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The Warlock Forum on the World of Warcraft site is a wonderful place to seek advice, indulge in complaining, and to take some time to feed the trolls.  In the interests of promoting this wonderful place, I am going to take a look at some three selected posts, and advise you of how to best respond to these. 

1.  "Can my Curse of Doom crit?"

– Short Answer: No.  

– Long Answer: Curse of Doom is considered a DoT, despite it dealing all its damage in one tick.  This means that it currently can not crit.  I will be interested to see what happens to this spell when DoTs are able to crit.  Will this apply to some DoTs, or all of them?  Personally I would hate to see the threat generation of a Curse of Doom crit.  My CoDs currently hit for approximately 12k.  A crit would be horrific, and I am sure the boss who was hit by it would eat my face, perhaps with a spoon. 

Oh, and those on the forums who say their CoD ‘crit’ on Curator?  It’s not a crit, buffoons, it’s caused by a mechanic of the fight where Curator is vulnerable to damage during Evocation.  Stop selling your silly lies.

2.  "Warlocks are Op need a F@#king nerf!"

These posts are VERY common.  Almost always made by a low level alt, or a mage.  Their statement is then backed up by irrational arguments, in the case of today’s post by a level 4 Rogue (with an offensive name to boot) ‘I have been feared for 10 minutes!’.  There are a couple of ways Warlocks respond to this.

– Smart Answer: To do nothing and hope the troll thread will die.  This unfortunately never happens, and troll threads are always longer than any proper discussions.

– Fun Answer:  Respond with humour.  The first responder to this thread did this well – "I’ve heard rumours of people’s characters being feared for over 2 years" (Neeranu of Dreadmaul).  These responses actually make troll threads worth reading!  Keep it short, sweet and funny.

– Dumb Answer:  Feed the troll with anger, by pointing out the total stupidity of their statements.  While I wouldn’t recommend this, it can be difficult to resist.  Unfortunately, this merely encourages the trolls.

3.  "Do you show your OT naked pictures of your wife?"








This confirms all my previous suspicions about Paladins!  Best advice here is to not reply, not click the links, and back far far away. 

Other common post themes include complaining about the uselessness of Soul Shards, the Rogue ability Cloak of Shadows annoying Locks everywhere, Epic Rick Rolls, and arguments about which spec is the best spec (Destruction, of course!)  In amongst these you will find the occasional gem of sound advice buried amongst a lot of garbage, trolling and epeen stroking.  Best of luck with your adventures though the World of Warcraft… Forums.

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gir Warlock pets are an endless source of both frustration and fun.  Fun, because they can be ok to giggle at (both in combat and out).  Frustration because pet scaling for Warlocks is positively abysmal, and most pets are a worthless pile of poo if you use them for anything at all.  Face it, the only reason I kill my succubus is because there is little else worth while to do with her.

Let us take a brief look at the non-demonology standard Warlock pets (I am afraid I just don’t know enough about Demonology to feel qualified to comment on the Felguard, and I am not going to bother with the Doomguard and the Infernal), and work out exactly what is both wonderful and woeful about them.



1.  The Imp. 

We get Mr Imp very early in the piece (as early as you can complete the quest basically… I think I was level 5 on Sar when I got him, but I got him at level 2 on my BE warlock).  He likes to complain, and is the grand master champion of QQing.


- Excellent Stamina buff.  This will become raid wide in WotLK, but will no longer stack with Commanding Shout (as it will no longer be a buff to stamina, but rather to health).

- Respectable damage output.  Not great, not terrifying, but respectable for something that doesn’t even reach my knee cap, and doesn’t take a shard to summon.

- Did I mention he doesn’t take a shard to summon?


- Brings a whole new meaning to the words ‘glass cannon’.  Well… maybe a glass pistol?  Dies so fast you have to have him phase shifted pretty much all the time.  If there is AoE of any description, you can be sure it will hit him.

- While there aren’t any other MAJOR cons, the one above is enough to render him almost useless.

