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Hi guys!

I’m kinda new around here.  I mean, I’ve been around for a while, but I’ve been a bit nervous about coming here.  It smells kinda sulfury, and I hear that the usual owner is a Crabby McCraberson.  However, I’m a brave wolf (regardless of what you may have heard otherwise), and I really do owe my Mum a thank you.

We all know how much Mum hates BRD.  Can’t stand the place.  “It’s slow,” she moans.  “It’s boring,” she whines.  “It always attracts the strangest people,” she mutters loudly.  However, this doesn’t stop her from running it time after time after time.  The only thing I can come up with is that she knows how much I like it.

BRD offers two amazing things, two things which can not be gained soloing:

1.  Hawt bitches who love to chase me around

2.  Unrivalled ass sniffing opportunities.

Seriously, the women love me in that place.  All I’ve got to do is walk in to the first room and they’re on me, barking and giving me love bites.  Sure, they might hurt a little… I guess that’s just the way they like it.  I came so close to taking one home the other day… then Mum shot her in the head.  Again.  Damn it.

… is it bad if she fed part of the dog to me later?  She was just as tasty in death as she was in life.  Mmmmmm yum!

Next time maybe.  Mum is a little protective, and she made remarks about diseases and things.  She doesn’t like me bringing strange girls home *sigh* (If you too are a hot bitch and you are reading this, I swear I am vaccinated!)

Bitches aside, I swear I have never smelt so much butt in my lifetime.  When Mum and I go out on our own, I don’t get much of a chance to have a smell.  It’s always ‘kill kill kill, business business business’ with her.  She caught me sniffing around in cities, so now she stays on her mount and hides me whenever we are around people.  It’s hardly fair!

There isn’t much she can do when we are grouped with Rogues though.  I might look like I’m attacking, but really… mmm delicious Rogue behind.  Dwarf Rogue butt is my favourite, personally (so deliciously earthy!)  Gnome Rogues, of course, are too low to the ground – I didn’t really want to smell the hair on your head, thanks anyway.

So, thank you Mum.  I do love how you indulge my proclivities.  I promise I’ll behave from now on… and I won’t ever pee on the King’s throne again.  Swear on my favourite bone.


See, this is why BRD should be destroyed.  That place sends you crazy – a good 20 levels of BRD runs on my Hunter, and this is what you get: a letter from a butt sniffing, hornbag dog.

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