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A few quick observations for you guys on this lovely, and I use that word loosely, Monday morning. The leveling grind from 50 – 70 has gone relatively quick. Much quicker than I remember the first two times I’ve done it. The dungeon finder has been an absolute wonder for leveling. From 50 to about 58 or so I would just pop into the queue and roam around Western or Eastern Plaguelands finishing up quests until it was time to hop into a dungeon. In my battlegroup the wait for a dungeon as DPS could take upwards of 30 minutes, but it’s not so bad when you’re actively doing something else. Taking the time to do quests between dungeons, I would average two or three dungeons per level.

I really enjoyed questing through both EPL and WPL. For me it was fun because you’re it’s the first chance you’re given to take the fight to the scourge. Also, it proved to be a very nice source for runecloth and allowed me to crank up my tailoring skill in a huge way. The first couple of times I leveled, I did the 55-60 grind in Silithus and I gotta say EPL and WPL was much more entertaining and felt a lot less soul crushing. Not to mention no having to listen to that awful buzzing noise was a very nice perk. There is also an interesting quest chain that begins with current scourge killing badass, Tirion Fordring. You can find him hanging out in Eastern Plaguelands near the river that marks the boundary between it and the Western Plaguelands. It’s a cool little look at the man who would someday hold the Ashbringer and lead the fight into Icecrown Citadel. Worth checking out if you’re in the area.

The dungeon finder tool provided a nice little break from all the questing and was a fantastic source of experience. One thing I noticed in a lot of these dungeons is the rather large quantity of idiotic Deathknight tanks. I understand the allure of the class being that I have one myself. The thing that really drew me to it was being able to start at 58 and skip that horrific leveling grind. And it’s really great that you can tank on your new DK and get instant queues in the dungeon finder. But is it really THAT hard to take 10 minutes before you queue for a dungeon to research a proper spec for your Death Knight? Yes all three talent trees make for very viable tanks, but there are key talents in each tree that you need to pick up to be a successful tank. Please don’t be that guy and queue as a tank in your DPS spec. You’ll make everyone’s lives that much simpler if you just invest a few minutes of time into picking up a proper tanking spec. Even if you can’t be bothered to take an honest to goodness tanking spec, for the love of my freaking sanity, make sure you’re at least in FROST PRESENCE.

One last thing I discovered this weekend while leveling is that the Alterac Valley Battleground Weekend freaking rocks. Even if you don’t really dig PVP, you really should give it a try. You will gain obscene amounts of experience during AV. All it takes is a few victories per level to gain you a level and since the queue is relatively short due to the large amount of people taking part coupled with the fact that it’s a 40 man BG you could easily gain a couple of levels an hour. It’s also a good opportunity to try out some PVP and get a feel for it. I find AV to be the easiest on folks new to PVP since you can just move with the pack and not feel as if you’re being too big of a drag on the team for not really knowing what you’re doing. Definitely easier to hide in the crowd in AV as opposed to say Warsong Gulch.

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So, I didn’t do the blog tv thing today. No one showed up, which is what I kinda expected anyway (it was set kinda late), then my raid went over time and I was just all tired and grouchy and grrrrrrr. Anyway, I do have a rant all lined up for you!

The thing that really got to me today was a couple of druids I came across in Arathi Basin. Clearly it was foolish of me to even try to do AB in the hopes of winning, but since it was the weekend BG and I really do want to get ahold of the Spirit of Competition before it is gone, I decided to brave it. The very first AB I got into, I helped heal at the farm, tried to capture somewhere else, died, and came back to this sight.

While about 8 of us were off actually trying to fight in this BG, these selfish jerks were dancing on the roof. Two of them were in the same guild, which leads me to believe that they both entered with the intention to lose the BG. I’ll admit, I lost my temper slightly (friends and guildmates had to suffer while I dropped several F bombs cursing these morons), and then confronted them about their behaviour, after someone asked the legitimate question “Why didn’t you try to help me when the horde killed me RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?”

To this they retorted that the roof was an excellent defensive position, which is all well and good if a) you are willing to actually defend the place rather than dance and watch the horde kill other people there and take it, and b) aren’t both resto druids (which they later admitted) who would be much more valuable out in the battle healing people. I was very tempted to name and shame them in here, but I have decided to try and be ‘the better man’. I will certainly be reporting them to a GM if I ever come across them pulling that sort of stunt – they only reason I didn’t today was because I didn’t think of it until it was too late. From what I have heard, people CAN get their honor stripped for this sort of garbage.

I know that many people have blogged before about people who deliberately lose battlegrounds. I really do not understand the phenomenon myself – it is perhaps the most ridiculously selfish thing that people can do in PvP, yet it seems to happen all the time. When there are 10 people in a 15 man battleground who actually want to put in an effort and win, who are you to waste their time with your dancing on the roof bullshit? Alliance in our battlegroup have a horrific reputation for PvP, and when you see the stunts like this that some clowns pull, you understand why. It gets frustrating seeing at least 10 AFK’s in Alterac Valley. People who just screw around in WSG and AB are even worse. There really isn’t that many of us to begin with, and having even one or two people refuse to play and leeching honor off the rest of us is a waste of our valuable time. These same people would not dare to pull this kind of crap in a raid, I can almost guarantee it. Why? Because raiding is serious business! People would get pissed if they sat on their hands for a whole raid! I suggest that these people need to learn that some people take their battlegrounds just as seriously as they take their raiding. I for one am not a big fan of battlegrounds – I am not especially good at PvP, and the general lack of organisation really doesn’t sit well with me. However, when I do decide to go in there, I take it seriously. Not just for myself, but for all the other people who are in there, who MAY just want to actually have a shot at winning.

/end rant

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Sorry everyone, been insanely busy, promise to return with a real post soon. Please don’t hate me! *pulls out hair*

I really need to learn to say no. People ask me to do stuff, to go to stuff, to help out with stuff, and my inability to say no is creating many problems. I just worked out I currently do not have a free weekend all internship, which means that I am stressed and panicking all the time. I also am one of those weird people who can not cope without having any alone time, and I wont have any of that at all for… well… the rest of the year, really. The having to do crap for people is really annoying though. So, let’s all say it together -

Just say NO!!!

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