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I get asked all the time ‘Why do you quit and come back ALL the time?  What is WITH you?’  And, you know, it is probably really annoying for you guys as readers that I do that. 

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Anyway, I guess blogging is often the first thing to go when life suddenly becomes a little more than I can handle.  The first time I quit, I was at a low point with the game in general.  I wasn’t interested in playing, I wasn’t interested in anything Warcraft related.  I thought ‘If I’m not playing, I bloody well can’t write about Warlocks, can I?’.  Then I transferred servers, rediscovered my love for the game, started messing around some more with my Druid, and lo and behold I was happy in the game again.

The second time, things were a little more complicated.  My real life had taken some significant beating: Work was going down the shitter because my new boss is an asshat, my personal life kinda sucked ass (let’s just say that, like any other Warlock, I don’t take rejection well, and leave it at that), I was in possibly the worst financial trouble I had ever been in, I was having huge family dramas… things weren’t looking pretty.  I just couldn’t handle all the responsibilities I had online on top of all that drama, and I snapped and went ‘OK, that’s it, I quit!’.  My inspiration had been flagging for a while anyway, and I was finding it hard to care. 

I was also getting driven insane by how the community had become all ’you need to be hard core and take this shit seriously and OMFG don’t have a life outside WoW and blogging or we will track your ass down and beat you up with our keyboards like the incompetent blogging bitch that you are!’’  Seriously.. oh my god.  People, I say this ALL THE DAMN TIME.  It’s not about subscriber numbers (please don’t unsubscribe!!!)  It’s not about page views (although you had better all click through or else!).  It’s not about being a bloody B-grade internet celebrity, because, guess what, no bastard out there is actually going to know who the hell you are.

So, why did I come back?

Well, I was going kinda stir crazy.  Without blogging to keep me entertained, I was telling my pets all of my problems instead of spouting them on the internet.  I found dealing with rejection is even HARDER when you don’t have an internet to distract you.  Without blogging, I was spending way too much time worrying about work.  And I needed something to keep me entertained during my insomniac hours when the WHOLE BLOODY WORLD is asleep.  Seriously.. WTF.

And, I thought… there has to be some sad loser out there who will write any old shit on their WoW blog.  Who won’t get into page view and subscriber competitions.  Who won’t start a podcast because it’s all FotM and awesome and shit.  Who won’t live their life desperately waiting for links and seeing that as the be all and end all of their blogging success.  Who will just write random shit because it’s fun and she enjoys writing and mouthing off.  And you all know that you need someone to irritate the WoW playing masses by ranting and raving about shit that everyone but me loves. 

So, down with serious business!

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