2.  The Voidwalker

The Blueberry is the giant pimp looking guy you see low level warlocks running around with in Westfall.  You get him through a quest chain at level 10.


- Has a convenient ‘oh crap’ button where you sacrifice his Big Blue Butt and run the heck out of there.

- Has a taunt, a decent amount of stamina and some armor.


- Meant to be a tank.  Fails at tanking – couldn’t hold threat off a spoon.

- Feels like he takes FOREVER to do anything.

- Squishy as a rotten banana when it really comes down to it.  Sure, he isn’t supposed to be able to tank bosses, but more than one mob at a time would be nice!

3.  The Succubus

She gets guy’s hearts racing as soon as they see her.  Generous with her whip and her lip, she is attained through a quest chain (which I distinctly remember as being a pain in the butt… but then, it could be easy) at level 20.


- Our only ‘real’ humanoid CC (apart from fear, which many people forget about)

- Only pet with a threat reduction ability


-She needs that threat reduction though, since she is like tissue paper

- Chain seducing is the most difficult form of crowd control in the game, as it is channeled (so can not be recast on an already seduced mob), and as the succubus is so fragile.

- Personal peeve – I want the choice of having an incubus as well!

- Damage output is nowhere near what it should be, especially considering her fragility.

4.  The Felhunter

We all know that the Felhunter is by and large my favourite pet.  He’s so cute!  He is so delightfully mean to casters!  Obtained through a quest chain at level 30.


- Relatively hardy, especially against casters where he can heal himself using Devour Magic

- From my experience, tanks almost as well as the blueberry (not to say that’s especially well)

- All in all a cute pet!


- Tainted Blood is too weak, especially as it is one of our only defences against melee.

- Paranoia seems to rarely work, for me at least!


Pets are being changed dramatically in beta.  I don’t wish to go into the changes in great detail, simply because beta is very unstable and things are prone to change.  The biggest, most important change of all that could and should be made?  Better Pet Scaling.  I want pets that do not die as soon as a mob looks at them.  I want a Voidwalker which makes a reasonable soloing tank (similar to the changes in Hunter pets for tanking).  I want chain seducing to be made a little bit easier.  ‘Dumbing things down’? Maybe, but it is tiresome being considered as a second rate class and rejected for 5 mans in favour of more ‘reliable’ CC.   There seems to be an idea that Warlock pets should not be very strong.  I do not know why this is, but it is ridiculous and unfair.  Scale our pets better. Please?

I suspect that this last paragraph is somewhat influenced by me watching the debate – listening to that sort of talking leads to that sort of writing!

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“I can not buy it — ’tis not sold/There is no other in the world –/Mine was the only one” Emily Dickinson

It only just occurred to me that very few people understand the relationship between a Warlock and their pet. Indeed, I did not really understand it myself until I started playing a Hunter and got a chance to really notice the totally different dynamic that exists in the two relationships.

I have to admit, I have always taken my pets for granted. Just a little. Of course, that comes naturally I suppose when your pet is subjected to your every whim, and has no choice in the matter. None of this ‘Best friend’ business for us ‘locks – my pet had better do as I say and he better do it bloody fast. He doesn’t like it? Stiff.

On the other hand, I am always concerned for Brutus. If he isn’t happy, I’m not happy. I willingly starve myself so that he can eat, and the first time he died I was devastated. I regularly engage in soppy emotes, and the poor cat is probably groaning from all the /hugs, /kisses, and /pats that he gets. The only emotes Sar’s pets get are /point and /laugh (especially after I have just sacrificed one to gain even more monstrous power!)

While I was levelling my pets did get a little more love from me. Before I accidentally deleted all my screenshots *sigh*, I had many holiday style snaps of me and my pets. “Traathun and I enjoying the sunshine at Booty Bay!” That sort of thing. I still do have a total adoration for Traathun, my felhunter. I refused to have any other pet out (unless I was in an instance) regardless of how useful or useless the pet would be. He was my very best friend, my compainion, and I loved listening to his grunty noises when he killed those casters! When people mockingly refer to him as the ‘crap version of a Zergling”, I Incinerate their ass. He is a unique and special snowflake! A Zergling does not have multiple tenticle things, or proper horns!



