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Perhaps I shouldn’t be too disappointed at the heinous oversight that is my lack of beta invite after all!


In other news, I’m looking for opinions on what you guys will want in Cataclysm.

Levelling guides?  *eeep*

Talent analysis?  Spell analysis?

Raid guides (subject to my guild raiding again at the time… might be difficult otherwise)?

More random nonsense?

What will be most useful to you?  What will you want to read?  I’m hoping Cata comes out roughly near the Christmas holidays, when I have little better to do than sit under the air conditioning, in my house in the middle of nowhere, and tap tap tap away at my computer like Poe’s raven on steroids.

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There is a perception within some parts of the community that Blog Azeroth is a giant circle-jerk where we all have nothing better to do than pat each other’s backs and tell everyone how awesome we all are.  I thought that a lot of this hubbub and general resentment had died down, but it was mentioned by someone (whose blog I can’t link simply because I have no idea where they write!) in a chat room today that they have issues with BA, and see it as a giant circle jerk.  I’ve heard it referred to as this before, and I’m sure I’ll see it again.  However, I do also believe that this is entirely incorrect.

Oh, and yes.  I am probably very biased.  I should probably mention this right up front.  I used to moderate the BA community for quite a while, before I took a step back because, believe it or not, school teachers tend to be amazingly busy people with very little time for extra activities.  It was either BA moderation or sleep.  I have also been a fan of BA throughout my entire blogging career (as small as it may be).  However, I think my perspective as a moderator of the community gives me, if anything, more insight to how the community works and what it is all about.

“All you guys do is agree with each other!”

Uh.  No. 

If you really like, I can go through my own blog as an example and find posts where I disagree with other bloggers.  And not ‘small’, ‘unknown’, ‘brand new’ bloggers either.  I’ve never been particularly afraid to disagree with the big bloggers, or to write something which might be seen as contentious.

“But those posts are all so old!” you might counter.  And you would have a good point.  I guess that’s mainly because my enthusiasm for the game is waning, people are much less likely to write stuff I disagree with because, hey, hardly anyone writes anything of massive import anymore (yes, I went there!  Link me a post I’m likely to disagree with – and be passionate about – and I might write something).

I see people disagree with others all the time.  I guess the only thing you are really going to notice is that the disagreements, for the most part, tend to be polite.  As a community, most WoW bloggers don’t like to write nasty things about one another.  It’s fine to disagree with someone, but it’s not fine to be an asshole while you are doing it.  If that’s circle jerking, then get me a rubber glove and a bucket and lets get to it! (Seriously -  I don’t like cleaning up mess after my circle jerk sessions).

“Sometimes, people suck.  Yet you guys just don’t say it”

OK.  Why is it the place of me, or any other blogger, to inform someone that ‘their writing sucks and they should just give up’? 

You see a kid on the sidewalk.  The kid isn’t in your way – they are actually across the road from you.  The kid is trying to learn to ride a bicycle.  He’s pretty wobbly, he can’t go in a straight line, but he has his helmet on and a giant grin on his face.  Are you going to walk over there, drag him off the bike, and tell him that he’s never going to be able to ride worth a damn and to get another hobby?

If you think a blogger sucks, that’s fine.  If you think an illiterate flailing octopus could write better than them, that’s also fine.  However, there is nothing that says you have to say that to them.  The internet is a fucking big place, and you can ignore anyone you damn well please.  Blog Azeroth is a big enough community that anyone but the moderators can ALSO ignore anyone they wish to as well.

But when we give someone advice?  Try to help them out a little?  It’s not fucking circle jerking, it’s being part of a COMMUNITY.  Tips on writing, on blog design, on most anything else people ask for advice for on BA… they are there to help people try to be better.  If they are ‘never going to be better’, what does it matter?  Who are they hurting?  I know it’s not hurting me – I just don’t read you.  No biggie for either of us.

Links spread faster through BA than nits in a primary school

Yeah, there’s a LOT of link love in the Blog Azeroth community.  Blogs link each other, get linked back, all of a sudden there’s linked text all over the fricking shop.

So what?  If a blogger over-links, it might make you think they are a bit nutty.  A bit weird.  They probably don’t have much to say.  So your opinion of that blogger might go down some.  Again, you aren’t forced to read their work.  Nothing says you can’t skip over a post.

