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I hit 85.

That’s right.

I finally got there.

I made it.

I actually got to the end of the levelling experience!

Of course, I immediately felt that horrible sense of ‘… and now?’  That feeling of not having any of the right gear, of being out of practise, of not knowing whether you had the right spec, the right rotation, the right anything.

And, of course, it turns out I was pretty much on the money with the spec and the rotation anyway.  I have one talent point that I mysteriously put in the total wrong spot while levelling (no biggie, really), and while my levelling rotation was terribad (I’m lazy, and Corruption takes effort when I’m questing.  As little buttons as possible when brainlessly killing crap, kkthx), I knew almost instinctively what to press and when to press it when I was attacking  the target dummy.  At least my Warlock sense is still kinda existent!

I probably won’t right too much about what buttons to press and when to press them – I think most people would be past that point in the game now, and don’t really need that.  So, instead, you will probably get more sporadic babble about my adventures.

I got my first (85) epic as well! Although it was kinda cheating – I noticed I had a heap of honor points left over from whenever it was that I used to PvP, and figured I may as well replace one of my lame ass rings with a some what better one.  So, it’s a craptastic epic, but hey, it’s purple, right?  I’m a little spoilt, and I’m kinda used to being in epics.  Although I think everyone is, with how the game works now!

Now I’m probably going to keep doing random dungeons and PvP, and work on my Hunter and Druid for a bit – I got another heirloom for the Hunter to move her along a little faster, and my Druid… well, it’s only 5 levels.  How bad can it be?

(Answer: Very bad.  Definitely not doing Uldum again.  Not a fan.  Too many cutscenes, damn it!)

So. 85 attained.  Next up – time to find my old snarky attitude.

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Well, so far so good.  I’m almost at the end of the wonderful level 83, without even stepping foot in an instance (which is the total opposite to my usual method of levelling).  I’ve knocked over Hyjal and Deepholm, and foresee myself finishing out my levelling on Sar in Uldum (which, so far, I am not enjoying… but then, I hated Deepholm for the first 30 quests or so.  I think I just have to get used to it).

I’m feeling a little sad that I couldn’t keep Pebble as a pet. Apparently, I have to do a damn daily ten times to be able to keep him or some such nonsense.  Damn it, I hate dailies.  This is probably reflected in my Smurfs game, which positively reeks of the whole concept of ‘daily quests’.  I probably have the most wasteful farm in the history of Smurfdom. I like to blame my failure at the Smurf game on my feminist objections to the franchise (can we refer to Smurfs as a franchise now?  Or just a really annoying phenomenon?  One that actually made me dislike something with Neil Patrick Harris in it even?), but really, I think it’s more that I fail at the concept of dailies and doing the same damned thing every damned day. Blah.

This might also be why I fail at many aspects of that thing known as Real Life.  After all, what is a job but a fricking lame daily quest?

Aaaaaanyway, back to the point.

So, a bunch of glorified rocks now think I’m pretty awesome.  I think that’s all I got out of my time in Deepholm.  Which could be better than my time in Hyjal, which can be summed up as “I’d rather be eating these baby animals than saving them, but what the hell ever, you damn elf hippies”.  It has been interesting levelling on my own, without interacting with anyone, anywhere, at any time.  It’s also been rather quick (rested XP is the shiznit), which means I am not totally dreading it on my Druid.  I’m not much looking forward to dragging my Hunter through another 25 levels though. I might be forced to disembowel myself with a rusty spoon before hand (I like rusty spoons…)

Anyway, it kinda sucks that I haven’t found anything too major to snark about.  The quests have been, for the most part, engaging.  Even the ‘Kill ten rats’ style quests are grouped together in such a manner that they don’t feel too craptastic.  At least I get most of them knocked over together.  Escort quests are still annoying as all get out, but that’s ok… there were only a couple!  And I even managed to get Friendly with my guild, which is nice I guess… it allowed me to waste some money on a tabard to make them like me even more… which, I think, lets me buy another tabard that will make them like me even more again.  It’s a never ending cycle of tabards!

Anyway, Helen Mirren is on TV, which of course means that I can not write anything else.  I may have a slight crush on her.  Even though she has said a couple of not so good things in the past.  She has also said some awesome things, and hey, no one is perfect.  Anyway, Helen Mirren /swoon.

So.  Almost 84.  Yay?

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Yep, I’ve been unfaithful.


My small, poorly specced Hunter is almost ready for Outland.  Just 2 small levels to go!  Trajan and I have been slaying Dark Iron Dwarves endlessly, chasing people who have no idea where they are going endlessly, getting lost ourselves endlessly, pulling aggro endlessly… yeah, we’ve been doing a lot of BRD, you get the point.