Clearly the Felhunter is a much more developed, attractive and intelligent specimen! They are not at all alike!


Back to the relationship I have with my pets. Clearly I do have some affection for my Demon friends. Of course, if I get one with a dodgy name I will not love it. I will refuse to use it. Hence why I can not handle being Demonology. Stupid Felguard! However, I only appreciate this relationship for the benefits it gives me. I do have a favourite, but the others are just there to help me out when I need them. Bah humbug to the rest! My hunter is the total opposite extreme. She will not be able to part with Brutus, despite cats losing their status as the superior pet in Wrath. Silly irrational Draenei…

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After my bold claims in yesterday’s blog entry, Matticus has now challenged me to back them up with 12 reasons why Warlocks are indeed the Adonises of Azeroth. Now, my fellow Warlocks would need no further explanation of our absolute superiority in all areas, whether it be on the battlefield or in the bedroom. Sure, I will admit we may not be so great to date, but hey, nobody’s perfect (and we come pretty damn close!)

12. Stamina to spare

With our incredibly high stamina, Warlocks can last for hours. Unlike some other wimpy cloth wearers who simply collapse before you even begin, a Warlock can keep you going long into the night (and then some!)


11. We bring out the wild side in you

Those who are afraid to try new things or be adventurous will discover their hidden Recklessness when paired with a Warlock. Soon enough you’ll be engaging in all manner of things!

10. Take your time

On the other hand, if you have problems with being too *ahem* fast, a Curse of Tongues or two will slow things right down (and be fun all at the same time).

9. Slowly ticking away

Our notoriety for killing things oh so slowly follows us into the bedroom. With the stamina to match, we can DoT you up and go all night long. No sudden explosions or early endings from Warlocks – every careful movement is precisely timed and mastered.

8. Put a bit of fire into your relationship

Sure, we are known for our shadowy coolness. Look behind that dark demeanour and you will find a passionate fire burning within. Warlocks are hot!

7. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain…

As every Life Tapping, Hellfiring Warlock knows all to well! We are the masters of this particular balancing act.

6. Now you’re hot… and cold

With an absolute plethora of interesting… companions at out disposal, some Warlocks are game for just about anything. We wont tell if you don’t.


5. Experience a rebel

We all know that you are attracted to the dark side. The oh so alluring mystique of that person who doesn’t seem to give a damn… who almost has no soul at all. Those who linger in the shadows never want to leave afterwards

4. Never run out of tricks

Ever been with a caster who just ran out of tricks? Half way through, they run out of mana, and just flail their wand about in an attempt to distract you from their sloth like state. Warlocks always have a new trick up their sleeve, and always have the mana to pull it off.

3. Ready to ignite at any given moment

We always warm our lovers up with a toasty Immolate, but never forget to ensure the explosive Conflagrate comes right at the end!

2. Always ready with a pick me up afterwards

Who else offers cookies in the morning?

1. Trained by the best in the business.

Have you ever met Domxia? She certainly has taught me a thing or two. Perhaps I should arrange an introduction…

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Anything at all that would resemble a high quality post! With all the great stuff that has been flowing around lately, I am beginning to get a little jealous and want to come up with a happy shiny idea all by my very self! I contemplated creating another picture post, but a) you have NO idea how long that thing took me, b) I can’t think of a topic, and c) Insert something here. So, instead, I will ramble on with… weird babble related to Matticus’ almost-romantic interlude. (BTW, if you are reading this Matt, I figured you were fair game since you splurted this all over the net this morning. If not, oops, sorry, feel free to blog some random embarrassing thing you find out about me!)

