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So late Tuesday afternoon, it finally happened. I reached my next major milestone on my journey to discover the ways of the Warlock. I finally hit level 70!

Gingerlei hits 70

Hooray for me! Looking back, I can honestly say that I’ve had a really good time leveling this character. I love this class and I’m really enjoying every minute of playing my little warlock. It’s to the point where I would almost rather give up raiding on my other toons to focus solely on leveling my Warlock. I must admit this is rather surprising for me since I have always considered myself in WoW to be a Boomkin before anything else. Now, realistically, I couldn’t give up raiding even if I wanted to. I’m the Raid Leader for my little 10 man guild and right now I’m in charge of training a bunch of new recruits and dragging them through ICC in the hopes of reforming a progression group for Cataclysm.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Druid. She has been my main for the entirety of my WoW career and may very well still be for Cata, but this whole Warlock thing is really giving me a reason to reconsider. I’ve been reading through a lot of the information coming out of the Beta and the PTR and I’m not digging what I’m seeing for Boomkins. I keep reminding myself that it’s still only Beta, and a lot could change between now and then, but the luster has come off a bit for me. Meanwhile, I’m absolutely loving the play style of Warlocks, specifically Affliction and the changes I’ve seen from the Beta have me even more excited about the class. If you’ve been through this type of thing before, I’d love to hear your story in the comments.

P.S. Seed of Corruption is the greatest spell ever! I can’t begin to describe the pure level of awesome this spell is and how giddy it makes me to seed spam my way to the top of the DPS meters on AOE trash pulls. Doing more damage than the rest of the group combined on trash is just pure freakin win!

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Since I play a resto Druid, which immediately makes me the World’s Leading Expert on All Things HoT and Heal Related… I thought I would write you all a list of the things which you should do to make you all as awesome as me.  Sure, sure, it isn’t Warlock related… maybe that will come tomorrow.

1.  If you hate healing the people you hate, heal without glasses on.  Seriously… when the name plates are all fuzzy, everyone is equal. (Disclaimer – I take no responsibility for tank death if you use this method).  Of course, it’s just more fun to not heal the people you hate ;-)

2.  Drink a can of Coke for every person in the raid.  The caffeine levels will give you the sufficient amount of ‘jitter’ to click all over the place really fast.  Coffee also works.

3.  Listen to really LOUD ANGRY music.  Slow music = slow sloppy heals, so the faster the better!

4.  Ignore every bastard who tells you to heal them.  When they are dead, they’ll shut up, and you can focus better. Besides, all the chatter takes away from the music!

5.  Tell everyone that you decide who you are healing by throwing a dice.  It should keep them on their toes so they don’t take any extra damage.

6.  When all else fails, stand in the fire and heal yourself through it so you look good on the meters.  No one will notice, honestly.

7.  Healing is great for people who like to multitask.  As a Druid, I often /dance so I look like I’m doing something, then work on painting my toenails.  It generally works out that I can paint one toenail per Rejuv cast on someone.  I also got half way through Guitar Hero WHILE healing!

Using these 7 tricks, you will be well on your way to becoming the best healer EVAR.  You’ll also have glorious looking toenails, and will kick ass at Guitar Hero!

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I didn’t get the dwarf drunk, I swear!!

I apologise by the way… this is a LOT of pictures!!! Feel free to mark as read.

It all began when we headed to Tanaris to get our hats from the Caverns of Time. Since we 3 manned it, we just did a regular run. We got our hats very easily… and celebrated with a victory dance!


Then we decided to have a nap.


After this, we did what any respectable druids would do, and took ourselves to the big scary city to PARTAY!


Soon enough, some other druids had to join in the fun!

I think we managed to attract more than our fair share of attention. Druids banded together, to celebrate, to be proud, and to declare…

Yeah, Kalf was just a smidge out of time… but we can’t blame him, he did the piccoloing so the rest of us could be perfect! Druids… could we possibly be any greater??

Dancing Druids

** Above Image courtesy of Carbomb**

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Now that Hermia is starting to get some super dooper epic looking gear, I decided that I should blow some of her hard earned cash on some enchants. I looked up all her enchants on Thottbot, thinking that it would be a simple matter of finding the right enchants and writing down the mats. Boy oh boy was I wrong!

