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Man has it been a while. Sorry for not having posted in a while but work has been kicking my ass something fierce. We’re just over 2 weeks until Cataclysm hits and I don’t know about y’all but I’m very much looking forward to it. Doesn’t look like I’m going to meet my ultimate goal for Wrath, which was to down the Lich King, but I’ve very much enjoyed this expansion. A while ago I made a couple of post about leveling and instancing in WotLK but I never got around to talking about my favorite part of this expansion, raiding. I have a lot to say about the raids in Wrath, some good and some not so good, so I’m going to split this conversation up into a few parts to spare you all the giant wall of text. Today I’m going to talk about the first raiding tier.

I first started playing World of Warcraft midway through The Burning Crusade expansion. As a result, I was WAY behind on the progression scale once I finally hit max level. The guild I was in was never able to clear anything past Gruul’s Lair. We were able to get through the first three bosses in Zul’Aman before all the raids were nerfed into the ground. It wasn’t because of a lack of desire that we were never able to see higher end content, it was because of attrition to further progressed guilds. Try as we might, we could never quite sustain a full 25 man roster to progress past Gruul and into Serpentshrine Cavern. Two things stopped me from leaving my guild and trying to get a spot in a further progressed guild. First, I formed way too many friendships with people in my guild to just up and leave. Secondly, I played a Balance Druid and there was no way I was getting a raid spot as an oomkin. So I just stuck it out until Wrath.

The expansion put all guilds back on equal footing progression wise and also introduced 10 man raiding as a very viable option. Thanks to this, I was finally able to do some real progression raiding and loved it. Having never seen Naxxramas before, I was blown away by the raid. Each wing had a very unique feel to while still maintaining its overall fight against the scourge theme. I felt the difficulty, especially in 10 man was perfectly tuned for an entry level raid. Without trying for achievements, none of the bosses were overly difficult and each introduced mechanics that were needed to be understood by new raiders in order to be successful in future raids. I also found the instance to be very fun for the first few months of running through it. There were a few bosses that challenged your ability to coordinate your raiders and others where DPS could flex their muscles and fight for bragging rights. Many a fun time was had on Patchwerk where my fellow boomkins and I were constantly upstaging the mages and warlocks in the raid.

Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity where the other two raids that shipped with Wrath of the Lich King and both were drastically different from Naxx. Where Naxx was a 15 marathon of a raid, OS and Maly were one boss sprints. After having cleared Naxx and obtaining the key that unlocked the Eye of Eternity, it was very realistic for a group to clear both raid in one night. Obsidian Sanctum also introduced the concept of “hard modes” to raiding. By choosing whether or not to leave any drakes alive when engaging Sartharion, raiders could up the difficulty of the raid from delightfully easy (no drakes up) to “Oh dear gods why?!” (3 drakes up) to suit their tastes. I loved being able to dial up the difficulty of the raid and push myself harder as a raider, even if most of my guildmates at the time did not. Because of this, I found Obsidian Sanctum to be a very successful raid. Eye of Eternity on the other hand can go die in a fire. The idea behind the this instance was pretty cool. Take on the Aspect of Magic while riding on the back of a dragon? Who hasn’t wanted to kill something riding on a dragon? The execution of said idea missed its mark. The controls and abilities of the dragons felt clunky and they’re power didn’t scale with gear level of the rider. Once I completed the instance, I had very almost no reason to want to back in there.

Overall, I felt that Blizzard was largely successful with the first tier of raiding. It allowed novice raiders a good opportunity to get their feet wet in end game raiding while still providing ways for experienced raiders to challenge and push themselves. The encounter designers would take what they learned from these raids and craft what was one of the most widely loved raids in Ulduar.

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I recently asked Wormskull, a frequent commenter on this blog, if he would like to write a guest post about Ruby Sanctum and his views on the general QQ (my own included!) about raiding being too damn easy these days.  He obliged with the following fantastic post, which I am sure you will all appreciate reading.  I feel it is important to note that I chose the title of the post, feeling that it was a particularly well stated sentence, however, all the words that follow from this point are Wormskull’s, and he should be given full credit for them.