I’m completely embracing the ‘I have no idea what I am doing’ nature of levelling a new class.  Yep, I’m a noob and I am proud.  See, with every single one of my characters, I’ve embraced the following philosophy while levelling:

So long as shit is dying and that shit isn’t me, I’m doing OK.

I  like sitting there doing research.  I like reading.  Even more than these things though, I love discovering things for myself.  I love playing around with spells, and doing things a little more unusually than most people.  I love trying to discover a use for something that feels senseless, rather than dismissing it as boring or stupid because EJ said so.  Sure, it means my bars are cluttered.  It means I’m probably using the wrong shots.  I’m probably levelling the wrong pets.

I also don’t care!

Don’t worry too much – Sar has only been retired until Cataclysm.  Raiding is snoreworthy at the moment.  I’m tired of everything revolving around raiding or progression.  I’m having too much fun rediscovering the light side of the game – even if the light side has me running BRD for over 10 levels straight…

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… or, more appropriately… how to not suck at Destruction.

So, you finally dusted off that Warlock and brought it up to 80.  Good for you!  Too bad you are now utterly terrified of venturing into an instance, worried about people snickering ‘lolnoob’ every time you do something.  Never fear, I am here with a few pointers.

1.  Spec it right!

As a fresh 80, I am guessing you are not hit capped.  It’s OK, honestly.  It just means that the standard cookie cutter spec just isn’t quite right for you yet.  So, we have to change things up a little.  You should be looking for something similar to this.  While you still have enough meat in the Destruction tree to do some serious carnage, you’ve sacrificed a little bit of damage to make sure that you hit the damn target. 

If you are hit capped, I run with this spec.  Now, it’s not exactly cookie cutter (I’ve modified it slightly to make it more suited to what I think our raids need: better healthstones; I dropped Replenishment because it is provided by so many people already, etc etc) but we are never afraid of modifying cookie cutter to suit ourselves, right?

As far as Glyphs go, minors all suck horribly.  For majors though, you should be looking at Glyph of Conflagrate (an absolute must) and Glyph of Incinerate.  The third glyph is problematic – some suggest Glyph of Life Tap, others suggest Glyph of Immolate.  I personally prefer Glyph of Immolate, because I am lazy and like my ‘set and forget’ things.  Not to mention that I rarely have to use Life Tap anymore!  However, if you get the 4pc set bonus in T7 (which I find highly unlikely to be honest  -are you really going to be running very much Naxx?) the Life Tap glyph is by far the superior choice.  (Oh, and my Glyphs?  Do as I say, and not as I do, as my mother used to often say to me!)

2.  Basic group stuff you should always do.

I know it sounds silly, but it is REALLY easy to forget the minor details when you start grouping.  Always soulstone a resser.  Pop up a soulwell.  If you don’t have someone to provide an equivalent/better buff (an appropriately specced Death Knight or a Boomkin) you should use Curse of the Elements.  Remember to keep the Soulshatter key close at hand. 

Oh… and make sure your Imp is on either Passive or Defensive!  (Turning off his Phase Shift is a pretty good idea too).  Dismiss him if you are planning on taking any sneaky shortcuts (i.e. – Nexus).

3.  Rotations (or lack there of)

While I strongly suspect I have posted rotations before, I can not for the life of me remember where the heck I did, and I am far too lazy to have a look.  So, I’ll repost here anyway.

Long gone are the days of Destruction having a set ‘rotation’ (and of one button spam, thank goodness!) Instead, we now have a spell priority system, where we work around cooldowns.  The following list is the order you should prioritise your spells in:

1.  Curse of the Elements (unless you don’t need to do it)

2.  Conflagrate

3.  Chaos Bolt

4.  Immolate

5.  Curse of Agony/Doom

6.  Incinerate

Always Conflagrate as soon as the cooldown allows.  Try not to clip your Immolates or CoA’s short, as tempting as it might be!  And, of course, try to cast your spells as fast as possible (which means you need to allow for latency).  Remember that your haste will be significantly higher for the three casts after Conflagrate.

4.  Warlocks are totally buff!

Make sure you keep on Fel Armor, and a Firestone (not a Spellstone!)  While Haste is infinitely more valuable than Crit, that 1% to direct damage spells is OMGeriffic. 

In terms of food buffs, if you haven’t got a Fish Feast, I like some Firecracker Salmon.  However, Hit food is also more than acceptable if you need it (and much better than a Fish Feast if you need the hit!)  When it comes to flasking, Flask of the Frost Wyrm is your only real choice.  Nom.

5.  Have fun!

Honestly… you have just hit 80 on the DPS class which is the most interesting to play.  Make sure you enjoy it!

(Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming companion to this post: What, Do I Just Have To Pull Gear Magically Out of My Behind At Eighty?)

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