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Anetheron is finally dead as a door nail. No cheats, no hacks, we killed him fair and square. But oh, at what a cost to the guild…

The raid started simply enough. We rocked up to Hyjal, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Rage Winterchill went down a bit roughly, because half the raid forgot to equip their trinkets, but fairly easily nevertheless. We handed out the goodies, and went on to Anetheron. We wiped on him at about 30%, fixed a couple of issues and went again. We wiped again after that at about the same mark, fixed a couple more things, and tried again. We started on the trash, then all of a sudden our rogue started disconnecting. By the time we got to Anetheron he was basically never online. This meant that he didn’t have the poison on him, which slowed down our DPS dramatically. Eventually, we wiped, but we all agreed that had things gone well, he would have died. So THEN we got an extra person in to replace the rogue, we were feeling confident… and the Pally tank somehow miscounted the waves and put his fire resist gear on one wave too early. Needless to say – wipe.

At this point one of the officers requested that Vent be kept clear so that directions could be given and there would be no misunderstandings. Another officer disagreed with the request, arguments ensued very loudly over Vent… and all of a sudden they both /gquit and dropped raid. Drama llama!!

Well, one of them came back, we replaced the other… wiped a couple more times, and I for one was starting to feel tired and discouraged… when we some how did the perfect fight. Well, close enough to perfect – we downed him, and that is certainly the main thing! And yes… I ‘Squee’d in real life, the rumours are all true. Then I got to mine for epic gems – hehehe! We netted 4 epic gems out of it, gave one to the other guild we run with, and kept three for ourselves (because we are greedy buggers… and there were more of us!) It is just a shame that the excitement had to be marred by drama – urgh.

Lessons to be learned:

1. I don’t give a damn whether you are a lowly peon (like me!) or an officer, you are not a unique and special snowflake! Deal with it!

2. Everyone knows wiping… repeatedly… especially to stupid crap or from just being unlucky sucks. Suck it up, move on. No need to get snarky about it.

3. Saresa is clearly awesome. Not sure why, but it sounds right anyway.

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