(Truth? – I subscribe to hundreds of blogs.  Each day I only ‘read’ a fraction of the posts in my reader.  I skim posts by EVERYONE)

Bloggers like to link to other bloggers.  This isn’t only true of WoW bloggers, or of BA bloggers in general.  I read a lot of different types of blogs, and many of those blogs link amongst each other! 


At the end of the day, I think a lot of this stupid idea happens because people obviously can’t tell when people disagree unless they are being outright assholes to one another.  Blog Azeroth bloggers have disagreed with each other before.  We will disagree again.  It happens.  However, the Blog Azeroth Community is NOT the following

1.  Twisted Nether Blogcast: BA and TNB are not the same god damn thing.  At all.  One is a forum, one is a podcast.  One has the input of all members, one has the input of two people plus the guest of the week.

2.  An organisation: I can say with a fair amount of confidence that ‘organisation’ and ‘BA’ basically do not belong in the same sentence.  An organisation has an administrator, a ‘vision’, and some form of goal.  BA is merely a forum where bloggers can seek advice and feedback, and organise collaborative events.

3.  A weird closed circle of protection: No, we do not close ranks and bash people up when they criticise another blogger.  There may be commentary on that sort of issue on people’s blogs, but there is never a ‘directive’ or even an ‘understanding’ that we ‘must protect x because they are a BA blogger’.  What a fucking load of hooey.

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I get asked all the time ‘Why do you quit and come back ALL the time?  What is WITH you?’  And, you know, it is probably really annoying for you guys as readers that I do that. 

Picture 92

Anyway, I guess blogging is often the first thing to go when life suddenly becomes a little more than I can handle.  The first time I quit, I was at a low point with the game in general.  I wasn’t interested in playing, I wasn’t interested in anything Warcraft related.  I thought ‘If I’m not playing, I bloody well can’t write about Warlocks, can I?’.  Then I transferred servers, rediscovered my love for the game, started messing around some more with my Druid, and lo and behold I was happy in the game again.

The second time, things were a little more complicated.  My real life had taken some significant beating: Work was going down the shitter because my new boss is an asshat, my personal life kinda sucked ass (let’s just say that, like any other Warlock, I don’t take rejection well, and leave it at that), I was in possibly the worst financial trouble I had ever been in, I was having huge family dramas… things weren’t looking pretty.  I just couldn’t handle all the responsibilities I had online on top of all that drama, and I snapped and went ‘OK, that’s it, I quit!’.  My inspiration had been flagging for a while anyway, and I was finding it hard to care. 

I was also getting driven insane by how the community had become all ’you need to be hard core and take this shit seriously and OMFG don’t have a life outside WoW and blogging or we will track your ass down and beat you up with our keyboards like the incompetent blogging bitch that you are!’’  Seriously.. oh my god.  People, I say this ALL THE DAMN TIME.  It’s not about subscriber numbers (please don’t unsubscribe!!!)  It’s not about page views (although you had better all click through or else!).  It’s not about being a bloody B-grade internet celebrity, because, guess what, no bastard out there is actually going to know who the hell you are.

So, why did I come back?

Well, I was going kinda stir crazy.  Without blogging to keep me entertained, I was telling my pets all of my problems instead of spouting them on the internet.  I found dealing with rejection is even HARDER when you don’t have an internet to distract you.  Without blogging, I was spending way too much time worrying about work.  And I needed something to keep me entertained during my insomniac hours when the WHOLE BLOODY WORLD is asleep.  Seriously.. WTF.

And, I thought… there has to be some sad loser out there who will write any old shit on their WoW blog.  Who won’t get into page view and subscriber competitions.  Who won’t start a podcast because it’s all FotM and awesome and shit.  Who won’t live their life desperately waiting for links and seeing that as the be all and end all of their blogging success.  Who will just write random shit because it’s fun and she enjoys writing and mouthing off.  And you all know that you need someone to irritate the WoW playing masses by ranting and raving about shit that everyone but me loves. 

So, down with serious business!