I recently came across a forum post where a guy was saying how pessimistic he was about Cataclysm. His opinion was that Burning Crusade was awful, Lich King was worse and that everything was on a downward spiral since vanilla, which he never actually played, though
he wished he had.

I had to stop for a minute to digest this. The guy had invested something like three years of subscription fees, never mind the playtime, on something he thought was rubbish and after all that still cared enough to post about his disappointments to an online forum.

Where many, many people agreed with him.

I’m the kind of guy that chooses to spend my time on things I like! If I watch the second season (to be honest, the second episode) of a TV
show, it’s because I like it. If I’m still playing a game after the first week (to be honest, the first day) then I like it. Judging by people’s opinions on various forums, that’s a radical concept in the WoWniverse, where folks steadfastly soldier away spending their time and money on things that prompt a litany of complaint.

So I ask myself, why are these poor fools putting themselves through this misery? The only answer I can come up with is… they aren’t.  It’s phoney. There’s no other logical explanation, is there?

Let’s take an example. The very familiar "WoW is too easy now" meme, cause of more complaint than anything since SL/SL. The many, many complaints all basically say the same thing – "We are being Starved of Challenge! Things were challenging once, but that feeling has gone now".

Let’s leave aside for a moment the issue that many of these complaints hark back to a time when a Warlock’s job was spamming the Shadow Bolt button. It’s about the difficulty level of the raids, apparently.

Ruby Sanctum Loading Screen Crop: A portal in a ruby coloured forest.

Take Ruby Sanctum, appearing under Wyrmrest in a cloud of "meh, pugs can down it, no challenge anymore, not going to bother"-ness. The
instance can be done, straightaway in one of two difficulty levels. A "normal" mode for those that would like to get it down in an evening
(some people might not want an epic, week-on-week challenge) and a "heroic" mode that will take a heroic number of wipes, tears and pain
to beat. Is anyone beating it on heroic then complaining that it’s easy? No. Of the 200 or so guilds to have killed Arthas in 25HM (an insane fight, even with the buff) only around 50 have downed this. Many of these have put in time on the PTR to hone their strats.

So, how many folks reading this have gone straight in to heroic mode? What did you make of it? Not challenging enough?

You can always try to beat the Lich King in heroic with the buff switched off. Not challenging enough? Try it in blues.

The one possible excuse for people getting tired of "normal" mode content is ICC, because of the requirement to complete it to unlock "heroic" modes, combined with an extended gating period. Even so the excuse that folks are too tired of the content to try and down LK-HM doesn’t quite square with their professed desire to be stuck on content, held up by week after week of wipe after wipe until the content gets nerfed (C’thun, Mu’ru). Ulduar didn’t require completion on normal and wasn’t gated. According to Blizzard barely anyone went straight to hard modes. We all went and did it on normal first. By choice.

It’s easy to forgive the ICC mechanic when there’s such a large discrepancy between what people say they want (spectacularly challenging content) and what they do when given the choice (normal mode clears). Blizzard simply judged what people did, not what they said, as the old adage demands. That has led to a flood of the same old "what they said", but who would really have gone straight in to ICC on heroic mode? On the evidence of Ulduar and Ruby Sanctum, very few.

It’s easier to talk about how much we want to be challenged than it is to actually get up and do it. The WoWniverse is so huge now, not just
some fish in a pond but whole oceans of aquatic life, and news travels fast. The top guilds down Heroic LK in a few weeks, another bunch
takes down Festergut in nothing but blue gear, a rogue solos Patch and Grob in Naxx25. We all want to think we’re in the same league as the
people doing this stuff, but to prove it we have to actually get out there and break our hearts wiping on something insanely hard. And the most likely thing we prove by doing so is that we’re not up there with the big fish after all. Easier by far to mouth off about how these challenges are beneath us. How once we were giants, as good as anyone else, and all that we ask is a chance at something truly befitting our supreme abilities.

