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Today, I was pondering coming back to the game, and futzing around on alts.  Why?  Well, I had work to do, I was procrastinating, and I used to play WoW when I was procrastinating.  That and I need to stop going out and start saving money, and WoW would let me do just that.

What do you guys think?  If anyone even looks here anymore, I’d love to know your thoughts on the current state of the game, the state of the Warlock, and whether or not it is worth my while reactivating my account, or whether I should just spend my spare time shooting zombies and eating pizza like I have been… or whether I should try RIFT or something (although, really, could I possibly be arsed blogging about a new game?)

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The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Ok, so maybe there haven’t been any reports on my demise but I have been suspiciously silent this past week. The reason for my absence is quite mundane; I just got hammered with a ton of work last week. Mainly this was due to me taking a day off at the end of the week before to go out of town. Silly of me trying to take a day off and you can rest assured that I won’t be making that mistake again. Today’s post will be a quick, short one just to get me back into the swing of things. Thursday I promise y’all a rich and meaty post full of delicious warlocky goodness.
The only news of interest I have for today is pretty sweet.

Level 80!

I’m finally level 80! I was able to unwind this weekend from my hellish week at work so I took the opportunity to power through the last few levels I needed to max out my lock. The quest that put me over the top was my jewelcrafting daily. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! The first thing I did once I hit 80, besides dance a little jig at my desk, was to start crafting out a bunch of gear. I made sure to have my jewelcrafting and tailor maxed out before I hit 80 so I could gear out Gingerlei much easier. Within an hour, and with the help of a guildie, Ginger was outfitted with her Merlin’s Robe, Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers, Deathfrost Boots, and Leggins of Woven Death. Not a bad start if I do says so myself. By the end of the night, she had her first piece of T9 and a few other purples from heroics. My goal is to have her raid ready by our Thursday night guild alt run.

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So late Tuesday afternoon, it finally happened. I reached my next major milestone on my journey to discover the ways of the Warlock. I finally hit level 70!

Gingerlei hits 70

Hooray for me! Looking back, I can honestly say that I’ve had a really good time leveling this character. I love this class and I’m really enjoying every minute of playing my little warlock. It’s to the point where I would almost rather give up raiding on my other toons to focus solely on leveling my Warlock. I must admit this is rather surprising for me since I have always considered myself in WoW to be a Boomkin before anything else. Now, realistically, I couldn’t give up raiding even if I wanted to. I’m the Raid Leader for my little 10 man guild and right now I’m in charge of training a bunch of new recruits and dragging them through ICC in the hopes of reforming a progression group for Cataclysm.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Druid. She has been my main for the entirety of my WoW career and may very well still be for Cata, but this whole Warlock thing is really giving me a reason to reconsider. I’ve been reading through a lot of the information coming out of the Beta and the PTR and I’m not digging what I’m seeing for Boomkins. I keep reminding myself that it’s still only Beta, and a lot could change between now and then, but the luster has come off a bit for me. Meanwhile, I’m absolutely loving the play style of Warlocks, specifically Affliction and the changes I’ve seen from the Beta have me even more excited about the class. If you’ve been through this type of thing before, I’d love to hear your story in the comments.

P.S. Seed of Corruption is the greatest spell ever! I can’t begin to describe the pure level of awesome this spell is and how giddy it makes me to seed spam my way to the top of the DPS meters on AOE trash pulls. Doing more damage than the rest of the group combined on trash is just pure freakin win!

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It’s been a while guys.  I’ve been stupid amounts of busy, my desktop is still mildly borked (totally repairable, just a matter of time, a commodity I have none of nowadays!), and I’ve been pursuing other, um, interests, as those of you who follow me on Twitter may or may not know.

As we all know, it’s getting closer and closer to expansion time.  Almost time to make decisions about which toons to keep, which to put on the backburner, and which to forget forever.  Now, I’m not going to tell you that you should most definitely play a Warlock in Cataclysm (even if I think they are really damned awesome and most anyone should enjoy them).  I am going to tell you that you should play the character that you know is you.  The one that, deep down inside your bones, you identify with and love.

I love playing my Druid and Hunter.  I really enjoy them.  They are great fun, they let me change it up a bit, and I get to experiment.  But they aren’t my Warlock.  She fits me like another skin.  Or maybe I fit her.  I can not touch her for months, but when I load her up and get rolling, it’s like rediscovering an old friend.

