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Warlocks, unite!

motherfucking piece of shit

Those pesky Hunters over at the Hunting Lodge Podcast have been ENCOURAGING Hunters to kill Warlocks.  Horrible, blood splattered Warlock murders.  For NO reason, other than ‘but it’s funny!’  And THEN, my fellow Warlocks, what do they want people to do?

Take photos.

Seriously.  it’s the WoW equivalent of this:

deer in headlights I was going to post a picture of roadkill… but, unlike some bloggers/podcasters, I have a semblance of HUMANITY and DECENCY.

So, I submit a challenge to all you Warlocks out there:

Take a screenshot of you killing a Hunter.

Hell, make a video of you killing a Hunter.  Or doing something nasty to a Hunter.

Or, MAKE a Hunter, and do stupid stuff with it!  Like… I don’t know, surely you can think of some Huntard thing to do.  And I totally didn’t suggest that you name them Brigwyn or Daewin.  No, not at all.

THEN: Send the screenshot to Brig and Daewin!  Bahahahaha!  They check all their (hopefully squirrel poop infested) mail over at thlpodcast AT brigwyn DOT com.


Disclaimer:  OK, so the competition was actually asking them to ‘MD a Warlock’.  But, we all know what happens next… It’s like asking someone to take their shirt off and then spending the night drinking tea and playing chess.  Just doesn’t happen.  Unless you are me.

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