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I know that people have taken to calling Wrath of the Lich King “Rash of the Itch King” instead… which is quite humorous, I must admit. That is… until the evil Itch King strikes in your very own home!

I have perhaps the world’s worst way of dealing with stress. It’s horrible, I hate it, but the very way that I deal with stress means that I am at a loss of how to fix it. Essentially, I don’t stress. In stressful situations I am generally quite cool, calm and collected (especially in stress spike situations – I am the master of those!) However, allow a little stress to slowly but surely build up, and all sorts of things go awry. I don’t feel emotionally or mentally stressed, apart from the occasional panic attack. However, my body reacts in undesirable ways…

First off generally comes the acne. Hugely embarrassing to be in front of a bunch of teenagers with a big zit. Thankfully, this time, this didn’t happen.

Then I get coldsores. So far so good on that front – it’s even MORE embarrassing being called ‘herpes face’.

Finally… I sometimes, very rarely, break out in a rash on my hands and feet. Painful and itchy as all hell!

Well, this must be a totally new level of stress, because I don’t just have a rash on my hands… I have one all over my body! From my toes to my ears, I am completely covered in an itchy, angry red rash. Horribly painful, I have been trying to not scratch all day. Thankfully, thus far my face just looks slightly redder than usual, which can be put down to it being cold, wet and windy.

I am just going to go and excise large amounts of skin with a kitchen knife… it would be less painful, seriously.

Post Posting Edit: Don’t you just hate how people always jump to the worst conclusion about these things? My sister said I might have Fifth’s Disease (nothing too bad I spose…), my Mum mentioned measles, and said I should be immunised against it, so all is well (is now the time to tell her I never got my booster at 16?), and then a friend said Meningococcal… cheery stuff!

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