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I recently asked Wormskull, a frequent commenter on this blog, if he would like to write a guest post about Ruby Sanctum and his views on the general QQ (my own included!) about raiding being too damn easy these days.  He obliged with the following fantastic post, which I am sure you will all appreciate reading.  I feel it is important to note that I chose the title of the post, feeling that it was a particularly well stated sentence, however, all the words that follow from this point are Wormskull’s, and he should be given full credit for them.

I recently came across a forum post where a guy was saying how pessimistic he was about Cataclysm. His opinion was that Burning Crusade was awful, Lich King was worse and that everything was on a downward spiral since vanilla, which he never actually played, though
he wished he had.

I had to stop for a minute to digest this. The guy had invested something like three years of subscription fees, never mind the playtime, on something he thought was rubbish and after all that still cared enough to post about his disappointments to an online forum.

Where many, many people agreed with him.

I’m the kind of guy that chooses to spend my time on things I like! If I watch the second season (to be honest, the second episode) of a TV
show, it’s because I like it. If I’m still playing a game after the first week (to be honest, the first day) then I like it. Judging by people’s opinions on various forums, that’s a radical concept in the WoWniverse, where folks steadfastly soldier away spending their time and money on things that prompt a litany of complaint.

So I ask myself, why are these poor fools putting themselves through this misery? The only answer I can come up with is… they aren’t.  It’s phoney. There’s no other logical explanation, is there?

Let’s take an example. The very familiar "WoW is too easy now" meme, cause of more complaint than anything since SL/SL. The many, many complaints all basically say the same thing – "We are being Starved of Challenge! Things were challenging once, but that feeling has gone now".

Let’s leave aside for a moment the issue that many of these complaints hark back to a time when a Warlock’s job was spamming the Shadow Bolt button. It’s about the difficulty level of the raids, apparently.

Ruby Sanctum Loading Screen Crop: A portal in a ruby coloured forest.

Take Ruby Sanctum, appearing under Wyrmrest in a cloud of "meh, pugs can down it, no challenge anymore, not going to bother"-ness. The
instance can be done, straightaway in one of two difficulty levels. A "normal" mode for those that would like to get it down in an evening
(some people might not want an epic, week-on-week challenge) and a "heroic" mode that will take a heroic number of wipes, tears and pain
to beat. Is anyone beating it on heroic then complaining that it’s easy? No. Of the 200 or so guilds to have killed Arthas in 25HM (an insane fight, even with the buff) only around 50 have downed this. Many of these have put in time on the PTR to hone their strats.

So, how many folks reading this have gone straight in to heroic mode? What did you make of it? Not challenging enough?

You can always try to beat the Lich King in heroic with the buff switched off. Not challenging enough? Try it in blues.

The one possible excuse for people getting tired of "normal" mode content is ICC, because of the requirement to complete it to unlock "heroic" modes, combined with an extended gating period. Even so the excuse that folks are too tired of the content to try and down LK-HM doesn’t quite square with their professed desire to be stuck on content, held up by week after week of wipe after wipe until the content gets nerfed (C’thun, Mu’ru). Ulduar didn’t require completion on normal and wasn’t gated. According to Blizzard barely anyone went straight to hard modes. We all went and did it on normal first. By choice.

It’s easy to forgive the ICC mechanic when there’s such a large discrepancy between what people say they want (spectacularly challenging content) and what they do when given the choice (normal mode clears). Blizzard simply judged what people did, not what they said, as the old adage demands. That has led to a flood of the same old "what they said", but who would really have gone straight in to ICC on heroic mode? On the evidence of Ulduar and Ruby Sanctum, very few.

It’s easier to talk about how much we want to be challenged than it is to actually get up and do it. The WoWniverse is so huge now, not just
some fish in a pond but whole oceans of aquatic life, and news travels fast. The top guilds down Heroic LK in a few weeks, another bunch
takes down Festergut in nothing but blue gear, a rogue solos Patch and Grob in Naxx25. We all want to think we’re in the same league as the
people doing this stuff, but to prove it we have to actually get out there and break our hearts wiping on something insanely hard. And the most likely thing we prove by doing so is that we’re not up there with the big fish after all. Easier by far to mouth off about how these challenges are beneath us. How once we were giants, as good as anyone else, and all that we ask is a chance at something truly befitting our supreme abilities.

QQ is all about wishes, but not the ones that show on the face of it. What sounds like a wish for challenging content is something else, a wish that the QQ’ers themselves were up to the challenge of the content already there.

Everyone has the choice, and they always did. There’s rarely been a time when there hasn’t been challenging content, and there certainly is now. There’s always been easier stuff to do, too and never any reason for that to matter.  People decide for themselves what their ambitions are. If there’s an easier version of a raid, the only people doing it are those that want to and choose to.

Well, thanks for reading. If I haven’t rubbed some people up the wrong way then I’ve not done this right. If you’re one of the ones I’ve got bristling, just do one thing before you tell me I’m wrong. Try the Halion fight on heroic. I dare you to have fun, and be challenged by an awesome fight.

- Wormskull raids with Nephilim on Blade’s Edge EU.  They’ve yet to kill Halion heroic, but it’s gonna happen! (even though they did wind down from this lockout’s heroic wipefest with the fun of knocking her over in normal – hard to resist doing that!)

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No, really.

I’d like to know.

Y’see, I saw many tweets last night about Halion.  About people killing Halion.  About people nearly killing Halion.

And all these tweets made me wonder.

How difficult do we want Ruby Sanctum to be?

See, we all know I tend towards the masochistic side of things.  I want my raid bosses to spank me, and spank me hard.  For weeks at a time.  There’s no satisfaction in it otherwise – it isn’t a challenge if he/she/undefinable it hasn’t been wiping the floor with us.

But many people want the game to be easier.  Apparently, raiding is only fun if you can win the raid.  So, if that’s what people want nowadays, I guess it’s acceptable for a new raid to be cleared within hours of release.  And not just by the ‘top’ guilds, but by a variety of guilds.

So, I’m not going to get on my soap box and rant (quite yet), because I have a funny feeling that what I want out of the game isn’t what anyone else wants.  Hell, that’s what turned me off raiding in the first place – that it just wasn’t the same, it wasn’t the right sort of challenge for me.  But I would like to know: How many of you wanted a boss that could be tumbled over within hours?  How many of you wanted something a little harder?

As for me?  I’m mentally going back in time and beating my head against Black Temple and Sunwell.  Oh, the memories…. *dreams of Mother Shahraz*

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