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Today, I was pondering coming back to the game, and futzing around on alts.  Why?  Well, I had work to do, I was procrastinating, and I used to play WoW when I was procrastinating.  That and I need to stop going out and start saving money, and WoW would let me do just that.

What do you guys think?  If anyone even looks here anymore, I’d love to know your thoughts on the current state of the game, the state of the Warlock, and whether or not it is worth my while reactivating my account, or whether I should just spend my spare time shooting zombies and eating pizza like I have been… or whether I should try RIFT or something (although, really, could I possibly be arsed blogging about a new game?)

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Sorry that there hasn’t really been much of a post today… again I am frantically working on things for my internship, and am feeling slightly too harried to make much of a blog post today (lets just say that in between writing a literature review for something that I technically haven’t researched, and trying to devise entertaining and interesting units of work about something that most people find deathly boring, I am kinda stumped!

So, in lieu of a real post… you can have my lame lolcat style pictures! Yes, this is all my stressed, addled, CONFUSED brain could come up with!

You got a better caption? I’m happy to hear suggestions, as mine are rather lame!

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Well, I know that it has taken me a bit (sorry about that!), but I have finally decided which screenshot wins the Screenshot or it didn’t happen! Contest. The following screenshots are all ones which I thought were fantastic (well, they were all fantastic, but these ones were SUPER fantastic!)

A great somewhat screwy skeleton from Mama Druid. Perhaps he took to swimming in tar? Did he steal the Donald’s toupee?

The cutest, least intimidating Tauren I have ever seen! Anyone else want to hug him? From Zigystardust

Once again, a new spin on a lolcat, thanks to our very own Kalfurion

And, the one which I decided made me giggle the most:

Gnome Punting just doesn’t look like as much fun now that I’m 100 ft tall, does it? Who made all those ‘sacrifice the Gnome!’ jokes again? Pertius SMASH! Thanks to Nic!

Many thanks again for the entries, much love and /hugs to you all!

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So, it’s about 5am here, and since I don’t seem to be able to sleep, I decided I would come here and complain about it. Just kidding! I do, however, have a couple of quick updates!

Self hosting: Sar with her complete lack of technical know-how has somehow borked the system. I think it is going to be a long while before I get it working again! Something to do with the databases or some such thing… *sigh*. “Actual Technical Know-How” incoming next week (Thankyou Kalf!).

Uni work: Well, I got one of my last two assignments EVER in on time yesterday. So it’s a steaming pile of poo. It is written, done, dusted. Oh, and if there are any other English/History teachers out there who read this, I am more than happy to share resources, although for now I have basically nothing. Maybe I’ll develop a respectable set of resources in a few years time.

AIM: I managed, despite the previously mentioned computer suckyness, to get AIM working… for the purposes of something in which the first rule is I am not meant to mention said something.

Asshat: I am not sure if this arose from reading too much B^3, or if it has just become more prominent in my vocabulary for other reasons. However, I am thinking I should make a real-life actual asshat. That’s right, an ass that goes on your head. Why? Because some people deserve to wear it! Also has the added benefit of indicating when they are talking crap, and when they are full of crap. Must learn to sew…

Final thought of the day: The Dying Breed guild forum has also been borked for a while now (wasn’t me, I swear! Something to do with the host or somesuch). I miss it! So you all get to put up with my random insomnia driven ramblings until it’s back. Feel lucky, don’t you?

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Understatement of the century perhaps?

The plane is very seriously damaged.”

No fricking kidding!


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Before I begin, I would like to acknowledge Matticus, whose post on the Blog Azeroth forum inspired this piece. He threw ‘Crime in WoW’ up as an idea for a post he probably wouldn’t write, and I decided it looked intriguing.

There are a variety of ways in which one can be a criminal in World of Warcraft. Petty crime happens every day, right? Why not take some real world misdeeds, and have some fun with them in WoW as well? Here are 10 approaches to abandoning the straight life and living foot loose and moral free.

1. The Stick Up: This is a fine example which I can actually relate to from an in game experience! One day during a routine respec (admittedly in the somewhat shady sub basement of the inn), a gnome approached me rather furtively. I barely gave him a glance, until he said “Give me all of your gold or the imp gets it!”, followed by some amusing threatening gestures at Dagpep. Needless to say, Dagpep was quite disturbed by all of this, and started jumping around erratically and squealing. I considered dismissing him, but hey, the gnome might have gone after me then, right? Gnome-y followed this up with “Hurry it up lady, I don’t have all day, and my patience is wearing pretty thin!” Well, what could I do… in amongst the fits of laughter, I traded him 5 gold and thanked him for providing me with some amusement. Let’s just say he looked a little astounded at his success.

2. Pick Pocketing: Obviously this is only limited to rogues, but stealing stuff from unsuspecting enemies can be fun! If only you could do the same to other players…

3. Ninja style theft: This is a common one with mobs which can be herbed, especially in instances. Also happens with skinning and mining. Not very difficult to accomplish – you just have to be faster and greedier than the other guy!

4. Guild Bank Robbery: The ultimate in scumbaggery, but also one of the most rewarding ways to make a fast wad of cash. Earn the respect and trust of your guild mates, wait until the appropriate time, and steal everything for a quick and tidy profit. Prepare for mass hatred across the server though. In fact… consider a transfer, and a change of name.