It all began this morning on Twitter when I dragged my sorry ass out of bed (having slept in due to a severe case of *Oh Em Gee I have Year 9 today Yuk Yuk Yuk – itis*) to find that Matt was stalking spying on peering over the shoulder of the girl in front of him in class, to discover that she was playing WoW. At first, he thought she was a Priest, which would have been love at first sight (heck, I may even be blogging the wedding right now!), but it turns out he was looking at a Warlock. Now, we all know that this definitely means she would have been very attractive and intelligent, but the foolish boy did not say a word, later claiming that Warlocks are ‘not his type’. *cue booing and hissing* All I have to say on the matter is, ’tis better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all. Especially when it comes to spunky female Warlocks.


Now, this made me think of a total lack of this sort of incident when I was at university (and oh boy is it a good feeling to refer to uni in the PAST tense). I quite often played WoW at uni, especially in the classes of one certain Peter Peterson – no joke, that was his name! – which I found to be somewhat dull. Not his fault entirely, it was a course about picture books because I thought it looked ‘fun’. Turns out, picture books are only fun when you are in the mood for them.

Anyway, back to the topic. I quite often passed away the time playing WoW, desperately trying to level my poor warlock so that I could leave Stranglethorn Vale forever. Unfortunately for me, there was no one there to look over my shoulder and notice. Well, no one who would have cared anyway. WoW as a pick up tool for me failed badly in that case. Actually, looking back, I was dating a level 60 Warrior at the time, so I doubt I would have cared. It’s hardly the point though.

So, somehow bringing this back round so it has a semblance of making sense – always make sure you seize the opportunity. Especially if it’s a Warlock – we are real good at taking things nice and slow, and when you lose your soul to us, you will find you wont mind after all. Cross us, and we will feed it to the Felhunter as a snack. Just a friendly warning!

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I know that pre-expansion doldrums are settling in, people are having difficulty maintaining their interest in the game, et cetera, et cetera. I think that this is flowing over into the blogosphere… and not just other blogs. I am having an immense amount of difficulty writing anything of decent quality, perhaps because my play time has been so limited as of late, but also because I too am in a bit of a WoW slump. How has this come about, I wonder?

Well… truth be told, it is difficult to be inspired to blog about a class that you love, but is getting depressingly easy to play. It’s even hard to really take pride in your damage when all you need to do is mash one button. Sure, I do better DPS some days than others, but that is simply because of outside factors, such as group buffs, latency, frame rate, all that fun stuff. I’d honestly love to be able to do more with my druid, but my current situation makes this incredibly difficult – she is not in my main guild, I am reluctant to move her as you all know, and her gear is not up to par for anything that my main guild does on days that I can make anyway. Heck, I could try respeccing Sar, but I don’t think my guild would appreciate that at our current state of progression. Not to mention I just don’t have the gear to support an Affliction build! – Don’t even ask me about Demonology, it just isn’t me. My Hunter is the pet lover!

So, I want some help from you guys. I have come to the conclusion that I simply can not know what everyone wants to know about Warlocks. I can’t read minds after all! So, I was wondering what you guys were looking for information on or what you might like to know. I have considered compiling gear lists for pre Kara, but I honestly don’t know if there will be much demand for this in light of Wrath being on the horizon. Other things would be altogether too brief (such as what Professions would you recommend – Tailoring, Enchanting, or Alchemy are my picks. Personally I think Tailoring and Enchanting will serve most any Warlock well, with the tailored set being equal to or better than T4). Feel free to ask just about anything you want, and I will answer (within reason). Just leave a comment, send an email though the shiny nifty new contact form (go looksee!)

Oh, and consider yourselves lucky… it was almost going to be another video today because they are about ten times easier than writing at the moment!

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The content patch is hot on my heels, and to be 100% honest with you I just really do not feel ready for it yet. In some ways it has thrown me for a loop, simply because I was planning on having Hermia become my Inscriber, and that plan also included stockpiling masses of herbs before Wrath comes out to help speed the process up a little bit. Now, I am not so sure if I am going to be able to keep ahead of the pack, which does worry me in some ways.

