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Not much on the WoW front to report (despite the patch coming out!) because of this nasty occurance taking up all my time and energy.  I still haven’t managed to clean up all the mess!

Oh well, on the bright side, my new Dyson got a great workout.  The damn thing sucks hard, almost as hard as I suck at DPSing!

I am sure I’ll have more to report when I take a stab (or two… or three) at Onyxia.  I will also make the whole video of my ony kill tonight (the damn thing takes so long to actually make that I’ll have to leave it while I am sleeping).  Trying to decide whether I will use the same song as on the short film, or choose a different one.

Really… nothing much more to say.  Nothing of importance at all.






…. Oh.

Did I mention that I don’t think I will be quitting WoW?  However, I –might- be transferring my Druid over.  However, that will require me to get another toon to 80 on Cenarius.  I need something to hang around on over there!

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