QQ is all about wishes, but not the ones that show on the face of it. What sounds like a wish for challenging content is something else, a wish that the QQ’ers themselves were up to the challenge of the content already there.

Everyone has the choice, and they always did. There’s rarely been a time when there hasn’t been challenging content, and there certainly is now. There’s always been easier stuff to do, too and never any reason for that to matter.  People decide for themselves what their ambitions are. If there’s an easier version of a raid, the only people doing it are those that want to and choose to.

Well, thanks for reading. If I haven’t rubbed some people up the wrong way then I’ve not done this right. If you’re one of the ones I’ve got bristling, just do one thing before you tell me I’m wrong. Try the Halion fight on heroic. I dare you to have fun, and be challenged by an awesome fight.

- Wormskull raids with Nephilim on Blade’s Edge EU.  They’ve yet to kill Halion heroic, but it’s gonna happen! (even though they did wind down from this lockout’s heroic wipefest with the fun of knocking her over in normal – hard to resist doing that!)

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I need a raid break.  You know how you hit that point where logging in on a raid night just feels tedious?  Painful?  Like your head wants to explode?  Yeah, I have most definitely reached that point.

On Tuesday, as the group for the weekly was forming, I panicked and hastily /quit.  Not sure why, but the thought of doing something in a raid made me want to slam my head into a monitor.  Even if it only WAS Ignis.

Oh god, It’s Ulduar AGAIN?”

Crap, I have to kill trash?”

I have to kill FLAME LEVIATHAN again??”

Oh god, I have to put up with being stuck in a bucket?”

“AAARGH I can not do this!”


Seriously.  That all ran through my head in about 2 seconds flat.  It was sheer panic, people!

So, I am having a break.  Sure, they might get Lich King down without me.  The strange thing is, I just don’t care anymore.  I remember when missing a boss downing was the single worst thing I could do.  I was devastated when I missed a handful of first kills in BC when I got a new work schedule.  Now, I couldn’t give a damn, and I don’t even give a damn that I don’t give a damn.

I don’t know what I will do in the game if I am not raiding.  The thought of battlegrounds makes me want to punch a baby in the face.  Questing is OMG urgh.  I could turn my attention fully to guild recruitment, but I think we all know that the time for recruitment is really not right now.  I’m not sure what I am going to do.

But I don’t much care anyway!  Bring on Cataclysm I say, so I can talk about Warlocks and Destruction properly again.  In my improper, gut instinct fashion, because that’s much more fun than plowing through math, damn it.

Also: I’m going to Blizzcon!  Huzzah, people!

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In game pregnancy.  Apart from the fact that I would be a bad mother (when I got my Sim pregnant, I phoned for an adoption – thinking I could give the baby away.  Turned out I got stuck with 2 babies!), there’s a billion zillion* reasons why it’s a really bad idea for WoW characters to ever develop the ability to fall pregnant.

1.  Raiding and pee breaks.

Life already sucks when certain members of your raid have to do the dash constantly to pee.  Could you imagine if your character needed to pee every ten minutes as well?

“Sorry guys, I have to stop healing”
“OMG WTF why?  /rageragerage”
“I have the ‘Busting’ debuff!”
“… seriously?  We pulled over at the Grizzly Hills toilet RIGHT BEFORE WE GOT HERE.”
“… never mind, now I just have the ‘Whoops’ debuff instead.  I’d suggest you stand at least 10 yards away from me”

2.  Death.

You die.  You run back.  You resurrect.
But what happens to the baby?  Is this how Undead are going to be created in the future?

baby-alien_1474492i I’m just a little afraid right now

3. Hax!

All the challenge of not standing in the fire is immediately lost if your water breaks right on top of it.
Yeah, Koralon, I’ll bet you never factored in that one, did you?

