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I have always thought that the idea of Blog TV sounded like fun. Of course… I could run out of stuff to talk about (although that’s rare), or no one could show up, in which case I would be talking to myself. So… Blog TV. What do you guys think? I’d even invest in a new cam (maybe, if I have the money) because my laptop one kinda ticks me off.

So: Blog TV or no?

If yes, what would you want to hear Sar ramble on about?

Reminder of potential issues: For those of you who may have listened when I appeared on the Epic Dolls Podcast, you already know I have an annoying voice. I also currently have a coldsore – yes, I have reverted to ‘herpesface’ phase. Time zones also suck – and I am bad at maths, so I screw them up even worse than usual.

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