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In amongst all the hubbub surrounding 4.0.1 (which is still trying to download, curse you bad internet!), I was pondering the last patch like this – namely 3.0.1.

Before 3.0.1 hit, people were panicking everywhere.  “Oh no, we can’t pot more than once in a fight!”  “Oh no, it’s going to be so difficult!”

And then, of course, the absolute opposite happened.  It was so disappointing that I wrote a massive post on it (almost two years ago exactly!  It really doesn’t feel that long ago; I remember it as if it were yesterday).

Circumstances aren’t the same this time.  The universe isn’t getting nerfed to the ground, for starters.  But I still feel like I’m stuck in a Chicken Little story all over again.

Relax guys.  The sky isn’t falling.  Sure, you may need to learn how to play again.  Or at least change how you play a little.  But you’ll get there.  And as someone who has played all three roles in the game, I welcome some new challenges.  Especially when I’m healing.

That is, if I can ever get this insurmountable patch downloaded!

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