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Another day of raiding approaches. One for which Sar is decidedly grouchy, which is maybe not good. Why? Because Sar is also a greedy guts! I learned last night that my guild did a random run into TK yesterday while I was out, um, having fun and stuff. Now, TK is usually scheduled as a Friday night raid, and was for this week with SSC. Unfortunately, they decided to run a ‘current raid content’ raid on an unscheduled night, which kinda ticked me off for two reasons.

1. I figure raids are scheduled at certain times for a reason. Raids which currently count towards attendance requirements, and which impact upon SKG (our loot system, will explain after rant!) are always held on scheduled raid days. This provides raiders with notice for attendance, and does not unfairly disadvantage those others who could not make attendance because there was no warning. Grrrrr.

2. It is more beneficial for me to get my T5 shoulders before my T5 pants going off the SKG system. Why? Well, first we need a run down of SKG.

Suicide Kings

Suicide Kings is a list based loot system. Position on the list is initially set up by random roll (we did 0-500 for non raider rank, and 500-1000 for raiders, to ensure raiders were at the top first). There are different lists for each type of loot (Weapons, Tier, Miscellaneous). If an item drops and you want it, you ‘suicide’ for the item, and the person highest on the list who suicides gets the item, and dropped to the very bottom of the list. Everyone who has attended the raid gets bumped up. If you are not in the raid, you do not move.

Eg: Sample List H/M/W Tier.

H/M/W T5 legs drop.

  1. Sar
  2. Herm
  3. Pete
  4. Fred
  5. Bob

Fred is not in the raid that day. Pete, Bob, and Herm all suicide for the item. Herm is highest, so she wins. She gets dropped to the bottom. The new list is:

  1. Sar
  2. Pete
  3. Bob
  4. Fred
  5. Herm

Clearly, the system attempts to reward attendance. People who are subbed out also get credit for being in the raid.

Implications of this list at the moment for Sar

Currently, Saresa is very high on the list for H/M/W T5. She also has NO T5 gear whatsoever. Most of the people on her list have the T5 legs, or do not want them. She is basically guaranteed the legs no matter where she is on the list. However, very few people have the T5 shoulders. Since she is right near the top of the list, it is highly likely she would get those if she suicided.

Because they did the content where the shoulders dropped, I do not get a shot at those this week. I also did not get credit, which kinda miffs me, being an unscheduled raid and all. However, if we do SSC today (and bother to do all the farm bosses – everyone bar Vashj), I get a shot at the pants. Thing is, if everyone else has the pants, I am wasting my position on the list on an item which there is no competition for. I would prefer to get my shoulders and burn my good position there, THEN get the pants no one else wants. Frustrating, no?

So, yes, I may FINALLY get T5 this week (and then have to farm all the Primals for the spellthread *ew*). But instead of getting 2 for the price of 1, I have to wait again! I guess it’s fair, but annoying since I have just had a run of bad luck with it all.


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So you have all this nice shiny new gear, right? And you want to make the most of the gear that you have? Well, that means that it is time for you to start looking at consumables! I am not going to lie – some people say that consumables are a cheap and easy way to enhance your raid performance. They certainly are easy, but I would never call them cheap. They will, however, lift you to your maximum potential. I have listed the consumables that I use below (as well as some which I don’t), with their approximate prices on my server (of course, prices vary from server to server and across factions!)

Food Buffs

Blackened Basilisk/Broiled Bluefish/Crunchy Serpent: Each of these foods gives you the ‘Well Fed’ buff, which provides you with 23 Spell Damage and 20 Spirit for 30 minutes. Approximately 20g a stack.

Skullfish Soup: Gives you the ‘Enlightened’ buff, which provides you with 20 Spell Crit and Spirit for 30 minutes. Does not stack with the ‘Well Fed’ buff. Approximately 25-30g a stack.

Spicy Crawdad: Gives you the ‘Well Fed’ buff, providing you with 30 Stamina and 20 Spirit for 30 minutes. Handy for warlock tanking encounters. Approximately 25-30g a stack.

Wizard Oils

Brilliant Wizard Oil: 36 Spell Damage and 14 Spell Crit for one hour. Approximately 20g for 5 charges.

Superior Wizard Oil: 42 Spell Damage for one hour. Approximately 7g for 5 charges.



Adept’s Elixir: 24 Spell Damage and 24 Spell Critical Strike Rating for one hour. Approximately 7g each.

Greater Arcane Elixir: 34 Spell Damage for one hour. Approximately 2g each.

Elixir of Major Firepower: 55 Fire Spell Damage for one hour. Approximately 7g each.

Elixir of Major Shadow Power: 55 Shadow Spell Damage for one hour. Approximately 5g each.


Elixir of Major Fortitude: Gives you +250 maximum health and 10 health regen for one hour. Approximately 3g each.

Elixir of Draenic Wisdom: 30 Intellect and 30 Spirit for one hour. Approximately 3g each.


Flask of Pure Death: Increases Fire, Shadow, and Frost damage by 80 for 2 hours. Counts as both a guardian and battle elixir. Persists through death. Approximately 50g each.

Flask of Supreme Power: Increases Spell Damage by 70 for 2 hours. Counts as both a guardian and a battle elixir. Persists through Death.

(Note: I have italicised the items which I use frequently).

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