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The most notable thing that I got out of Blizzards little Press Conference thing (that I have been slow in posting about, because my Mum was here and I was tied up with the following:

– Of course I didn’t go out and buy fruit in an attempt to make you think I eat it

– The house is ALWAYS this clean!

– Yes, I have been saving, I swear!)

Anyway, apart from the ‘lookie, we have canned most everything that we said was cool and awesome about Cataclysm!’ announcement, there was something big snuck in there.  Something scary.

“Look, you’ll be able to LEARN your glyphs”. 

Yay, no more carting around glyphs.  Because so many of us do that, right?

… but wait, what about us Scribes? 

I’m not sure how Inscription is going to be a profitable profession anymore.  Unless glyphs become MUCH more expensive to make, so we can charge out the wazoo for them, Scribes are going to be low on cash all the time.  For me, that’s not a huge deal.  I’m too lazy to exploit the glyph market anyway.  But for others, I can see this being a pain in the butt.

The other thing is this whole ‘Major, Medium, and Minor Glyph’ thing.


What is the difference between a Medium Glyph and a Minor Glyph?

  • Major glyphs (much like they are now)
  • Medium glyphs (NEW “fun factor” and cosmetic glyphs)
  • Minor glyphs (much like they are now)


Am I just slow?  Am I missing something?  Minor glyphs are supposed to be the ‘fun’ ones, right?  They generally suck enough that they could only be considered as fun.  Unless, of course, all the minor glyphs that lack utility will shift to Medium Glyphs, and all the ones with sucky-ass utility will stay as Minors.  And really, shouldn’t those names be the other way around?

I am so confused!  I just want to scream… just like my cat does when I take her picture.

Suki Cat rawring.

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