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Y’know, I often want to write posts about my Druid.  I play her just as much as I play my Warlock now, and she feels almost like a second main to me.  Now… this blog really doesn’t look very Druid friendly, does it? So, I decided to give Hermia a space of her own to call home.

Now, this space does not mean that I will be quitting writing here at Destructive Reach.  Saresa will always be my main, and I will write here just as much (and hopefully a little bit more) than I already do.  I just felt that this place was starting to get littered with Druidic stuff, and I didn’t like that much at all.  So, just as I started a RL blog to clear up a lot of the crap that was getting written here… I started a Druid blog to shoo that over to somewhere else as well.  Feel free to head on over and have a look around, but, be gentle – she is just learning the ropes after all!

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So, I kinda blurted it all over Twitter before I even got to write a blog post about it.  Whoops.  hence, you all kinda know this, but no one knows the full story.

One, somewhat drunken night (being Saturday night just gone), I finally did something that I have been tempted to do for a long time: I cancelled my accounts.  Both of them.  The alt account finishes in just a couple of days, and the main one finishes on the 10th of October.

Why?  Well, it’s pretty simple really: I just got tired of the game.  I haven’t been enjoying it.  Every time I log in I feel guilty about not getting this, that or the other done, about not being prepared enough, about not having gold… I just don’t have fun anymore.  Even raiding seems to have lost its lustre.  I don’t know whether I am craving something a lot more hardcore, or what it is.  At the moment I spend about 20 hours a week raiding between my 2 servers, which I consider to be an awful lot of hours put in, but I don’t seem to feel any sense of satisfaction at the end.  You know, the ‘We just did a really hard fight and I am SO fucking proud of everyone’ feeling.

And the grind is god damn killing me.  Why do they keep adding more shit to grind?

Things I Like About WoW

Things I Hate About WoW

Raiding – Nothing is more fun to me than running around with 10 or 25 people beating the absolute crap out of things (or healing them while they do it) Raiding – there doesn’t seem to be the sense of satisfaction that there was in BC in downing stuff, and the harder bosses just feel gimmicky (think – Faction Champions)
The People – all my guildies are awesome, and the guild I raid with on Hermia are almost like a 2nd home in themselves. The People – pugging crap on my Druid constantly made me realise just how much the average person in a pug sucks ass.  I think it’s the feeling of ‘I don’t know these people, so I can treat them like shit’ that does it.
Blogging – I love this blog.  I love the people.  I kinda waxed lyrical about this last post. Blogging – sometimes, I’ll admit, it feels like a chore.  And sometimes it’s hard to come up with new stuff to talk about!
  Daily Heroics – I don’t like doing heroics.  They are boring and stupid.  Why do you make me do a god damn heroic every day?
  Daily quests – see above re. Heroics.
  Time sinkiness – to do everything I should do in the game, I would have to play far more than I do.  And I would have to turn the game into a chore.  Yuk.


So, WoW has until the 10th to try and balance the table, or swing it back to the other side.  If it can do that, I’ll resubscribe to my account.  After all, I do love this blog!

But, what can WoW do to make me love it again, like I used to?  To bring back that ‘honeymoon’ feeling?

  • Make PvP fun – LOL.  Never going to happen, I am just not wired to enjoy PvP.
  • Reduce the grind – OK, so making gold has always been a bit of a grind.  I have never had a decent amount of gold for that very reason!  However, I don’t enjoy grinding out badges to get current gear, either.  Let me get my gear the old fashioned way – by raiding!
  • Just be fun already – nothing feels fun or fresh anymore.  Cataclysm may fix that, but I suspect it’ll just be the same old stuff in a fancy new wrapper.

Not sure why I am disillusioned, but I am.  However, don’t unsubscribe yet – there’s still hope!  Not to mention, a few possible fixes for the blahs that I am pondering, if I have the courage to do them ;-)

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For the longest time I have wanted a T-Shirt depicting me fishing in a moonwell. It all started when Kalf said I just HAD to have a WoW shirt for when we go to pick up our copies of Wrath of the Lich King (apparently it involves getting to the shop RIDICULOUSLY early to be first in line since they give away prizes and things), and I said that I would have to get one made up of me fishing in the moonwell. Why? Because it ticks him off!