4.  Cravings

We all know that there is all manner of food to be had in Azeroth.  The question is, does the rest of the guild really have the time to fly around half of Eastern Kingdoms to satisfy your weird food requests?  Especially when we know that the minute they get back, you just aren’t going to feel much like eating that anymore.

Gee guys, thank you for getting those basilisk eyes for me!  They sounded really tasty…. about ten minutes ago.  But you know what would be really awesome? Goretusk Liver Pie.  And hey, can you go cook it in Molten Core for me?  The crust just comes out SO much better in that sort of heat…”

5.  Babysitters

I’ve seen what all you weirdos do to your orphans.  No way in hell would I be trusting you with my child.
(Actually, as a Warlock, I’ve got babysitting covered.  Voidwalkers are very maternal, didn’t you know?  And it’s not like he does anything else around here)

So.  In game pregnancy.  To be introduced in Cataclysm**.  What do you think?

* ‘billion zillion’ may be a slight exaggeration.

** Crazier things have happened, right?

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Picking up the reins as guild leader has been an interesting and steep learning curve.  I’m not afraid to admit that there was a lot of things I ‘knew’, but didn’t really know, until I was put in that situation myself.  I also am forced to admit that there is something I should be doing, but I can’t work out what it is.  Things seem to run contrary to whatever I plan, or don’t plan, so I am not sure of my next step.  It’s quite difficult when most of the officer core, and most of the core raiders, upped and left the guild in one big mass exodus (thus explaining how someone as incompetent as myself ended up in charge).  The people who I would ordinarily turn to and go ‘uh, what do I do now?’ just aren’t there anymore… nor are the people who could attend things on a regular basis.

I have recruited a few new members, but most of them are somewhat undergeared and inexperienced.  Now, there is nothing wrong with that at all.  A little practice in some early raids, and we’ll be apples.  However, getting people to sign up for raids like OS10 or ToC10 (I tend to only go for the quickies at this point in time) is an absolute pain.  Why?

Because it’s more valuable time spent for most people to do bloody daily dungeons.  The badge reward is greater than that of a non-current raid, it’s a lot faster, and totally brainless.  Unfortunately, it is also never going to help our new and old guild members mesh together in a group and learn how to work together.  It’s never going to promote a sense of teamwork.  It’s never going to give our new tanks and DPS practice at RAIDING.  The things that I think are crucial to a guild that is re-gaining its footing just can not be achieved by doing random dungeons with other people.

Unfortunately, I can’t chase people around with a whip and make them sign up.  I ask them what content they want to do, and I create events based on that feedback.  That STILL doesn’t help.  Guess I just need to recruit more, until we have so many numbers that I can get groups for most everything going.

… Don’t even get me started on recruiting!

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… or, more appropriately… how to not suck at Destruction.

So, you finally dusted off that Warlock and brought it up to 80.  Good for you!  Too bad you are now utterly terrified of venturing into an instance, worried about people snickering ‘lolnoob’ every time you do something.  Never fear, I am here with a few pointers.

1.  Spec it right!

As a fresh 80, I am guessing you are not hit capped.  It’s OK, honestly.  It just means that the standard cookie cutter spec just isn’t quite right for you yet.  So, we have to change things up a little.  You should be looking for something similar to this.  While you still have enough meat in the Destruction tree to do some serious carnage, you’ve sacrificed a little bit of damage to make sure that you hit the damn target. 

If you are hit capped, I run with this spec.  Now, it’s not exactly cookie cutter (I’ve modified it slightly to make it more suited to what I think our raids need: better healthstones; I dropped Replenishment because it is provided by so many people already, etc etc) but we are never afraid of modifying cookie cutter to suit ourselves, right?

