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You all thought ToC was tough.  (Oh, wait, that was just a dream I had one time… never mind, carry on).  However, it has nothing on…

The Epic Desk Boss of Doom!

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Let’s just say my work desk was a little… disorganised.  The damn thing would have crap falling off it as soon as look at it.  It was like the world’s most persistent DoT… just when you think it’s under control, oh look, something else fell off!  I ended up having to do my work at a totally different desk because I couldn’t even sit at mine anymore.

So… I spent half a day fighting the good fight.  I threw trash cans at it, I threw folders and files at it, I used everything I had in my arsenal…  and it didn’t seem to be enough.  I was frantically watching the clock tick down (because no way in HELL was I working back on the last day of term!), and… well…

desk bStill not perfect, but… I have a floor!  And desk space!  And a chair!

And, my Year 12’s made me an award *sniffle*.  I didn’t cry, but damn I was close to it.  I’ll miss those guys, even if they did drive me batshit crazy!


Yes, this probably belongs more on the RL blog.  But, it has my name on it, so it can’t go there…

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