Your main should feel like an extension of yourself.  I might be (OK, I am most likely) psychotic, but my Warlock just makes me grin, and smile, and immediately think nasty awful thoughts of killing bunnies and roasting babies.  There is nothing wrong with any of that, by the way.  I can play her with my eyes closed most of the time, and if I really feel up to the effort, I can turn her into an almost unstoppable killing machine.  My alts?  Yeah, they’re fun… but they aren’t me.  They are like some sick twisted experiment that someone stitched on to me, and they just don’t ever feel quite natural.  Playing my Hunter is like wearing someone else’s pants: they might fit, they might look awesome, but damn it if they don’t give me a wedgie every so often.

So, when you choose who you stick with in WoW?  Choose the toon you love, choose the one who is as much a part of you as you are of them.  And if you don’t have a character like that?  Maybe it’s about time you found one!

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A few quick observations for you guys on this lovely, and I use that word loosely, Monday morning. The leveling grind from 50 – 70 has gone relatively quick. Much quicker than I remember the first two times I’ve done it. The dungeon finder has been an absolute wonder for leveling. From 50 to about 58 or so I would just pop into the queue and roam around Western or Eastern Plaguelands finishing up quests until it was time to hop into a dungeon. In my battlegroup the wait for a dungeon as DPS could take upwards of 30 minutes, but it’s not so bad when you’re actively doing something else. Taking the time to do quests between dungeons, I would average two or three dungeons per level.

I really enjoyed questing through both EPL and WPL. For me it was fun because you’re it’s the first chance you’re given to take the fight to the scourge. Also, it proved to be a very nice source for runecloth and allowed me to crank up my tailoring skill in a huge way. The first couple of times I leveled, I did the 55-60 grind in Silithus and I gotta say EPL and WPL was much more entertaining and felt a lot less soul crushing. Not to mention no having to listen to that awful buzzing noise was a very nice perk. There is also an interesting quest chain that begins with current scourge killing badass, Tirion Fordring. You can find him hanging out in Eastern Plaguelands near the river that marks the boundary between it and the Western Plaguelands. It’s a cool little look at the man who would someday hold the Ashbringer and lead the fight into Icecrown Citadel. Worth checking out if you’re in the area.

The dungeon finder tool provided a nice little break from all the questing and was a fantastic source of experience. One thing I noticed in a lot of these dungeons is the rather large quantity of idiotic Deathknight tanks. I understand the allure of the class being that I have one myself. The thing that really drew me to it was being able to start at 58 and skip that horrific leveling grind. And it’s really great that you can tank on your new DK and get instant queues in the dungeon finder. But is it really THAT hard to take 10 minutes before you queue for a dungeon to research a proper spec for your Death Knight? Yes all three talent trees make for very viable tanks, but there are key talents in each tree that you need to pick up to be a successful tank. Please don’t be that guy and queue as a tank in your DPS spec. You’ll make everyone’s lives that much simpler if you just invest a few minutes of time into picking up a proper tanking spec. Even if you can’t be bothered to take an honest to goodness tanking spec, for the love of my freaking sanity, make sure you’re at least in FROST PRESENCE.

One last thing I discovered this weekend while leveling is that the Alterac Valley Battleground Weekend freaking rocks. Even if you don’t really dig PVP, you really should give it a try. You will gain obscene amounts of experience during AV. All it takes is a few victories per level to gain you a level and since the queue is relatively short due to the large amount of people taking part coupled with the fact that it’s a 40 man BG you could easily gain a couple of levels an hour. It’s also a good opportunity to try out some PVP and get a feel for it. I find AV to be the easiest on folks new to PVP since you can just move with the pack and not feel as if you’re being too big of a drag on the team for not really knowing what you’re doing. Definitely easier to hide in the crowd in AV as opposed to say Warsong Gulch.

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Sorry everyone, been insanely busy, promise to return with a real post soon. Please don’t hate me! *pulls out hair*

I really need to learn to say no. People ask me to do stuff, to go to stuff, to help out with stuff, and my inability to say no is creating many problems. I just worked out I currently do not have a free weekend all internship, which means that I am stressed and panicking all the time. I also am one of those weird people who can not cope without having any alone time, and I wont have any of that at all for… well… the rest of the year, really. The having to do crap for people is really annoying though. So, let’s all say it together -

Just say NO!!!

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As some of you may know (or have guessed), I have been after Wub’s Cursed Hexblade for quite some time now. In the multitude of ZA’s I have run, it has only ever dropped once. Today was that day.

