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I am so lazy. I’ll admit it. I suffer from excessive amounts of laziness, so much so that I will put more effort into NOT doing something than it would take to do it. Not sure if that even makes sense. Now, this issue with laziness is unfortunately also turning me into a hypocrite. This just will not do! I don’t mind being thought of as lazy, but I do object to being thought of as a hypocrite. So…

I am going to make more of an effort to comment on other blogger’s posts. You have all seen how many of these blogs I subscribe to. (Actually, there’s about ten more now, I am a glutton!) However, since I do read these in a reader, not on the actual page, I generally am far too lazy to comment. This would mean I’d need to open even MORE tabs! I already have multiple tabs open! So I generally only comment if something really strikes a chord with me.

I think that this makes me a bad member of the blogging community. Especially when there are bloggers out there who really go to the effort to comment on other people’s writing (especially mine, thanks guys!). I often experience this weird feeling of rejection when I have a post with no comments. Maybe that post was really boring! Maybe it told people something they already know, or something that no one cares about! A post without comments is almost like an unloved, ill fed child. My poor posts!

So I am going to try and be a more active member of the community. I am going to write comments on people’s posts. Even a small ‘great post, I liked it!’ might be appreciated here and there. It will be hard for me to break my lazy habits, but I am sure it can be done. Wish me luck!


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So, I may have a mild addiction… and it’s still growing! Want to know something super dooper scary? Every single one of those blogs is a gaming blog, and only 3 are non WoW related. I think it just proves – WoW blogs = quality

Update:  As of September, well over 200 blogs.  Jinkies!


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The wonderful people at BlogAzeroth have again combined to bring you a shared topic “Preparing for Wrath of the Lich King”. This wee morsel here is my contribution – there are many more tasty snacks awaiting you out there in the vast world of WoW Blogging.

Illidan Versus The Snowy Northrend

So, Illidan told us we were not prepared for Burning Crusade. That we had no idea what was lying in store for us, out in that mysterious world called ‘Outland’. To some extent, he was right (of course, I venture that Sillydan was even less prepared for us!) The first foray through the portal was literally like venturing into a new world, one completely unlike that which we had seen in Azeroth. Under a many mooned sky, we bravely killed strange creatures from an even stranger land, combating them as well as the contagious insanity of NPC’s who had been stranded in this forsaken land for just a little too long.

Will our first forays into Northrend feel the same? Already anticipation is building – I look at the screenshots in wonder at the beautiful landscapes Blizzard has produced, and marvel at the ice and snow (did I ever mention I am a winter freak?). I sometimes wonder if it will feel the same as when Burning Crusade began….

Here is the point where I best come out with ‘the truth’. The awful truth is – I wasn’t playing WoW when Burning Crusade came out. At that point I was a mere level 40ish Warlock, abandoned and lonely somewhere around Stranglethorn Vale while her master went off to persue real life goals (This is back in the day when I had a darn good figure because I went to the gym every day!) I missed the ‘excitement’ of fighting people for kills, repeated deaths doing the world PvP quest… When I first set foot into Outland, Burning Crusade had been out for a long time, and the area was deserted. I was lucky enough to have a levelling partner for a couple of levels while a friend worked on their alt, but he soon zoomed ahead of me, and I was left to trudge through Outland alone. Defenseless against those nasty pigs, looking at me like I was a nice, tasty snack. So my experience of the Burning Crusade is vastly different to the one I will have of Wrath.

However, some of the concerns that people are having still apply to me now I guess. I just can not compare and contrast with the advent of Burning Crusade, so what is new to me is old hat to you.

One of the major concerns for me in Wrath is how I will go about levelling two, or possibly three characters (depending on how motivated I am to level my priest!). I think it really is a major decision. Do you level your main, racing along with everyone else, and then bring your alts up behind them? Or do you try and level all of your characters concurrently, and try your best to not fall behind other characters? Personally I think I will focus on my main, but try to bring my alts up not far behind her so that I do have the ‘trifecta’ and can slip into most any role where necessary. I could never abandon Sar, and she has always been my main focus. I am especially looking forward to finding which way her character will go in the expansion. Will warlocks revert back to their pre BC orientation of support class, being the best debuffers in the game? Or will they retain their post BC incarnation, being damage dealers of immense power, valued in raids for their damage output and various ‘stones’. With my alts, I really haven’t been playing them long enough to get a huge interest in what they will be doing in Wrath. I am still trying to learn exactly what they are doing now!

