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I didn’t get the dwarf drunk, I swear!!

I apologise by the way… this is a LOT of pictures!!! Feel free to mark as read.

It all began when we headed to Tanaris to get our hats from the Caverns of Time. Since we 3 manned it, we just did a regular run. We got our hats very easily… and celebrated with a victory dance!


Then we decided to have a nap.


After this, we did what any respectable druids would do, and took ourselves to the big scary city to PARTAY!


Soon enough, some other druids had to join in the fun!

I think we managed to attract more than our fair share of attention. Druids banded together, to celebrate, to be proud, and to declare…

Yeah, Kalf was just a smidge out of time… but we can’t blame him, he did the piccoloing so the rest of us could be perfect! Druids… could we possibly be any greater??

Dancing Druids

** Above Image courtesy of Carbomb**

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