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Picking up the reins as guild leader has been an interesting and steep learning curve.  I’m not afraid to admit that there was a lot of things I ‘knew’, but didn’t really know, until I was put in that situation myself.  I also am forced to admit that there is something I should be doing, but I can’t work out what it is.  Things seem to run contrary to whatever I plan, or don’t plan, so I am not sure of my next step.  It’s quite difficult when most of the officer core, and most of the core raiders, upped and left the guild in one big mass exodus (thus explaining how someone as incompetent as myself ended up in charge).  The people who I would ordinarily turn to and go ‘uh, what do I do now?’ just aren’t there anymore… nor are the people who could attend things on a regular basis.

I have recruited a few new members, but most of them are somewhat undergeared and inexperienced.  Now, there is nothing wrong with that at all.  A little practice in some early raids, and we’ll be apples.  However, getting people to sign up for raids like OS10 or ToC10 (I tend to only go for the quickies at this point in time) is an absolute pain.  Why?

Because it’s more valuable time spent for most people to do bloody daily dungeons.  The badge reward is greater than that of a non-current raid, it’s a lot faster, and totally brainless.  Unfortunately, it is also never going to help our new and old guild members mesh together in a group and learn how to work together.  It’s never going to promote a sense of teamwork.  It’s never going to give our new tanks and DPS practice at RAIDING.  The things that I think are crucial to a guild that is re-gaining its footing just can not be achieved by doing random dungeons with other people.

Unfortunately, I can’t chase people around with a whip and make them sign up.  I ask them what content they want to do, and I create events based on that feedback.  That STILL doesn’t help.  Guess I just need to recruit more, until we have so many numbers that I can get groups for most everything going.

… Don’t even get me started on recruiting!

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