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Things Gnomes are good for:

Mages:  Gnomes and Mages are a natural combination.  They hope to overcome their enemies through the combination of ‘small and useless appearance’ and ‘small and useless abilities’.  Unfortunately, since these things are actually true, rather than mere perception, they generally fail.

Footstools: It’s been a hard day’s raiding.  You’ve spent the morning in the Auction House, the evening killing Arthas, and your poor tired feet are killing you ‘(blast those stylish yet uncomfortable boots!)  Find the nearest inn, snaffle a frosty glass of the finest ale, then grab the nearest Gnome by the scruff of the neck (or pigtails!) and stuff em under your feet.  Cushy footrest bliss.  Mmmmm



Balloons:  You know the scene in Shrek, right?  Where they blow up frogs and turn them into balloons?  I think Gnomes would look adorable if we did the same thing to them!

Punting: Duh.

What else do you think Gnomes are useful for?

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