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So, it looks like Affliction will be top dog in Icecrown.

You know what?  That’s peachy fine by me.  Yes, long gone are the days where I really cared about Destruction being the top DPS spec (OK.. I lie… I would have always been Destruction no matter what – see Vanilla WoW!).  I’ve stopped caring that I keep getting beaten by Arcane Mages with their two button spam.  After all, I’m pretty gimpy anyway, no sense getting my knickers in a twist!  So what that I only do 4.5k DPS (in a 25man, too!) when the Arcane Mage is pushing 8 or 9k.  I don’t mind.  I try my best with what I have.  Slowly but surely, my gear is getting better, and I might even improve some.  Scary, huh?

It doesn’t matter that people say only scrubs do 4.5k.  I don’t feel bad when people talk about doing 9k DPS on Twitter.

I’ll always have SSC.  When I am alone and cold in the night time, I think back and remember how I trampled those bosses.  How I smashed my way to the top of the meter, joining the guild as an undergeared Kara player who had never set foot in a 25 man in her life, and worked my way up.  Even though there were nights when I was close to giving up, when I thought I could never push the sort of numbers they needed, I kept going.

Eventually, I got somewhere.

damage meter SSC






And then came BT.

damage meter BT






Single target DPS baby!

… So what, I like to epeen a little, OK?

Thing is… DPS goes in cycles.  You can’t be the top dog forever.  But you can damned well enjoy it while you are :-)

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