With Sar, finding enchants was a relatively simple process. There really isn’t that much variety in enchants, and it is easy to tell which ones are better for you. However, with Hermia, there are SO many! There are enchants for stamina, for agility, strength, armor, dodge, defense, you name it they have it! Now, we all know that I am a total noob when it comes to druiding, so I was totally lost on what I should get. After some thought, I have decided that for the most part I am going to go with agility enchants. I picked these solely because my agility is rather low, so my dodge and crit are both lower than I would like. More crit equals more threat, and more dodge equals less death.

Now, any druids out there who actually know about this stuff, feel free to give me some pointers!


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So, I am sure that you have read all the changes to each of the classes already (I am a bit behind here, seeing as I got out of bed about 2 hours ago!). However, I think it is only fair that I subject you to MY view of all the fun and exciting things that Blizzard have done for us!


First and foremost, there is no plan to make any changes to shard farming as we know it. Do I have an issue with this? Heck no! I have never had an issue with farming soul shards, based on the following principles: A) Free reagents people! How can we complain about something which is ‘free’? B) As a raiding warlock, it is really not difficult to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of shards. I always try to enter a raid with 30-40 shards (I like to be prepared! I also know warlocks who go in with over 50) based on the principle that each death will cost me up to 3 shards. However, if I do run low, it’s pretty simple to farm more on trash as we go. I also know that there is NOTHING worse than that sinking feeling when you pull aggro, mash Soulshatter… and realise you have no shards. Jinkies!

However, this is not to say that I would not like to see changes to the soul shard system. First and foremost in my opinion is providing soul shard bags with an enhancement. Shard bags not helping the class in any other way is patently unfair. We are essentially forced to sacrifice a bag slot, just as hunters are. However, we do not reap any benefit from this apart from a slightly larger shard bag. Bring our bags in line with quivers!

The two announced class changes are very interesting indeed. The first of these is an ability called Demonic Circle, where we can scribe a circle in the ground and teleport back to it later. While it does sound interesting, I would really like to know more about it before I judge its viability in a PvE situation. How long does the circle last? Does it have ‘charges’, or can we only return to it once? I will admit I didn’t even consider the PvP applications initially (I just don’t think that way), but Daniel Whitcomb has that well and truly covered I believe over at WI. The only initial PvE use that I could think of was for bosses like Shade of Aran, if you were too slow/lazy to run to the outside. I suppose it could also be useful on fights like Prince, allowing you to place a circle in a common ‘safe spot’ and then zip over to it when necessary.

Demon Form is the other announced change. A Demonic Form will be the 51 point Demonology talent (makes sense, hey?), and the big news is that they will have an AoE shadowbolt ability. I am still a little dubious about this myself, and once again I really do want to know more before I make an adequate assessment. Initial impressions have me seeing this as a PvP talent, but this could change as more abilities are discussed. One major question is ‘Is it banishable?’


The changes to Druids are covered in much better depth than what I could ever aspire to across the Druid blogosphere. So, I will just say the one thing I am excited about:

Dire Cat! Huzzah!…(oh… and the Dire forms will look a little different). Dire Cat might add some viability to kitty DPS in raids (well, maybe it IS viable, and I just suck at it. Although, I was impressed with Hermia’s DPS output yesterday when she was catting it up – 480DPS! I think it’s nothing to sneeze at based on her gear!)

Other Classes

Some of the changes to other classes also are great buffs to every class (especially Shaman changes!). The two most notable ones are Shaman Totems providing a raid wide buff (as opposed to being party based), and Windfury no longer being a weapon buff (advantaging Druids and Rogues notably). Huzzah!

Best change overall: Best in show goes to the Hunters. Yay for Pet Talents!

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So, I was mucking around a little on Hermia the other day (as I do) when I got asked whether I wanted to come help a friend’s guild out in a Gruul’s Lair run. Specifically, I was asked “How good is Hermia’s gear” to which I replied “somewhat craptastic”. Personally, I don’t even feel comfortable with the idea of taking Hermia into Kara, let alone Gruul’s! However, after much stat discussion and checking, the guild deemed that I was good enough to tank a HKM add, and off I went!