Anyway, I really suck at arty stuff, as you all know. Absolutely horrible at anything which involves pictures, drawing, painting, colours… so, I am throwing it out to you guys. Here is my tentative mock up of what I am thinking – feel free to change it a LOT, because my design is a bit meh.

The intention is there, but the execution is lacking. Shame really! The rules are as follows:

- Max size is 3000×3000 pixels (which takes up a significant amount of the front of a shirt)

- Try to make it something which will work well on most colours please! (which is a major issue with mine). Mine looks kinda dicky on a shirt anyway, since it’s on that nasty big square background.

- From what i have read, pale colours will have the colour of the T-Shirt kinda show through.

I also have an idea for a second T-shirt. No mock up, but the theme is “Evil: the person who takes the last cookie!” with a soulwell ;). Well that, but better phrased.

I don’t really expect anyone to buy these shirts except for me, but I will probably put up a store just in case ;). I’m only doing it because I want my Moonwell T-Shirt! I guess the winner can have one as well, if they like. I am thinking a 2 week deadline should be sufficient. If you have any ideas, email them to me at destructivereach AT yahoo DOT com DOT au please!

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So, as I do believe I mention, this is my first attempt at video. After viewing, I noticed a couple of things:

  • My fringe is a problem. If I am constantly tilting my head to get it out of my face IRL, I must look bloody stupid!
  • The screen is reflected on my glasses. Sorry ’bout that.
  • I also mentioned the dodgy looking synching with the sound and the video. If I can ever work out how to fix it, I will. Promise!
  • Once again, I mangled a blog name – it’s Sorry!!!!!!

After doing this, I am much more keen to do the BlogTV thing. I think I would much rather the interaction. The problem with this is, I don’t get home until 4pm here, which is, what… 11pm on my server Cenarius, and I think Cenarius is on Eastern time?? Not too sure on that one. At any rate, it would be a heinous for for you guys. Lemme know what you think anyway!

P.S – I got Hydra’s question a smidgen too late :(. The answer is chocolate, the question was ‘Vanilla or Chocolate?’ Chocolate everything!!!

P.P.S – speaking of bad spelling, look what I just found:

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OK everyone, tomorrow is the day where I finally get around to doing my video. I definitely have the house to myself, as my sister has gone to the boyfriend’s for the week and my brother is off on school camp. Huzzah, alone time!! So, I would love to hear any questions you guys would like to ask. As a general idea, I will probably do one in response to TJ’s video (since she asked for it!), but I might waffle on with some other stuff as well. So long as it all fits in a 10 minute timeframe, anyway.

So, shoot… but I reserve the right to dodge ;)

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Not much to report today I am afraid, especially as I am not in the best of moods. I am one of those people who need alone time, and in the last 3 weeks I just haven’t been able to get any. Now, I used to be somewhat spoilt, having a house to myself for at least 4 hours each day. I enjoy solitude, I am probably considered to be a somewhat antisocial person. However, now my work hours coincide rather nastily with the hours of the rest of the family… not to mention that, while they literally finish work when they walk out of the door, I go home to face the uncheery prospect of at least 2 hours more work! Aaargh! THEN I lie in bed all night, worrying about the next days lessons… and when I do fall asleep, I have horrible stressed out dreams!

Anyway, this is just me QQing. My life isn’t really that bad, I just like to think it is.

When I get the house to myself (hahaha!), I plan to make a video in response to TJ’s latest effort. I figure it will both be fun, and a good test of my ‘on cam’ capabilities. Heaven knows I was scary enough armed with just a headset… imagine it all ON VIDEO! Eeeeep!

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I have always thought that the idea of Blog TV sounded like fun. Of course… I could run out of stuff to talk about (although that’s rare), or no one could show up, in which case I would be talking to myself. So… Blog TV. What do you guys think? I’d even invest in a new cam (maybe, if I have the money) because my laptop one kinda ticks me off.

So: Blog TV or no?

If yes, what would you want to hear Sar ramble on about?

Reminder of potential issues: For those of you who may have listened when I appeared on the Epic Dolls Podcast, you already know I have an annoying voice. I also currently have a coldsore – yes, I have reverted to ‘herpesface’ phase. Time zones also suck – and I am bad at maths, so I screw them up even worse than usual.

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