As far as Glyphs go, minors all suck horribly.  For majors though, you should be looking at Glyph of Conflagrate (an absolute must) and Glyph of Incinerate.  The third glyph is problematic – some suggest Glyph of Life Tap, others suggest Glyph of Immolate.  I personally prefer Glyph of Immolate, because I am lazy and like my ‘set and forget’ things.  Not to mention that I rarely have to use Life Tap anymore!  However, if you get the 4pc set bonus in T7 (which I find highly unlikely to be honest  -are you really going to be running very much Naxx?) the Life Tap glyph is by far the superior choice.  (Oh, and my Glyphs?  Do as I say, and not as I do, as my mother used to often say to me!)

2.  Basic group stuff you should always do.

I know it sounds silly, but it is REALLY easy to forget the minor details when you start grouping.  Always soulstone a resser.  Pop up a soulwell.  If you don’t have someone to provide an equivalent/better buff (an appropriately specced Death Knight or a Boomkin) you should use Curse of the Elements.  Remember to keep the Soulshatter key close at hand. 

Oh… and make sure your Imp is on either Passive or Defensive!  (Turning off his Phase Shift is a pretty good idea too).  Dismiss him if you are planning on taking any sneaky shortcuts (i.e. – Nexus).

3.  Rotations (or lack there of)

While I strongly suspect I have posted rotations before, I can not for the life of me remember where the heck I did, and I am far too lazy to have a look.  So, I’ll repost here anyway.

Long gone are the days of Destruction having a set ‘rotation’ (and of one button spam, thank goodness!) Instead, we now have a spell priority system, where we work around cooldowns.  The following list is the order you should prioritise your spells in:

1.  Curse of the Elements (unless you don’t need to do it)

2.  Conflagrate

3.  Chaos Bolt

4.  Immolate

5.  Curse of Agony/Doom

6.  Incinerate

Always Conflagrate as soon as the cooldown allows.  Try not to clip your Immolates or CoA’s short, as tempting as it might be!  And, of course, try to cast your spells as fast as possible (which means you need to allow for latency).  Remember that your haste will be significantly higher for the three casts after Conflagrate.

4.  Warlocks are totally buff!

Make sure you keep on Fel Armor, and a Firestone (not a Spellstone!)  While Haste is infinitely more valuable than Crit, that 1% to direct damage spells is OMGeriffic. 

In terms of food buffs, if you haven’t got a Fish Feast, I like some Firecracker Salmon.  However, Hit food is also more than acceptable if you need it (and much better than a Fish Feast if you need the hit!)  When it comes to flasking, Flask of the Frost Wyrm is your only real choice.  Nom.

5.  Have fun!

Honestly… you have just hit 80 on the DPS class which is the most interesting to play.  Make sure you enjoy it!

(Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming companion to this post: What, Do I Just Have To Pull Gear Magically Out of My Behind At Eighty?)

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I was doing a spot of reading here and there, and I read something that didn’t quite ring true to me.  Nothing unusual for the internet, just one of those random comments you see on news articles about celebrities occasionally “I’m six ft tall, blonde, thin and gorgeous, and look JUST like this celebrity, only hotter!” yadayadayada.  Anyway, it got me thinking:

What are some of the white lies (or perhaps not so white?) lies we tell in WoW? 

I know I can think of a few I have done:

– “Of course I am defense capped!” (I was only a smidgen off!)

– “Yep, I have run this heaps of times… I know what I am doing!”

– “I don’t have a healing offset, sorry”

– “What do you mean, ‘Did you repair before the raid?’  Of course I did!” (as I heal with broken pants)

– “I know I have a flask in these bags somewhere…”

– “I am confident I can do x amount of DPS” (While thinking ‘OMG OMG I am so boned’)

– “Ooops, the cat just jumped on the keys.  Sorry!” (to be fair, this one is also sometimes true)

And a couple I have been sorely tempted to do….

– [Alt + F4] “Oh no, I’ve disconnected!  I can’t get back in!  I guess you’ll just have to replace me”

– “Whatever gave you the impression I’m a girl?  I’m a guy, seriously” (OK, OK, so sometimes I think it would be easier to pretend I’m male in certain groups.  Is that really a crime?)

And some I have seen….