The first order of the day was to suss out if there were any enchanters in the raid and get my chest enchanted so that I had hit the ‘uncrittable’ defense mark, otherwise things could have gotten very nasty. While I got that done, I also grabbed a couple other enchants since I was at the AH (-300g now from the epic mount fund!). I got summoned back there, and ran in the door…

… and then realised that I forgot one of my trinkets. Doh! So, back to the dreaded Shattrath went I (via my inconvenient hearth at SMV), and once again crashed my computer. What a bother. Since my whole computer decided to die as well, I couldn’t even say anything on Vent. Luckily for me, by the time everything loaded waaaay back up, they were still waiting for me. So nice. I am guessing Alorah mentioned that my computer is super poo. I grabbed my trinket, got summoned back, and was all ready to go.

Happily, I didn’t die on any of the trash pulls (Sar nearly always does! She is such a noob). I changed into my SuperSpunkyBearSet, and was asked to tank Kiggler the Crazed. Since this was my first time at tanking something which was serious, I was kinda scared. OK, more than kinda scared! I was very close to getting bear mess all over the floor. I know Gruul isn’t the cleanest guy around, but I still didn’t think he would appreciate it. I was given the sage advice of ‘back to the wall, begin with a moonfire, have fun!’, and off I went.

All seemed to go well for starters. Heals hit me regularly, and I held on to Kiggler for dear life. Then, the DPS started, and things went a little awry. I lost him! I still don’t know how he got away from me, but he did, and went running like mad towards Krosh Firehand. I chased him frantically, spamming Lacerate, and with a good Growl I eventually got him back to me. But boy oh boy was it messy. Then, since I was trying to pull him back to where we started, I got knocked back a few times. Not good, my friends, not good at all. Somehow though, we got him down, I whacked on my cat weapon, and went to work on HKM himself. We got him down first go, so that was pretty good in my book. And I got myself a shiny new kitty helm! Hermia’s first ever epic! Thanks guys.

I had to go to my scheduled raid then on Sar, so I bid my sad farewells and logged off, thinking ‘sure, I didn’t exactly nail that… but I didn’t really fail too badly either’.

So, when we did our fast Sunday runs into Gruul’s and Mag’s, I decided to ask if I could bring Hermia to Mag’s. I figured, hey, I really wouldn’t be tanking all that much, and we didn’t especially need the DPS. Since I was given the big OK, all was well and in I went. I was designated a channeler to tank, and once again, I was sooo scared! The first time, I stood behind my channeler and waited for the go ahead. Imagine my surprise when he took off towards the MT! Eeeeek! I frantically chased him and pulled him back, but boy oh boy did I feel stupid. So, the second time around, I decided to stand in front of him and intercept his path. Up top for thinking, right? Well, once again, I failed. Bah. So off I went, chasing again like an idiot, feeling twice as stupid as I did the first time. We wiped again, affording me a third chance to finally get it right.

Suddenly, I thought. Moonfire! Duh! So I grabbed him this time around with a moonfire pull, not letting him get away from me. Huzzah! I finally succeeded! My competence must have passed on to the rest of the raid, because we downed him, despite a frantic moment where the MT got swatted at 3%. Then everyone got hit by his AoE, since the clickers must have freaked and didn’t click. At 1% there were only a handful of people remaining, and they magically got him down. Phew!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the perfect end to the night, rolling a ’2′ on my chest piece. Rats.

I guess though that I learned alot over those two runs, and that is the main thing. Moonfire is my friend! So is the mod Itemrack (after a nasty part where I didn’t expect to be tanking anymore, changed into my kitty set, and then was asked to tank an add and didn’t have time to change before the pull). I figure the learning is worth 20 loots!

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Hermia has finally dinged 70 today (huzzah!). Now she is able to tank 70 instances without people sounding dubious… but hasn’t had the chance yet. Funnily enough, one of the motivations for levelling Hermia was the tank shortage… but there seems to be more of a healer shortage now. Sigh. I don’t want to respec resto!

Ooooh, and I don’t know if it’s exciting or not to anyone else… but in Shadow Labs today, buffed with her bear on, she broke the 16k HP mark. Whoo hoo!


