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I hit 85.

That’s right.

I finally got there.

I made it.

I actually got to the end of the levelling experience!

Of course, I immediately felt that horrible sense of ‘… and now?’  That feeling of not having any of the right gear, of being out of practise, of not knowing whether you had the right spec, the right rotation, the right anything.

And, of course, it turns out I was pretty much on the money with the spec and the rotation anyway.  I have one talent point that I mysteriously put in the total wrong spot while levelling (no biggie, really), and while my levelling rotation was terribad (I’m lazy, and Corruption takes effort when I’m questing.  As little buttons as possible when brainlessly killing crap, kkthx), I knew almost instinctively what to press and when to press it when I was attacking  the target dummy.  At least my Warlock sense is still kinda existent!

I probably won’t right too much about what buttons to press and when to press them – I think most people would be past that point in the game now, and don’t really need that.  So, instead, you will probably get more sporadic babble about my adventures.

I got my first (85) epic as well! Although it was kinda cheating – I noticed I had a heap of honor points left over from whenever it was that I used to PvP, and figured I may as well replace one of my lame ass rings with a some what better one.  So, it’s a craptastic epic, but hey, it’s purple, right?  I’m a little spoilt, and I’m kinda used to being in epics.  Although I think everyone is, with how the game works now!

Now I’m probably going to keep doing random dungeons and PvP, and work on my Hunter and Druid for a bit – I got another heirloom for the Hunter to move her along a little faster, and my Druid… well, it’s only 5 levels.  How bad can it be?

(Answer: Very bad.  Definitely not doing Uldum again.  Not a fan.  Too many cutscenes, damn it!)

So. 85 attained.  Next up – time to find my old snarky attitude.

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In my quest to get my warlock to 80, I had the distinct pleasure of spending a lot of time leveling through Stranglethorn Vale. A lot of people who play on PvP servers are probably calling me crazy right now, and they’re probably right, however it is one of my favorite zones in all of WoW. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and there is a good variety of quests to keep you entertained. Best of all, most of the quests keep you firmly in the zone. The biggest drawback to questing in Stranglethorn, especially on PvP servers, is the near constant threat of being ganked.

Personally, I have never understood the appeal of ganking. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some good PvP as much as the next guy but that’s just it. I enjoy GOOD PvP. I like the idea of going up against other players of your level and matching wits and blades in open combat. I like knowing that if I’m not at the top of game there is a very real chance that I will get my ass handed to me. It’s that knowing that drives me to improve and excel as a PvPer. Ganking doesn’t provide any of that. Ganking is the absolute antithesis of that.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, ganking is the act of killing another player multiple levels below your own. This is a very popular past time for a lot of players at max level and many enjoy targeting players between levels 20 – 40. Often times these max level characters will kill their prey in just one attack. Here is where my analogy of squishing a bug comes into play. Most people will kill bug that is annoying them without thinking. It’s quick and effortless to kill a bug. A lot of us don’t feel any remorse for doing, heck we usually don’t feel anything at all. It’s just something you do and just as quickly forget about it.

Gankers are different. Gankers are that mean little kid, sitting on the sidewalk with a magnifying glass burning ants alive. They relish in playing God over these little creatures and delight in watching them burn. In game, they’re the max level characters laying siege to Southshore or Stranglethorn for no other reason than that they enjoy lording over those who can’t do anything about it. Most days, I couldn’t go an hour in Stranglethorn on my warlock without getting wailed on by someone with too much time on their hands and too little to do.

Most times you just have to shrug it off and keep going on about your business. But sometimes, you’ll get that one guy who just manages to push your buttons and drive you absolutely bonkers. It was a mage oddly enough that finally made me snap. I was mounted up, making my way over to the Rebel Camp to turn in some quests when I passed the mage on the road. He was on foot helping a buddy of his kill some trolls for another quest as I passed. I kept on, thinking I was in the clear when I took a frostbolt to the back and died instantly. This guy saw me, mounted up, and followed me for a good minute or so until he caught up just so he could kill me. That’s like you walking down the street and seeing lady bug on the sidewalk across the street then deciding to go dash across the street just to stomp it. What was the point? What sick feeling of exhilaration could you possibly get from that? This is what was going through my head after he killed me and I just snapped. I immediately logged off and hopped onto my Death Knight.

My Death Knight is level 80 and fully geared in Vengeful and Wrathful PvP gear. I’m not the greatest PvPer. I’ll never see the 2000+ arena bracket but I can more than hold my own in a fight. I immediately flew down to Stranglethorn and began to hunt that idiot mage down. Long story short, I found the mage and made his life miserable for a good 30 minutes. I corpse camped him all the way to the Horde base in the area and then proceeded to kill every living Horde creature in sight. So now I pose the question to you dear readers. Do you have any good ganking stories from either side of the fence?

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Ok, so I am going to follow the crowd (one of those pesky Mage types must’ve sheeped me) and link my Merrymaker post from last year.  Why?  Because Blizzard have changed diddly squat!

Once again… I’m not going to get the title.  Not sure if I posted about this last year, but all I needed was the stinking PvP achievement.  Battlegrounds are not my friend.  Well, anyway, last night I decided to try and do it again.  First cab off the rank – AV.  Probably not the best for farming those kills, but I can often survive a whole AV (so I don’t lose the costume), and it’s my least hated battleground.

