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I will admit, I was in a bit of a kerfuffle over what I should blog about the last couple of days (the lolcats didn’t give that away?) Well, after some discussion in the BA Chatroom, I have decided to share with you a strange and horrible secret -

I am not perfect.

Seriously… I am really, REALLY imperfect come to think of it. There are so many strange or stupid things which I have done, and odd things which I did not know.

1. I had immense trouble levelling fishing. When I was a wee low level warlock, I thought it might be a good idea to level fishing. Don’t ask me why, these things just strike me randomly. Well I purchased my fishing rod, and happily cast away in the Stormwind canals… again… and again… and again… to no avail. After about thirty minutes of this, I complained to my then partner “I can’t seem to level this fishing up!” Well, he came over, he had a look… and then informed me you actually have to CLICK the bobber when it, um, bobs.

2. First Aid is for Wimps: Go have a look at Sar’s Armory Page. I’ll wait. *whistles idlely* You back? Cool beans. You see what Sar’s First Aid skill is at? Yep, that’s right. It’s BAD. When I was levelling, I made a half hearted attempt to level first aid, but just found it to be too much trouble when I was using all my cloth for tailoring. Besides, I had drain life, right? And healthstones? Who needs silly bandages? And yes, I still raid with that horrible first aid skill, and look immensely guilty everytime they say “DPS, you will just have to bandage yourself”. Dang. I occasionally think of levelling it… but I never have the gold. It’s very sad indeed. If it makes you feel better – Hermia has full first aid!

3. How do you swim? For the longest time I just did not understand how you made your character dive underwater. I avoided all underwater quests for as long as I could, because I was just to afraid to ask. Eventually, someone told me. It also meant I could finally use Underwater Breathing – usefully! Huzzah!

4. When I hit 70 and learnt Seed of Corruption, for some reason I decided it was much better than normal Corruption… and so used it all the time.

5. I have, on occasion, soulstoned myself. Or a tank. Or even a random DPS!

6. I levelled destro. ‘Nuff said.

7. I foolishly brought a horse at some point, because you could buy it at a much lower level than you needed to ride it (not sure if this is still true). I thought I had found a loop hole in the system! Boy, did I feel stupid.

8. Believed someone for a second when they berated me for pulling aggro with my Life Tap. For those of you who do not know, Life Tap generates 0 threat (don’t believe me? see here). You can not pull aggro with Life Tap. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a total fool. These afore mentioned fools will always back up their argument with ‘My main is a 70 warlock, I would KNOW’. Stupid people. I just wish I had remembered their names so I could humiliate them (because I am mean like that). In fact, just to prove this… I am going to get Kalf to melee a mob, in Tree Form, with me just life tapping. I am sure if it pulled aggro, I could pull off a meleeing tree!

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