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or: Join Sar’s Guild NAOW!  kkthx <3

My guild is still frantically trying to recruit warm bodies.  Just so, you know, there is more than me nattering on like an idiot in guild chat while everyone else looks on bemusedly.  And, well, it might also be nice to actually run a guild raid for once!

For a long time, I was worried about over recruiting and losing the original ‘feel’ of the guild.  After all, too many new people can create a totally new feeling, and I liked the old feeling. Then I realised that this is a bloody guild, not a Tom Cruise singalong.  Bugger the feelings – there won’t be any feeling at all if there’s no one around! 

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to recruit when you aren’t currently raiding.  Turns out the average person isn’t willing to wait around for you to recruit a couple more people so you can raid.  Which is fair enough I guess, since everyone has the perception that Wrath is imminently coming to a close (which, really, it’s not… heck, there isn’t even a beta out yet!)  Then there are the people who just don’t fit… and then there’s the absolute weirdos (who probably do fit in, but really, I think one weirdo is enough for any guild!)

I really don’t think that I am that demanding and choosy, really.  Sure, it would be a bonus if you had a voice that made me swoon on vent.  Or if you would write blog posts for me.  Or volunteer to come out and give me back rubs and bring me cocktails in exchange for loot.  But none of that is really necessary.  (Seriously though, back rubs are most definitely a 50DKP bonus!)  All I want is people who like to chat in guild chat, like to do a couple of random guild activities every so often, and like to log in a bit.

Is that too much to ask?

(Also: now that I have started a trend of linking songs from dodgy movies… I think I’ll have to continue.  What next, I wonder?)

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