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Ulk… what a shopping list! Hermia dinged 69 today, and I decided that it was about time to begin farming the materials for her tanking gear at level 70. So, I looked up BBB’s list of Pre-Kara Feral Tanking gear (which is awesome by the way, very comprehensive, with a variety of options), and slowly but surely added up all the mats. So, here goes -

  • 2 Nether Vortex
  • 1 Primal Nether
  • 10 Primal Life
  • 10 Primal Air
  • 8 Primal Shadow
  • 20 Primal Earth
  • 3 Motes of Water
  • 10 Jaggal Pearl
  • 1 Shadow Pearl
  • 10 Primal Mooncloth
  • 22 Heavy Knothide Leather
  • 74 Thick Clefthoof Leather
  • 2 Cobra Scales
  • 9 Rune Thread
  • 4 Purple Dye

Jinkies! Looks like I have a bit of work ahead of me… perhaps I could get a whole level just farming those mats. So… there will be a bear looking for odd jobs for gold on Cenarius!


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So, today has been one of those days. I woke up this morning to find my mouth full of ulcers for starters. Painful, but no biggie. Then I had to ring the Department of Education (my future employer), because they have an online interview booking process, and I kept getting an error message when I clicked the link. Turns out, after over two hours worth of phone calls, that my application has been lost somewhere in the system because of ‘IT issues’. So I now need to fix that. That was a little frustrating (especially when the IT guy on the phone was outright rude to me), and put a bit of a dent in my day.

Then I decided to play WoW and unwind for a bit. I got into a run on Hermia (Durnholde Keep) tanking, which for me is just fantastic. I really really need the practice. However, I got frustrated, because clearly my tanking is really really not that great. I don’t think that all the errors were on my own behalf. I guess alot of them must have been though. We had 4 wipes, which in my book is pretty bad. So, on my list of things for me to improve:

  1. Develop a new way of pulling. I usually pull with either Faerie Fire or Moonfire, and wait for the mobs to come to me. In some instances I am especially hesitant to just go charging in there, in case I pull something else (This has happened before!)
  2. Get used to incorporating Lacerate into my rotation. I am not sure if this is a correct rotation, but I have been using Lacerate (x5), Mangle, Maul. I refresh Lacerate and Mangle where necessary, and occasionally hit Mangle if I notice my threat getting low.
  3. Learn to communicate marks more effectively to the DPS team. I have gotten so used to taking marking for granted, that I neglect to mention things that most people regard as universal, but not all people know. I don’t know if this is a standard thing, but most every run on Cenarius I go on moon is sheep, square is trap, and diamond is a warlock ‘whatever’ mark. I forget not all people use these marks!

However, I think there are some things DPS need to learn as well to make their tanks smile.

  1. Please don’t attack a mob that the tank hasn’t got firm aggro on yet. Most times there isn’t a rush, and attacking before the tank is ready makes their job harder. On Saresa, I always followed the basic rule of ‘If you don’t see 2 sunders, don’t attack!’ (I guess the same applies for Lacerate?). Sure, you may look a bit lower on the meter, but it’s better than wiping!
  2. It might just be me, but I am not a fan of mages breaking their own sheep. I much prefer to break them myself and try to eliminate any left over aggro they may have.
  3. If you are a class with tanking capability, but are not there in a tanking role, please refrain from trying to tank unless you are asked to. It just slows DPS, and in my case makes me feel nervous.
  4. Please, PLEASE crowd control your targets! If you can’t for some reason, speak up, and I will tank it instead.

Anyway, so the run wasn’t the best. That normally wouldn’t bother me too much… if my cat didn’t start a vomitfest half way through. Epic amounts of vomit. He began his warning meows (yes, he has a distinct ‘I’m going to puke! meow) in the middle of a pull, and I frantically was mashing keys with my toe while I was grabbing the cat to throw him outside. Needless to say, I didn’t make it. Thankfully, it was in a tiled rather than a carpeted room. Phew.

That was basically the extent of the nasty side of my day. It wasn’t that bad in hindsight, but when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, it doesn’t take much to stir me up. However… I made a little something which made me smile…

Rocket Chicken!!! One of my most favourite World of Warcraft things! That and the Gnomish Battle Chicken… simply because ‘Battle Squawk’ is the BEST buff name ever.

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