ‘herpes face’.

Finally… I sometimes, very rarely, break out in a rash on my hands and feet. Painful and itchy as all hell!

Well, this must be a totally new level of stress, because I don’t just have a rash on my hands… I have one all over my body! From my toes to my ears, I am completely covered in an itchy, angry red rash. Horribly painful, I have been trying to not scratch all day. Thankfully, thus far my face just looks slightly redder than usual, which can be put down to it being cold, wet and windy.

I am just going to go and excise large amounts of skin with a kitchen knife… it would be less painful, seriously.

Post Posting Edit: Don’t you just hate how people always jump to the worst conclusion about these things? My sister said I might have Fifth’s Disease (nothing too bad I spose…), my Mum mentioned measles, and said I should be immunised against it, so all is well (is now the time to tell her I never got my booster at 16?), and then a friend said Meningococcal… cheery stuff!

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Sorry that there hasn’t really been much of a post today… again I am frantically working on things for my internship, and am feeling slightly too harried to make much of a blog post today (lets just say that in between writing a literature review for something that I technically haven’t researched, and trying to devise entertaining and interesting units of work about something that most people find deathly boring, I am kinda stumped!

So, in lieu of a real post… you can have my lame lolcat style pictures! Yes, this is all my stressed, addled, CONFUSED brain could come up with!

You got a better caption? I’m happy to hear suggestions, as mine are rather lame!

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For reasons that it is not exactly ok for me to go into on this blog, I am a smidge unhappy today. So, this post is going to be a short and sweet one.

Yesterday (pre-unhappy mood) I got to go to the final game of the State of Origin series (if you don’t live in Australia, it is the BIGGEST event in Rugby League… even more important than the Grand FInal! Basically, NSW and QLD get to play three games against each other, best of three takes the shield for the year. It is one of the most intense, physical experiences in the game!). Sure, we lost, which is always a downer, but it was a good fun experience!

Here are the very few happy snaps I took (excuse the quality… I didn’t have my camera, so again shonky phone photos!).

I’ll bet those Queenslanders are scared now!!!

One of the people who went with us is a nurse, so she brought along a great big stack of blue surgeon’s caps for us to wear if we couldn’t get wigs. Since we had wigs, these boys were good sports and wore them proudly!

Great times!


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So, TJ linked this video today (in the chat which we are not supposed to talk about, so I didn’t mention it, OK? K cool). When I saw it, I immediately thought of a story which my mother always tells about my little sister and I…

I am only one and a half years older than my sister. My mother can be one of those paranoid types, and she had heard all sorts of stories about older siblings resenting the new addition to the family and doing all sorts of nasty things. So, throughout the end of the pregnancy and the first couple of months of my sister’s life, I was always told “Don’t hurt the baby! Be gentle with the baby! No really loud noises around the baby!” I guess this sounds like a pretty good policy – no one wants me hurting the baby, right?

Well, one day I was sitting with my little sister while my mum was doing some stuff round the house. You know, dishes and things. Since it was all fairly quiet, everything seemed to be OK. Then she walked out into the loungeroom, and there was me, sitting on the floor next to my sister, while she was enthusiastically tugging on my hair. I had tears running down my face… but I just sat there. Why? Because I wasn’t allowed to hurt the baby! I didn’t want to hurt her making her let go of my hair!

Of course, my mum finds this hilarious. I tell you, the stuff that they put me through as a child…


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One of my courses at uni required me and a group of friends to make a short film. The whole concept was similar to Tropfest – we had to include a couple of set items (namely, a clock and a bottle of wine), and the film could be about whatever we wanted. One stipulation was that it had to be a ‘silent’ film (no speaking!), based upon the premise that the vast majority of people make lousy actors – something I wholeheartedly agree with, because frankly, I stink.

Anyway, the film is done and handed in (after much work and time). Now, we have the screening night coming up… and guess who got top billing?

Yeah, that’s right. Moi (well… and my group)! Huzzah!


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Please note: Not at all related to World of Warcraft. Feel free to skip/mark as read.

I mentioned before that I treated myself to a trip to the football the other day. Usually when I go to the football I come home in a happy mood (especially when my team wins!). The other day though, I was feeling just a touch angry and depressed as we drove home, because I let someone else’s poor attitude and sportsmanship get to me.

