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Sacrilege or no? I’ll let you be the judge.

When I was levelling Sar’s fishing (speaking of which, reminder to self, do fishing daily), I mainly fished in Stormwind. It’s nice and homey there, and brings back pleasant memories. However, the two children who chatter at the canal? My goodness they bugged the heck out of me! Not to mention weird passers by who would walk past and make flirty emotes at me. ‘Sif I’d ever hook up with a gnome. So I thought to myself, where is somewhere nice and quiet? Somewhere peaceful? Somewhere where the fish still like to bite, but where i can relax? Then it came to me.

The Moonwell in The Park.

Quiet, secluded, deserted except for a couple of elves. Perfect. Until Kalf found out, and berated me endlessly. I still don’t get the issue personally – he threatened to desecrate one of my human religious thingys, and then realised. I’m a lock. Like I give a hoot!


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