Anyway, I get in at the start of an AV for ONCE in my life (at the time I thought this was a good thing) and off we charge.  I decide immediately to stay with the pack, since I fail miserably at PvP and always get horribly killed if I am on my own (resilience = lol).  Unfortunately, I was not aware that the pack were MINDLESS TWATWAFFLES who charged straight to Drek without capturing ANY towers.

THEN some twatwaffle of a DK tank (who I am sure was named something idiotic, like so many of the other DK’s out there:  Noobcake?  Deathtard?  Something stupid) kept running in, dying, and then abusing us for not attacking.  HELLO Mr I-am-a-giant-twatwaffle-with-no-brain… we aren’t going to get Drek down with the damn towers still up!

So, while half of AV decided to sit there and argue about who was missing what parts of their anatomy, I got bored and annoyed with my whole TWO HK’s and embarked on a suicide mission.  Other people don’t want to get a tower?  Fine.  I’ll go get a god damned tower.  And defend it.  Because I am not a twatwaffle like SOME idiots who are whinging that people have no balls.

Of course, I die before I even get near a tower.  Duh.

And land back at the damned start of AV, because no damned twatwaffle stopped to get a graveyard either.

So… when a few more people had died, we just farmed HK’s near our base.  Which confirmed the worst of my suspicions.

This pack of Horde SUCKED ASS at PvP.  Seriously.  A group of 6 Alliance wiped out a group of 15 Horde!  They didn’t work together, they didn’t use ANY defensive abilities…. If I can beat you at PvP, then you god damn fricking fail.  Of course, more Horde rocked up and eventually just kept killing us, so we didn’t make any ground.

Eventually, we lost. Of course.  I think the Horde had 450 resources to our 0.

Twatwaffle twatwaffle twatwaffle!



…Oh, that gear post I said I was going to write?  Yeah, I was lying.  Me, gear post?  Huh?  What the heck WERE you thinking?

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So, I didn’t do the blog tv thing today. No one showed up, which is what I kinda expected anyway (it was set kinda late), then my raid went over time and I was just all tired and grouchy and grrrrrrr. Anyway, I do have a rant all lined up for you!

The thing that really got to me today was a couple of druids I came across in Arathi Basin. Clearly it was foolish of me to even try to do AB in the hopes of winning, but since it was the weekend BG and I really do want to get ahold of the Spirit of Competition before it is gone, I decided to brave it. The very first AB I got into, I helped heal at the farm, tried to capture somewhere else, died, and came back to this sight.

While about 8 of us were off actually trying to fight in this BG, these selfish jerks were dancing on the roof. Two of them were in the same guild, which leads me to believe that they both entered with the intention to lose the BG. I’ll admit, I lost my temper slightly (friends and guildmates had to suffer while I dropped several F bombs cursing these morons), and then confronted them about their behaviour, after someone asked the legitimate question “Why didn’t you try to help me when the horde killed me RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?”

To this they retorted that the roof was an excellent defensive position, which is all well and good if a) you are willing to actually defend the place rather than dance and watch the horde kill other people there and take it, and b) aren’t both resto druids (which they later admitted) who would be much more valuable out in the battle healing people. I was very tempted to name and shame them in here, but I have decided to try and be ‘the better man’. I will certainly be reporting them to a GM if I ever come across them pulling that sort of stunt – they only reason I didn’t today was because I didn’t think of it until it was too late. From what I have heard, people CAN get their honor stripped for this sort of garbage.

I know that many people have blogged before about people who deliberately lose battlegrounds. I really do not understand the phenomenon myself – it is perhaps the most ridiculously selfish thing that people can do in PvP, yet it seems to happen all the time. When there are 10 people in a 15 man battleground who actually want to put in an effort and win, who are you to waste their time with your dancing on the roof bullshit? Alliance in our battlegroup have a horrific reputation for PvP, and when you see the stunts like this that some clowns pull, you understand why. It gets frustrating seeing at least 10 AFK’s in Alterac Valley. People who just screw around in WSG and AB are even worse. There really isn’t that many of us to begin with, and having even one or two people refuse to play and leeching honor off the rest of us is a waste of our valuable time. These same people would not dare to pull this kind of crap in a raid, I can almost guarantee it. Why? Because raiding is serious business! People would get pissed if they sat on their hands for a whole raid! I suggest that these people need to learn that some people take their battlegrounds just as seriously as they take their raiding. I for one am not a big fan of battlegrounds – I am not especially good at PvP, and the general lack of organisation really doesn’t sit well with me. However, when I do decide to go in there, I take it seriously. Not just for myself, but for all the other people who are in there, who MAY just want to actually have a shot at winning.

/end rant

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Sorry everyone, been insanely busy, promise to return with a real post soon. Please don’t hate me! *pulls out hair*

I really need to learn to say no. People ask me to do stuff, to go to stuff, to help out with stuff, and my inability to say no is creating many problems. I just worked out I currently do not have a free weekend all internship, which means that I am stressed and panicking all the time. I also am one of those weird people who can not cope without having any alone time, and I wont have any of that at all for… well… the rest of the year, really. The having to do crap for people is really annoying though. So, let’s all say it together -

Just say NO!!!

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