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Statues. Memorials to the great leaders of the past, or tributes to the leaders of the present, they can be found in many places throughout Azeroth. Many of these statues are dedicated to the great Uther the Lightbringer, who perished at the hand of Arthas many years ago. These statues are a remembrance, to ensure we never forget.

Well, you know who else deserves a statue? Who else DESERVES the honour that he just doesn’t get? Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm! Why, he leads Darnassus almost single handedly! He GREW Teldrassil gosh darn it! He knew better than Malfurion, he knows better than Tyrande! He should have a statue! I’ll bet, if he thought of it first, there would be statues of him scattered everywhere in Kalimdor. So, I think that we should really give Staghelm some of the recognition he clearly deserves. Let us build him a statue.

… And while we are at it, we should give his statue something no other statue in WoW has. A touch of realism, shall we say…

Inspired by some discussion in the now famous BA Chat!

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