– “Well, my main is [insert class here], and I’d just like to say, you’re doing it all wrong”

– “I’m a girl, honestly… that’s my male roommate talking on vent for me”

– “I always Main Tank for my guild, and I never have aggro problems with them”

– “I did not fall asleep at the keyboard!”

– “I’ve had 30 drinks before raid… lets go!” (what is it with people exaggerating how much they have had to drink to a STUPID extent!?!?)….. (although, when raiding with Aussies, this may actually be true.  There is no Aussie in Moderation).


What sorts of white lies have you told in the game?

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Since I play a resto Druid, which immediately makes me the World’s Leading Expert on All Things HoT and Heal Related… I thought I would write you all a list of the things which you should do to make you all as awesome as me.  Sure, sure, it isn’t Warlock related… maybe that will come tomorrow.

1.  If you hate healing the people you hate, heal without glasses on.  Seriously… when the name plates are all fuzzy, everyone is equal. (Disclaimer – I take no responsibility for tank death if you use this method).  Of course, it’s just more fun to not heal the people you hate ;-)

2.  Drink a can of Coke for every person in the raid.  The caffeine levels will give you the sufficient amount of ‘jitter’ to click all over the place really fast.  Coffee also works.

3.  Listen to really LOUD ANGRY music.  Slow music = slow sloppy heals, so the faster the better!

4.  Ignore every bastard who tells you to heal them.  When they are dead, they’ll shut up, and you can focus better. Besides, all the chatter takes away from the music!

5.  Tell everyone that you decide who you are healing by throwing a dice.  It should keep them on their toes so they don’t take any extra damage.

6.  When all else fails, stand in the fire and heal yourself through it so you look good on the meters.  No one will notice, honestly.

7.  Healing is great for people who like to multitask.  As a Druid, I often /dance so I look like I’m doing something, then work on painting my toenails.  It generally works out that I can paint one toenail per Rejuv cast on someone.  I also got half way through Guitar Hero WHILE healing!

Using these 7 tricks, you will be well on your way to becoming the best healer EVAR.  You’ll also have glorious looking toenails, and will kick ass at Guitar Hero!

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This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by Relevart of Relevart’s Druid Reliquary, and it asks us to ponder one of my personal favourite topics to whinge about – The penalty systems in WoW, and player ‘entitlement’.

Relevart’s prompting statement makes a much nicer introduction to the topic than –I- could ever think of, so let’s hop to it, shall we?

I know a few other bloggers have shown interest in the idea of player motivation and I absolutely love the idea of examining the concept of what makes us want to/need to/desire to play.

I thought a neat springboard for such a discussion would be that of the penalty system (or lack thereof, as you might see it) in WoW as well as the recent claims that Blizzard is caving to the casual players’ feeling of entitlement to see and subsequently conquer any and all content, regardless of capability or time.

I suggest these two because I think they are inherently linked at the core, with entitlement driving the penalty system and to a lesser degree, the inverse. However, I would not be opposed to separating out the most relevant topic in order to condense posts.


Now, way way WAY back in my salad days as a blogger, I think I did a big long honking series on what gets me into WoW, and, y’know, it probably still applies.  However, at that point I never really thought much about penalty systems and entitlement.  I was making my first forays into raiding, I never expected to have a great deal of success, and, well, the people in the hardcore guilds saw content A, I saw content B, and that’s all there was to it.  I never really griped about this, I never thought it was ‘unreasonable’ that I didn’t get to see Illidan (well, eventually I did, but that’s an entirely different tale).

Now, well… things have changed a lot.  The playerbase can quite easily see the vast majority of the content.  Most people I speak to say ‘Yeah, I’ve been in Ulduar.  I’ve done ToC.’  Sure, they may not have seen Yogg, or attempted ToGC, but they’ve been there.  Everyone gets to see the content at the level they choose to see it at, and everyone gets to enjoy the shiny bosses Blizzard has so thoughtfully provided for us.