There are a few things which are going to be introduced in the content patch. Here is a list which I blatantly stole from WoW Insider (why reinvent the wheel, right?) Obviously, only two of these really currently affect me.

  1. New class spells and talents
  2. Stormwind Harbour
  3. Barbershops in capital cities
  4. Zeppelin towers outside Orgrimmar and Tirisfal Glades
  5. Two brand new Arenas
  6. Guild Calendar
  7. Hunter pet skill revamp
  8. Inscription

The biggest concern I currently have though is that I have not planned what I should spec Saresa to in the meantime. As we are getting the content patch well before Wrath comes out by the looks of things, I really want to get in and do some testing to see which spec will become the most optimal 70 spec for raiding. I hadn’t really thought very much about this before, because I foolishly assumed that there would not be a great deal of time between the content patch and the expansion. You have to remember, I was not around for the pre-BC hubbub, and I really do not know what to expect. Even if I was around, it would have made very little difference to me as I was not raiding at the time – heck, I wasn’t even level 60. Of course, the expansion may come out not long at all after the content patch and this will all be moot. We will see.

While there will be more flexibility in raiding specs both at 70 and 80, I think it will take me some time to work out which is the best 70 raiding spec with the new talents, both in terms of math and theory crafting, and with what suits my playstyle. A great deal is changing for warlocks, but I believe that some of the greatest change in how we play is occurring in the Destruction tree. Honestly, this change is good in most ways, especially the movement away from Shadow Magery and into a more versatile and varied rotation. This just means that I need to work this rotation out! Not to mention a spec to match it!


I honestly believe that the standard Succy Sac spec is going to go the way of the dodo (or any level 80 form of the same spec). The emphasis on using both schools for casting in Wrath means that a straight shadow damage buff isn’t going to cut it anymore (especially a reduced version of the one currently in game). I will probably refrain from re-enchanting my blade until I see convincing proof of this, simply because it was an expensive chant and I don’t like to see it gone.

The Spec

OK, from the top, here is how I have specced and my justification for each point spent. Bear with me, this is going to be one long long post. Also, please try to keep in mind that there are many other valuable talents which I could have chosen. This is a 70 spec, not an 80 spec, and so I chose things which would afford me the most benefit at the time.

Currently I have chosen to focus on damage dealing rather than stamina and utility. I may have to tweak this, depending on how it works out in game. Another issue is that this is quite difficult even to test in beta – I can’t imagine too many people want to go into BT just to test out level 70 stuff!


1. Improved Corruption 5/5: I think that Imp Corruption is once again going to be a bread and butter ability for all locks to have. The reason I decided that this was going to be important was because of the Molten Core talent in the Destruction tree, which I will outline shortly. It’s also a pretty nice talent all round anyway.


2. Demonic Embrace 4/5: Simply because a little bit of stamina can go a long way. I really wish that I could invest more in the Demonology tree, but I just love too many talents in the Destruction tree! I would be willing to shuffle these around some dependent on raid needs (so into imp healthstone or imp imp).


1. Improved Shadow Bolt 5/5: Hasn’t changed, pretty much the same talent as before. It will be interesting to see how this holds up in Wrath and whether it will be a mainstay anymore. For now, I plan to keep it, because I can see it being useful still.

2. Bane 5/5: Also the same as before. Shorter cast time? Yes please! Also shortens the cast time of Chaos Bolt, which is jinkieriffic.

3. Molten Core 3/3: Your shadow spells and damage over time effects have a 15% chance to increase the damage of your fire spells by 10% for 6 seconds. This is the reason why I specced into Improved Corruption. From my tinkerings on beta, this also seems to proc fairly frequently. A nice talent, and one which makes me love my Immolate and Incinerate again.

4. Cataclysm 3/3: Same as before, but with an added bonus: increases the chance to hit with your Destruction spells by 3%. Squee, a hit talent!

5. Devastation 5/5: More crit? Yummy!

6. Destructive Reach 2/2: Same old same old.

7. Improved Immolate 5/5: While this is the same as before, I see it as being more important now for two reasons. It allows you to get to Conflagrate, which apparently will no longer be useless, and it will help cancel out the effects of the new Glyph which will affect Immolate.