Why would I be bothered by this? Usually people who are just poor sports irritate me, but I just forget about them and get on with it. This time though, the attitude came from a child who looked to be about the same age as my little brother (so 11-12). He supported the team who lost that day, and clearly was displeased with both the result and the happy expressions of the fans of the winning team as we walked out of the stadium. As we were walking down the road, he began screaming profanities at everyone about us, the team, and various sexual acts which he invited us to do to one another. Somewhat irritating and disgusting from a child, but I could deal with that.

Two women must have said something to him about his behaviour, and he then retaliated by insulting them directly. These women were admittedly somewhat large, but there was no need for the boy to directly attack them through their size (with comments along the lines of ‘Why don’t you go to Weight Watchers?!?’). Again, I was pretty disgusted, but this wouldn’t get to me too much.

What happened next though really made me mad. His father was walking right behind him, and instead of kicking his kid fair up the backside like my parents would have done to me, he gave him a pat on the head and congratulated him! Then tagged along cheering when the boy took it further by running across to the two women and started heckling them as they tried to walk to their car.

Whatever happened to responsible parenting? What ever happened to encouraging your children to respect other people, to be a good sport when you lose? I know that people like this are the exception rather than the rule, but I swear it is becoming more prevalent every day. I am at a total loss as to how we are supposed to respond to this as well – I certainly was hesitant to challenge the father, since he looked as if he regularly indulged in (and won) brawls, and while I am not overly tiny, he was MUCH larger than me. I am not sure what the solution is here, but clearly something needs to be done.


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OK, OK, so I don’t really want to dominate the world. Well, it would be kinda nice… but altogether too much responsibility. My secret ambition is something I have never really discussed much to be honest. My pipe dreams are often, well, exactly that. While I have been lucky enough to see many of them achieved (becoming what I would term a ‘serious raider’, beginning this blog – and still writing it!), this is one that I know will just never happen. Oh, to have My Own Guild.

Why on earth would I want to run my own guild you ask? Well, there are a variety of reasons. The biggest and most selfish of them all is that I am an alpha-female. I like to be in charge, I enjoy being the boss. I also think that I happen to have excellent organisational skills, which in my opinion is one of the most important things to guild leadership. I like people, and I like dealing with people. Guilds are about people.

Many people assume that a good guild leader should be the best at their class. I don’t agree with this. I think I certainly know a lot about warlocks – most of my friends think so too I suppose, because they generally ask me all their lock related questions. I can give fairly sound advice on most matters warlock related. I may not be the top DPS, but I do fairly well for myself all in all. However, I have a rudimentary understanding of other classes. I build upon this understanding through exhaustive research, and through not being afraid to ask questions. In my mind, a good leader is the one who wants to know as much as possible about everyone’s role, and who is willing to occasionally make themselves look stupid to find out the answer.

I also think that I am capable of dealing with drama. Face it, I am going to be working in a profession where I have to see over one hundred hormonal teenagers each day, I had better want to be good at dealing with people and drama! The inner counsellor in me thrives on helping people sort out their issues with each other, and doing so in a manner which encourages and fosters respect.

Now, we all know that no one is perfect. I know that there would be things I would be outright bad at. I am occasionally too concerned with people’s feelings, and when something needs to be said bluntly I hesitate. Conversely, if I am having a ‘wrong side of the bed’ kind of day, I can get snappy, and am sometimes prone to exploding. Gosh darn moodiness!

The biggest thing that stops me from starting my own guild though is that I love the people in the guilds that I am in at the moment. While I would dearly love a leadership role again in Dying Breed, I can easily see why I do not have one. That makes perfect sense. I don’t long for one so much in Arcis, and I can’t really explain why. Perhaps I feel I haven’t paid my dues there or something. If I were to start my own guild, I couldn’t poach people from others in all good conscience. I am completely unsure how one goes about building up guild membership from scratch – I do not know that many people who aren’t happy where they are. The whole situation is positively fraught with problems!

So that is why I will probably never be a GM. No matter how much I want to do it, I just don’t know how to go about it. Especially without hurting those whom you love and respect.

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Well gee, I missed a WHOLE day of posting. I’m sorry! I still love you, I swear!