Another consideration is how to level your characters. Will I respec out of my beloved Destro spec? I KNOW that Destruction is incredibly weak for levelling, I have been there and done that. However, it will be immensely difficult for me to leave Destruction and consider a Demonology build. I will forever be missing my immense Shadow Bolts. I have also basically never been anything other than Destruction (I was Affliction until level 15, and I have made incredibly brief forays into other specs at 70 – these weird happenings generally don’t last any longer than a day). This consideration affects people in every class. Will healers stay as healers, or change to their various damage dealing specs? Will prot warriors and paladins respec? While these roles will always be in demand for instances, they will be less efficient soloers. Of course, with my propensity to grouping anyway, the odds are I will be doing much of my levelling through instances.

The thing that I am most looking forward to though? A new cinematic! Yes, yes, it’s lame, but I am sure I have mentioned this before – I just adore Blizzard’s cinematics. They always make me feel so excited about playing the game, and occasionally bring a tear to my eye (or make me laugh sometimes!).

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Welcome to the all new Destructive Reach. Just the appearance has changed – the writing behind all the somewhat scary pink will still be the same, let me assure you!

I’ll warn you all in advance that the appearance is still subject to change and experimentation – for instance, I think I may have to change the background image because this one will be very slow to load (I think – I checked the loading time on the other computer in the house, and it was OK, but not instant). Any feedback regarding the design would be awesome, but you will need to keep in mind that CSS and I are not the best of friends! Just be prepared to load this up one day and find it looking completely different!

Also, I apologise, in the transfer across from the old site to this one, some comments disappeared. I still haven’t figured out why they didn’t come with the rest of it.


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*Pulls out self-flagellation whip* I took a day off. I am a lazy and horrible excuse for a blogger. Please feel free to punish me with the most dreaded of blogger happenings – meaningless spam! *Puts away whip*

K, so now that that’s done with, let me fill you in with the events that occurred yesterday. I know I should have possibly put up a ‘Sorry, won’t be in today, keep yourselves entertained by making one of these awesome voidwalker doorhangers instead of reading!’ Shame on me, shame. However, I WAS busy at work trying to improve my self hosted version of the blog. It is still not near completion, but it is a darn sight closer than it was before, and I am working hard on the colour scheme at this very moment. Unfortunately, I suffer from a slight case of perfectionist-ism (I am sure there is a real word for this somewhere, but I can not think of it!) so it might take a little longer.

Then I decided to treat myself with a football game after all that hard work, so I made the trip to Sydney (well, my mother drove, I vegetated in the back of the car) and watched my team play an awesome game. ‘Twas excellent indeed.

So, there was no post love. None whatsoever. To compensate, I might make an attempt at ‘live blogging’ my raid tonight. I can see this as being fraught with problems, so I make no promises. Computer crashes, the fact that raiding can sometimes be a wee bit boring for those who aren’t in there, and general laziness may conspire to make this a non happening. In that case, I’ll… um… yeah. I’ll do something.


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999 views of Destructive Reach so far! Thankyou for all your support, and I am looking forward to hopefully meeting more people through this blog.


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So I pretty much never point out blogs in my posts. That I am doing so shows how much I got a kick out of this one! Cynra’s writing is amusing and entertaining – read her about me, and you will be hooked, I swear! – the blog you should all read!

I don’t want to say much more, so perhaps you should just go read it to see what it’s about, hey?


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Bluntly: I am in a bit of a brain drain at the moment. I just can’t think of anything to write about! I haven’t been doing anything overly exciting recently, in WoW or out of it, and that has left me pretty dry for material.

I successfully tanked my first real 70 instance yesterday, which was quite exciting. I needed to do a Black Morass run to get my (now essentially useless) Karazhan key, and the group – half PuG, half guild/friends – decimated the place completely with no wipes. Huzzah! Of course, BM doesn’t provide the one thing that I find most challenging and need the most practice at, which is tanking multiple mobs at a time. I find it relatively easy to hold aggro on one target at a time, it’s when there is 3 or 4 running amok that I have a wee bit of trouble.