As I type this, I find myself questioning why I do not like this aspect of the game.  It sounds fair, and nice, and wonderful that everyone has a shot at seeing the content.  At the same time though, I find it bizarre that people can not make the obvious link – when we all can see it and do it, it cheapens it in some strange little way.  You hear people scoffing ‘Is this the best Arthas can throw at us?’, ‘I hope Icecrown is harder, but I doubt it will be.’ ‘Arthas is half the villain Illidan was.’  And, yeah, yeah, hard modes are supposed to be an answer to this, but there isn’t the same satisfaction in downing a boss on hard mode than there is in downing a genuinely difficult boss for the first time.

I never had an issue with not being able to see all the content.  There is still a part of the playerbase which seems to feel the exact same way.  What ever happened to just enjoying what you were able to see, instead of demanding to see everything?  Yeah, I sound like a spoilt hard core raider ‘Muuuuum, the little kids are playing in the big kids pool… they’re ruining it!’, and I have been flamed and flamed again over it in the past, but I guess I just don’t understand where you are all coming from.  Or something.  Especially since, well, hello… I’m NOT a hardcore raider.  Hard modes?  Pshaw.  Hell, I’m often lucky to raid twice a week recently!

I guess as players we often feel entitled to do everything. “I pay my 15 dollars a month, just like those hard core guys!”.  We also feel entitled to be challenged “I pay my 15 dollars a month, just like those casuals!”  We also feel entitled to enjoy the game, to have things our way (even if others disagree), and to often be pushy, demanding, and annoying, just because we pay our 15 dollars a month.  A visit to the official forums is all you need to show you how entitled we all feel.  Hell, I have a ridiculous sense of entitlement myself.

As for penalty systems, well, as Syrana said… they don’t really exist anymore in the game.  Hell, they barely existed before.  I don’t think I can make much more comment on those than what she already has.  Although, I am glad in a way that we aren’t penalised more harshly, especially in the levelling days.  If I got my XP taken away, I would have just packed up my little red wagon and cried the whole way home when I first started playing WoW.

At the end of the day, I have nothing to say here that I haven’t said before.  The game feels dumbed down.  I am so worried that it will be even further dumbed down in the expansion.  By appealing to the lowest common denominator, we don’t all actually win, and I think that the way the game is now actually increases tension between the casual and the hardcore player base, and everyone caught in between.

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whiny-mage 150x150 So, for quite a while now the Whiny Mage and I have been playing around with the idea of him posting on the blog.  I thought that a Mage would be an interesting foil to my usual Warlocky attitude… and besides, it has been a long time since I have had someone to mock, ridicule and pound upon mercilessly in the interests of amusing myself and the general public.  Hopefully these posts will continue (although at this point in time I have no idea what he will talk about… I will leave it entirely up to him what happens from this point forward).

I know, I know… he’s a Mage and all… but I am fairly sure you will enjoy it.  (Oh, and all the capitalisation and most of the punctuation?  Yeah, that was me… he was kinda against it, but the English teacher in me just couldn’t help herself, and, well… I –do- have editorial rights here after all!  So, blame me!)

<3 Sar



There once was a Mage and Warlock
who met fishing on a sewer dock.
He was whiny as hell,
she was cute as a bell;
the wolpertinger looked on in shock.

A mighty leader of raids
a Mage, nay THE Mage of his age.
Commands there were many,
demands there were plenty,
now all, not just some, call him sage.

With shadow and fire she fought,
saw the Mage, had a thought, hatched a plot.
She was evil its true
but the Mage would not rue
the one day her heart he had sought.

With curses and fire and ice
the two could not simply play nice.
With the Mage nearly dead,
and the Warlock ahead
with many an evil device .

The Mage firmly caught, it is true
not sure if a port now would do.
Running home would not work,
in shadows she lurked
so he thought, "What the hell… I love you"


I’m a Mage and I whine, maybe so
but heck where’d my DPS go
Blizz is out of their mind
this is clearly a sign
a ‘lock i should clearly have rolled.

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