5. Hacking – Steal everything while they are sleeping!: Account hacking is the way of the uber-nerd/geek. Channel your inner Neo and work some magic with the keyboard. Sneak in while someone is in bed, steal ALL of their things, and mail the gold off. Almost as satisfying as stealing candy from a baby.

6. Embezzlement: The easy way to hide the evidence of your crime. If you can convince some friends to help you, so much the better. Once you have gotten a hold of your bounty, mail the gold through to several characters in small amounts (hopefully across several accounts) before getting it back to two or three characters to hold the gold. Even consider laundering it through the Auction House – fun fun stuff!

7. Murder: Griefing is an age old crime in WoW. Just drag a mob across to someone you dislike, convienently feign death/vanish/bubble hearth, and leave them to face the music. Repeatedly jumping up and down on NPC’s while flagged has also had much success.

8. Prostitution: When you see those naked toons dancing on the Stormwind fountain, is there really anything else to question? Easy way to make a bit of spare change, and you can even do it while watching TV!

9. Mail Scams: Send an item of little value to players with a COD requirement, and hope that they do not notice. Always works at least once!

10. Trade Rorts: Advertise to enchant items, and then make off with the mats! Sure, it wont work for very long before people find out your reputation, but hey… it’s still a little bit of spare change!

So, good luck in your future adventures in the world of crime! Just stay away from Cenarius, k? Or at least Alliance side. Ta

*Disclaimer: This is a poor attempt at tongue in cheek humour. I do not seriously suggest you try any of these things! If anyone is dimwitted enough to do so, I take no responsibility whatsoever, and will deride you as a fool. Somewhat similar to my disdain of these certain idiots who purportedly cited GTA4 as their inspiration. I was stuck in that stupid traffic jam because of them. Unimpressed!

Also, images will be added when I get home from uni and have access to decent internet… and a powerpoint. Trying to upload images is unfun when you only have 20min of battery life left!*

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I was going through some old old photos when I came across this beautyKostya Types

My cat Kostya has long held a fascination with the keyboard – fingers fly over it, and it makes clicky sounds! So he decided to have a go himself :). This has often led to some nasty wipes, like one incident in Shadow Labs where he decided it would be amusing to cast Death Coil on the mob I was killing… who ran right into the next group of course! Cats…


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You know how you have those days where you just feel like wearing your daggy old trackies and a baggy T-shirt? Well, yesterday was one of those. The problem being, the only baggy T-shirt I could seem to find belonged to my ex, it was squooshed way back in the bottom of my drawers. So I wore it. Is there some sort of ex’s T-shirt ettiquette? Is it creepy if I wear clothes that belong to my ex?

On another note, I am looking forward to moving out of home one day. I know, I know, at 22 years old you would think I would be out already (oh, the trials of being a poor struggling uni student in a high rent world). I finally caved in to Mum’s nagging to do my ironing, since it was apparently a mile high pile… and you know what I had to iron?

….One pair of jeans. That’s it.

Mothers. (By the way, remember Mother’s Day this weekend! I brought my Mum some of her favourite varieties of Darrell Lea liqorice – Original, Mango and Blackcurrant – which she should love. I’ll probably grab something else as well, I can see you all looking at me thinking ‘CHEAPSKATE’!)


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While I was soaking in the bath (where I always do my best thinking… right along with sitting on the toilet, but you didn’t REALLY want to know that, did you?) I was contemplating how long it had been since I had indulged in some random guild fun. Nothing serious at all, just some light hearted entertainment to help pass the day along. The last time that we had some fun in the DB (well, that I could participate in) was a few months ago, when we had the 5 man naked ironman. I stole the idea from one of the world of warcraft forums (unfortunately, I can not remember the thread, apologies to whoever’s idea I stole – feel free to take the credit!), and decided to run with it (and being cashed up at the time, even brought various prizes and things, which unfortunately were never given out).

Anyway, the basic idea is that you ‘register’ a team with the organiser (i.e. Me) of 5 players, the composition of which is entirely up to you. Then each team meets up outside Deadmines, and removes all their gear (we allowed tabards to stay on, because they don’t offer any benefits, and hey, we are modest people!), and proceed to run the dungeons, working their way up from Deadmines until however far you end up. The principle of the idea is that it is a race, with the first team to complete a required dungeon – we said Scholomance was the end – winning the loots!

There are of course a few basic rules:

  1. No armor, weapons, etc to be worn at the beginning. You must be butt naked! (Tabards excepted)
  2. The only items you are allowed to equip are items looted from the dungeons as you progress through.
  3. You are allowed to take food/drink, but no consumables which provide a buff.
  4. You can use group buffs of course :)
  5. You can not swap out players throughout the competition.
  6. You must complete all the set dungeons.

All in all, it was pretty simple, and a great deal of fun. We ran short of time (thanks to our screenie obsession!), but got through a few instances, with some hilarious and memorable happenings along the way – 5 level 70′s wiping in Stockades anyone? We swore to organise another, but have not been able to make that a reality unfortunately thanks to conflicting schedules.

Us bare-ass naked outside VC ready to begin! Boy, didn’t we get some odd looks!

Us with our ‘upgrades’ after VC

Our nasty Stocks wipe!

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He is cute, he is squishy, and I could almost ride him if I was so inclined.

Meet…. PEANUT!


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