8. Ruin 1/1: It’s the same as before, still tasty!

9. Conflagrate 1/1: While the tooltip hasn’t changed, I will be interested to see what role Conflag plays in WotLK

10. Backlash 3/3: Also hasn’t changed much, but I like it just the way it is.

11. Shadow and Flame 5/5: A nifty talent

12. Backdraft 3/3: When you cast Conflagrate, the cast time and mana cost of your next three Destruction spells is reduced by 30% This is why I will now be including Conflagrate in my spell rotation. While the reduced mana doesn’t really excite me, the reduced cast time is very nice.


13. Fire and Brimstone 5/5: Increases the damage of your Immolate spell by an amount equal to 25% of your spellpower, and the critical strike chance of your Conflagrate spell is increased by 25% if the Immolate on the target has 5 or fewer seconds remaining. This is pretty clever on Blizzard’s behalf. By giving us quite a chance to get extra damage out of a Conflagrate, they stop us from over casting it or casting it too early to reap the benefits of Backdraft. It will be interesting to see how it works out

14. Chaos Bolt 1/1: Sends a bolt of chaotic fire at the enemy, dealing 1012 – 1278 Fire damage. Chaos Bolt can not be resisted, and pierces through all absorbtion effects. 12 sec cooldown. That is an absolute motza of spell damage. I can see this spell being cast whenever the cooldown is up, because it looks pretty nice to me.

As I am sure you are now aware (and may even be screaming at the computer) there are many great talents there which I could have taken. ‘Why didn’t you choose Soul Leech and Improved Soul Leech!?!” “Why do you not have Empowered Imp?” (that one was a tough one to resist indeed). As I stated before, I went for the talents which maximised my damage to the greatest degree at level 70. If I do see a need for better survivability as I raid, I will change it. It is a very difficult (and ultimately personal) decision in this case, because there are so many variables. I will be sure to let you know how it all works out, anyway!!

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I often wish that I could play in a perpetual bubble. Somewhere nice and safe, where no one could hurt me. One thing I hear from many Warlocks is that they have immense troubles managing their threat. Warlocks are a high threat class, with very little threat reduction ability. This often means that we are the first to get munched on by a hungry mob when it decides the tank just doesn’t look like fun anymore! Here are a few pointers for the locks amongst us who become breakfast far too often.

1. Get a reliable threat meter

Omen seems to be the popular option, but I did have some success with KTM for a long time. Omen is much more reliable though. Install it, put it somewhere easy to see on your screen, and watch it like your life depends upon it, because it does!

2. Configure any other add ons you may have to show threat warnings

I also use X-Perl, which flashes red around the edges of your screen when you get close to pulling aggro, and has a big aggro warning when you do actually manage to pull. I am sure that there are other mods out there with the same sorts of functionality. These are great for fights where you may forget to watch Omen (like when you are too busy looking for fire or something!), but can not replace a good threat meter.

3. Check your spec

Warlocks have threat reduction talents available in each tree. Destruction Warlocks should always spec into Destructive Reach, which increases the range of your Destruction spells by 10% and reduces the threat caused by Destruction spells by 5%. Affliction Warlocks have Improved Drain Soul, which increases the effect of Drain Soul and decreases threat caused by Affliction spells by 10%. Demonology Warlocks potentially fare best of all, with Master Demonologist potentially reducing threat caused by 20% (with an imp active). Ensure that you have specced into threat reduction talents, and if you are really having issues, consider a respec to Demonology, which is generally speaking a lower threat, but high damage spec.

4. Make the most of your Life Tap

We all know that Life Tapping can be a pain in the backside. No one likes to lose DPS because you have to waste a couple of seconds tapping. At the same time, no one likes having to reign in their DPS because you are about to pull off the tank! When you notice that you are getting horribly close to the threat cap, consider pausing DPS for a second and lifetapping. Lets face it, you will probably have to tap anyway over an average boss fight, and you may as well do this while you have to lay back on the damage.

