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What it takes for WHAT exactly, you may be asking?  I mean, sure, getting a ticket can be a bit scary, and the queue is also a little bad (last year, I kinda accidentally on purpose cut the queue on the first day to get in.  Evil?  Most definitely!  Smart?  Probably).  But, apart from that, what could possibly be challenging about it?

Being Sar’s roomie for 4 nights, that’s what!

I figure, so many people will be vying for the fantastic experience that is sharing a room with Sar, that I’ll need to do a Survivor style challenge to weed out the useless ones.  I deserve a roomie as awesome as myself you know!

Day One: The Vegemite Challenge.

Last time I was in the US, I discovered just how scared everyone is of Vegemite.  I mean, I don’t know WHAT people have been telling you… but seriously, it’s damned good stuff.  If you can’t agree on Vegemite’s awesomeness, then there is no room in my room for you!


Breakfast of champions!

Day Two: The Accent Challenge

Can you handle four days of almost non-relentless subjection to a bogan Aussie accent?  The harsh, whiny tones of the Australian female are, to my ears, NORMAL, but judging off the reactions of the rest of the world when I travel… perhaps I sound a little weird.

The first person to correctly master the pronunciation of the Australian and our vocab wins!  Any imitation of Steve Irwin or Paul Hogan results in instant disqualification – I might say tomato differently to you guys, but I do NOT sound like that!

P.S. – No laughing at my use of the words ‘thongs’, ‘bugger’, ‘wanker’, or ‘footpath’.

Day Three: The Hair Holder

I am, quite frankly, utterly useless.  As my room mate, I’ll be depending on you to

1.  be willing to hold my hair back in the case that it is required.  You never know, these blogger types are all crazy alcoholics or something and keep trying to corrupt me!  Face washing is a bonus!

2. find my stuff whenever I lose it (this happens often).  Usually, before leaving the house, I manage to lose my glasses, my sunglasses, my keys, my phone, my handbag, my shoes, my hairband, my glasses again… you get the point!  Skill at finding stuff will be determined by scavenger hunt!

3. tolerate my messiness.  When I travel, I tend to have bag explosions.  Forewarned is forearmed, right?

Day Four: The Walking Challenge

I like to walk.  A lot.  And I generally prefer to have company on my strolls.  So, be ready to walk lots (like, seriously, 10 kilometre strolls are not very out of the ordinary for me)!  However, you may luck out, as I could have sore tootsies from the con.  But, just in case, you will all be required to walk 15km in 3 hours.  Easy peasy (I walk it in about 2 and a half hours).  No breaks!

See, not that hard, right?  I have the Vegemite out and waiting!

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