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Thought I should reassure you all.

I’m just busy fighting off the zombie apocalypse.

And trying to be awake at a time that I can call Blizzard support so I can actually play WoW.

I might write something meaningful in a few weeks.  Until then, thanks for sticking around I guess! <3

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I’ll be away for a week.  May or may not be blogging in that time.  May or may not schedule posts in that time.  All depends on whether this crazy thing that is my life sorts itself out.

You have a hankering for my whining, feel free to read my dreary self on my personal blog.  Or go through the archives and marvel at what a witty, delightful soul I once was.

I’ll still be tweeting from my phone (and from my computer over the next couple of days).  Don’t expect a great deal of cheer sorry – life is still its usual messy and complicated horrible self.  Good ol’ life, the worst raid boss of all!

Keep safe, keep setting monsters on fire :-D

<3 Sar

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