Truth be told, I did fully intend to try to squish a post in somewhere. I struggled out of bed in the morning, and turned the computer on. Generally a good time to post (as we speak, I am here in my straggly ‘was out all night’ hair and dressing gown, looking like a domestic nightmare), but by the time I finished reading my immense subscription list, logged in to all my chat services, and began to work on my assignment that was due THAT VERY DAY *sigh, I’m lazy I know* (I had started it the night before, I’m not that bad!) it was much after time for me to go to uni. Bah.

I then had 5 hours of class, followed by a trip to the bar since it was the last day of uni, and that’s what uni students do. By the time I got home, I literally had time to run madly into the house, grab my awesomely pretty silver dress and sparkly shoes, and a curling iron and some make up, and ran back out the door and into the car.

Then, well… I got into all sorts of mischief, but had to pike and go home early since I was clearly so pooped from a couple hectic days! I considered blogging when I got home, but that meant I would’ve had to unpack the computer, plug it all in, and bleeeeeuuuurgh. Waaaay too much effort. So I just went and collapsed into my nice, warm, dry bed. Aaaaah.

So yes, no Sar yesterday. I’m sorry! I am here again today!

- Oh, so you know, I did try asking Kalf in my alcohol induced brainfarting to blog for me. He wouldn’t, because he’d have to do ‘drafts’. What are these drafts he speaks of? Can anyone tell me?

Oh, because it may amuse you, before and after!


This is not the same night (I had pretty brown curls last night!), but the exact same outfit. I like it, it’s pretty… until it morphs into…


AAAARGH! /hides


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This post may be a bit more serious than what you are usually accustomed to from me. I am not going to apologise for this, I am just stating it as a bare fact. It is also not related to WoW at all, so if you want to skip, feel free.

A person that I know (I wouldn’t say we are best friends, but certainly more than acquaintances) just today admitted herself to the psych ward in the local hospital. She is a lovely girl, but has issues with self harm and an eating disorder. She has struggled with these things for a long time, and the stress that happens at the end of a uni semester has hit her very hard.

I really hope that things become a bit better for her, I really do. I am also eternally grateful that most of the people I know and care about are happy and healthy people. People who don’t even really have a reason to think about these sorts of things, because it seems so foreign to them. I am glad that the people nearest and dearest to me in the most part don’t have any of these worries.

I also wish that people would see the human face behind these issues. Eating disorders are not something to be laughed at. People who suffer from depression aren’t fixed by a dose of ‘happy pills’, and self harmers are more than a bunch of emo kids trying to get attention. Just as some diseases affect us physically, others affect us mentally and emotionally. Just because you can’t see the disease doesn’t mean you can’t try to understand the pain.

Best wishes to my friend, and I hope she gets well soon.


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So, it’s about 5am here, and since I don’t seem to be able to sleep, I decided I would come here and complain about it. Just kidding! I do, however, have a couple of quick updates!

Self hosting: Sar with her complete lack of technical know-how has somehow borked the system. I think it is going to be a long while before I get it working again! Something to do with the databases or some such thing… *sigh*. “Actual Technical Know-How” incoming next week (Thankyou Kalf!).

Uni work: Well, I got one of my last two assignments EVER in on time yesterday. So it’s a steaming pile of poo. It is written, done, dusted. Oh, and if there are any other English/History teachers out there who read this, I am more than happy to share resources, although for now I have basically nothing. Maybe I’ll develop a respectable set of resources in a few years time.

AIM: I managed, despite the previously mentioned computer suckyness, to get AIM working… for the purposes of something in which the first rule is I am not meant to mention said something.

Asshat: I am not sure if this arose from reading too much B^3, or if it has just become more prominent in my vocabulary for other reasons. However, I am thinking I should make a real-life actual asshat. That’s right, an ass that goes on your head. Why? Because some people deserve to wear it! Also has the added benefit of indicating when they are talking crap, and when they are full of crap. Must learn to sew…

Final thought of the day: The Dying Breed guild forum has also been borked for a while now (wasn’t me, I swear! Something to do with the host or somesuch). I miss it! So you all get to put up with my random insomnia driven ramblings until it’s back. Feel lucky, don’t you?

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