Oh… and The Arcatraz. I didn’t blog about my ‘interesting’ time in Arc getting my key fragment, did I? Well, I decided that I would stealth run Steamvaults to get my key frag there, and Kalf tagged along and said ‘Well, why don’t we stealth run Arc as well?’ I was a touch dubious, I haven’t really done Arc much as of late, and I couldn’t remember how easy it was to stealth through. Turns out, it just isn’t that easy! So, here is:

Sar’s Super Special Stealth Guide to the Arcatraz!

Ingredients: I Feral Druid (Me!), I Resto Druid (Kalf). I wouldn’t recommend doing this without a tank and healer if you are in gear as poor as mine, for reasons which will become clear later.

Step One: Enter the instance (easy!)

Step Two: Stealth your way to the first hall entrance. Wait for the mobs to kill the big nasty beastie that will come sliming through, THEN go through the hall, being careful to not walk on any dead bodies. If you walk on dead bodies, you spawn nasty slug creatures. Gross!

Step Three: If you need a moment to pause and look at the pathing of the mobs in the next room, there is a convenient little alcove off to the side. Also awesome for if you have a super clumsy party member (Kalf!) who insists on dying at the end of the hallway – EZ rezzing!

Step Four: Sticking close to the walls, make your way to the next room (to the right). Creep through the hallway, and then pause at the side to wait for the nasty 3 headed dog thing to get the heck out of the way! Then creep up the ramp.

Step Five: This is where we had an issue one time – there was a little beastie making its way up and down the ramp (he only appeared once, very odd);. If this happens, kill him to save yourself some grief later.

Step Six: You have to kill the sentinel in the hall. He sees through your stealth, and if you are in squashy cat form, or a rogue, you may be in some trouble. I found him to be super slippery as well in terms of aggro, which I am not sure is normal – he kept jumping onto Kalf. Annoying!

Step Seven: Kill the big Voidwalker looking dude directly in front of you. You need a nice clear path back to the hall. Pull him back, because he fears some.

Step Eight: This worked for us because we had already opened the container, so the mob was around. It could probably be pulled off anyway though. Once you have a clear path (and the pat near the container is gone), pull the key frag guardian back into the hall. I found a Faerie Fire pull, followed by Dash, worked wonders. Fight him back in the hall, and voila! a key fragment!

Hopefully this works well for anyone else – it took silly me about 5 deaths to work it all out. I know, I know, silly druid.

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So, I fixed my database issue – ALL BY MYSELF I might add! Now I just need to make my self-hosted version of the blog not so…. ugly. I figure I want to get cracking on it – I am tempted to buy WordPress for Dummies, but am currently in a bit of a financial hole. Such a hole in fact that I am stressing. Damn money! (Basically, I went through a great big chunk of my ‘moving out next year omgomgomg’ savings, and I still have a wee bit of debt to pay off). From now on, I am doing the sensible thing and leaving the credit card at home in the drawer!


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Well, I know that I have only been blogging now for around a month, which isn’t very long in the overall scheme of things. I was planning on waiting around six months until I considered the self hosting option, but it is looking more and more appealing to me every day. Here are the pros and cons for going self hosted:


  • I get more flexibility in the set up of my page. Currently the list of things that I can and cannot do is getting frustrating, and there are some interesting features I have seen that I would really like to include in my blog.
  • I also get more flexibility to configure how my page looks. I can have a design that I specifically want, which would be nice. It would also be a lot of work (see cons).
  • It sounds silly, but I get more of a sense of ownership – the blog is essentially ‘mine’ in every way.


  • I know next to nothing about CSS – there would be a LOT of reading in my future!
  • I also have no idea how one even begins to design the appearance of their blog.
  • I am about to get into a somewhat busy part of the year, since I am about to begin internship. This means I will not have the time required to really create a good blog design.
  • I have no idea how one goes about arranging hosting and all that jazz.
  • I’d have to remember to back it up!

So I am still undecided. I would really love to self host. I just don’t know if I have the time or the ability to do so yet!


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