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I’ve been dedicating the very little gaming time I have lately to Diablo 3 (how little?  Well, I’ve played a grand sum of 1 hour 50 minutes since it was released…).  Despite the fact that I have barely played, I am absolutely loving it.

I’m usually pretty bad at sticking to single player games.  However, somehow I’m still excited about Diablo 3, and I don’t even really mind if I don’t get to play online for a while.  Nor do I mind that most everyone has raced ahead of me levelling, and people are already hitting 60 while I’m on a measly level 8.  I’m enjoying exploring the story, having a look around, and toying with my play style.

I decided to have a go at the Demon Hunter (which apparently isn’t surprising to anyone – I thought people would have pegged me as a Witch Doctor, but eh).  I am really enjoying the snares, and kiting things around.   I never really got to kite stuff properly on my Hunter in WoW, so I guess this is the next closest thing I’ll ever do?

I’m only playing on Normal mode at the moment… while it seemed a little easy at the start (stuff just fell over as soon as I looked at it!), it’s already getting a little more challenging.  Blizzard did well to keep it very easy for the first few levels – I only felt a slight moment of ‘I’m getting bored now’ before I miscalculated something and came rather close to dying.  Of course, since I suck at gaming in general, I guess most people found it easy for a little longer than I did.

My only quibble is that the server always seems to be down when I actually have time to play.  Which is why you guys are getting a blog post for the first time in… well… a long arse time.  But really, it would be nice to have a little more play time!!

How are you guys finding D3 so far?  Love it?  Hate it?  Would marry it if they would make marrying your game characters legal? (Which, if they ever do, could prove to be interesting.  Fortunately (?) gay marriage is not legal in Australia at the moment, so I wouldn’t be put in the horrible position of choosing which character I would like to have a life long commitment to…  Although, I do wish I could freeze my real life relationships the same way I can freeze my account every so often!)

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