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… more range….




Perhaps I shouldn’t be too disappointed at the heinous oversight that is my lack of beta invite after all!


In other news, I’m looking for opinions on what you guys will want in Cataclysm.

Levelling guides?  *eeep*

Talent analysis?  Spell analysis?

Raid guides (subject to my guild raiding again at the time… might be difficult otherwise)?

More random nonsense?

What will be most useful to you?  What will you want to read?  I’m hoping Cata comes out roughly near the Christmas holidays, when I have little better to do than sit under the air conditioning, in my house in the middle of nowhere, and tap tap tap away at my computer like Poe’s raven on steroids.

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And that is possibly the longest post title ever.


I know the talents aren’t finished.  I know you have to work on them a lot more.  Thank bloody goodness for that, because, as they stand, they are a pile of crap.

When you get around to editing them, think of poor little Fluffy sitting there in the corner.  So small and cute and cuddly and utterly defenceless.

And remember… I’m waiting.

<3 Sar

P.S.  Don’t even ask how my Druid feels about the Restoration tree.  Let’s just not go there.

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OK, so the picture is kinda small… but you get the point!

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