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When you only have 60g between both of your characters in beta, you really should be careful in how you spend it.

1. Don’t blow 7g on a haircut! While Herm looks undoubtedly prettier with her nice new hair… it really wasn’t a wise investment!

2. Train your crafting profession before your gathering one: Sar is a miner and a tailor. Stupid stupid me trained up her mining well before her tailoring… way to go, me! So, until I get a mule copied over (with gold stolen from friends and guildies)… I can’t learn tailoring. Siiiigh.

3. Try to quest, as much as you hate it: OK, so I am in the beta, I should really quest, right? After all, how else am I supposed to level/find bugs/whatever else I am MEANT to be doing in there. Will get around to that, I swear, once I am past the ‘OOOOOOH shiny!’ phase.

4. Have fun entertaining people with your new abilities. It’s cheap (ie – free), and everyone gets a kick out of it. I had several requests for screenshot poses for my shiny new demon form… and yesterday I took it one step further and scared the pants offa everyone with my awesome leap-like ability. I would say what it is called… but I can’t remember, and when I tried to log in to check the beta needed another patch. I know, frustrating, isn’t it? I am sure one of my friendly commenters will fill in the gap for me.

My only complaint about this?? Why can’t I be a GIRL demon?

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