Needless to say, I let out a bit of a squeal. Then I looked again. Rats. There was another warlock, and a boomkin vying for it as well. So, we rolled, and in my awesome brilliance I rolled a 3. Sigh. Although I suppose since I was the pug on a guild run, it was only fair that a guildie won it.

I still think Blizzard have broken my dice.

Oh… and today’s arty looking picture?

Unfortunately Herm isn’t quite aligned. Must work on that.

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Who needs a Riding Crop when you can combine Travel Form with a Swift Frost Sabre? Druids? OP? Of course not! ;)

Sometimes there is nothing more entertaining than a ‘broken’ screenshot. One where something has lagged, or bugged, or just plain gone wrong in the system. These screenshots can run the gamut between funny and outright weird. I am not sure how they happen, but who cares? They are fun!

So, I am inviting you to share your funny screenshots with the world! Send your screenshots to me at destructivereachATyahooDOTcomDOTau, and I will post them up, announcing a winner! Entries close in one week’s time (7th July 2008). The winner gets… well… not much to be honest. The satisfaction of winning?

Just a couple of basic rules:

Please no more than 2 submissions per person

Screenshots which aren’t Photoshopped to be funny are preferred

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I am sure that you guys have noticed both the quality and quantity of my posts lately has been slipping just a tad. Since they have been, I guess I do owe a small explanation.

This last couple of weeks are basically the most stressful component of my degree up until my internship. The way my degree is structured is that we finish with a ten week internship. Because we clearly cannot attend a full lecture schedule during internship, we have two courses compressed into a two week delivery. Obviously a 14 week course compressed into 2 weeks is pretty hectic, and I am smack bang in the middle of it. So I have been spending long hours at uni every day, trying to get this course finished.

Then, I managed to catch a cold last week as well, so I am already not at my best. Hopefully it will be gone soon though!

So, basically the combination of being at uni every day, combined with the fact that all I want to do is sleep when I get home, is why things around here have been a little… odd. Not to mention the horrific experience of raiding with me when I am this sick and tired!

Let me tell you a little story about Hermia’s second foray into Gruul’s Lair the other day. She eagerly ran in, ready to take on the world, and all went well on the trash pulls. We got to HKM, sorted out the tanking assignments (once again, I got to tank Kiggler), and got into position to begin. MD’s were up, we were about to go, when… I sneezed and bumped my keyboard. Hermia went rocketing towards the mobs, pulled the lot, and wiped the group. Ouch!

So, after everyone getting super mad at me, we set up again, pulled and all was well. Now, I pulled Kiggler to where I tanked him last time I did Gruul’s (butt against the wall to avoid knockbacks) and died very very fast. Now, it was probably my fault, I got told by the healers I ran out of range. Lesson number two: just because something worked well for one group does not mean that it will work well for another!

So, we wiped again! We ran back in, set up… and once again, I managed to pull everyone through sheer stupidity. I put it down to the fact that my head was completely full of goo and I had gotten barely any sleep all week (2 hours of sleep a night is NOT healthy people!). After this though, all went well, and I managed to be normal and sane for the rest of the night. Especially when we went to TK and I was playing Sar again, who fits like a comfortable pair of old trackpants.

So obviously, raiding with a cold and no sleep is not always the best idea! Especially if its on a character you are not as familiar with. However, I am sure that you could have already told me all this! Now, I am sure that you guys might have even funnier, or more horrific raid stories to tell. Spill!!

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OK, OK, I know I said I was going to level my priest. Last night though, I was a little bored, and I thought to myself ‘Why don’t I go and get my little level 5 hunter her pet? There is nothing sadder than a hunter without a pet!’. So on I logged, dusted the cobwebs off Jaquenetta’s gear, and off we went!

Now I had forgotten just how much I have always detested the trip from 1-10 – I can’t really describe why, seeing as it is remarkably quick. I generally hit level 8 burnout and give up. Last night though, I was on a mission. I had to get that pet!

So, after persisting persisting persisting, I finally hit level 10, and went to do my hunter quest. Jaq took very easily to the whole nature of taming beasts, and had a great time to boot!

First we trekked to the other side of the isle to face the sea creatures

Then, we faced off with the large birds

And finally, we contended with the might of the saber

After all these ordeals, we trained a special pet to call our very own

We shall hold him, and hug him, and love him… and try not to cry when he eats all MY meat!


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