5. Soul Shatter at the most advantagous time for you

Soul Shatter is unfortunately a pain in the rear. Hunters have it so much easier, being able to feign every 30 seconds, while we are stuck with a 5 minute cooldown. This means that on the average boss fight, you will only be able to shatter once. I generally try to refrain from shattering until the boss is at 50% health, because if I shatter earlier my aggro will be waaaay up well before the boss is dead. Remember, shatter is also not an aggro wipe. This means that mobs pulled off you in an AoE fight will not necessarily get off you if you pull them, because they may not be fighting anyone else. All too often I hear Warlocks complain that ‘shatter is broken’. Well, no… it is working as intended (although my issues with it could fuel a whole new post!) If you pull a mob off a tank through AoE, and no one else is attacking it, most likely it will go to you and stick on you. Likewise if you are the last lock to hit your shatter button when one pops loose!

So, hold your shatter for as long as possible. In an AoE fight, try other tactics to get a mob off you (I am generally a fan of running around like a headless chook over the top of a Pally tank’s Consecrate). When you DO shatter, remember it only wipes 50% of your threat, so you will get back up there awfully fast. Do not be afraid to lay back on the damage.

While you will still inevitably pull aggro at some point (I don’t know a Warlock who hasn’t!), watching a threat meter carefully and making the best use of your talents and abilities means that you will have much less to worry about. While you can go to 129% of the tank’s threat, it is always best to leave a safety buffer for that big crit that might sneak out.

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Actually… why bother? Truly, most of the warlock glyphs that I have seen come out of the beta are a massive pile of poop. I won’t go into a great amount of detail about them, as they are listed on WoWInsider and YAWN (btw Horns, you aren’t banned, but are certainly on probation!! :P), but I will mention how disappointed I am in the quality of the glyphs Blizzard have given us so far. Many of them seem to be tuned to PvP, which is a real share for us raiding Warlocks who would love a little more oomph to our spells. The PvE tuned ones are seemingly aimed at improving our crowd control to a small extent (such as Glyph of Banish and Glyph of Succubus), and decreasing mana costs of spells such as Shadow Bolt and Conflagrate. While reduced mana costs are nice and certainly mean less tapping, all in all I would really rather see something different!

One thing which I would be VERY intrigued to see the math for is the Glyph of Conflagrate, which gives you a 10% decrease in the damage done by the initial damage of the spell, but then adds 20% to each tick afterwards. Unfortunately, I suck really badly at math, but I am hoping that TeePee is kind enough to perhaps look into it for me. Please??

Horns wrote at the bottom glyphs that he would like to see, and I also have a couple to add of my own.

1. I will repeat his request for a glyph which gives us green fire!

2. Glyph of Shattering – increases the threat reduction of Soulshatter by a further 25%. A total threat wipe would be considered to be overpowered by many, and I don’t know if I can survive the QQing that would follow. 50% on a 5 minute cooldown is absolutely ridiculous though – and it costs a shard! Another acceptable version would be to reduce the cooldown to 2 minutes.

3. Glyph of Impishness – gives your fire spell critical strikes a chance to allow your imp to cast while Phase Shifted for 5 seconds. Honestly not sure how well that would work out in terms of power and class balance, but it would give my imp a use besides a stamina buff. That and it sounds kinda neat!

4. Glyph of Soulstone – so I am kinda cheating here, since it is an existing glyph. I would change it though to a chance to gain accelerated mana regeneration or some such thing – MUCH more useful for both wipe recovery and healers popping back up mid fight.

5. Glyph of Rickroll Vision – grants the Warlock the ability to spot a rickroll on the forums straight away, rather than being sucked in for over ten pages.

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So, if I was a good blogger, I would write a nice meaty post today since I just wont have time tomorrow (probably). Of course, you all know me better than that!!

I logged onto the beta today to spend some quality time levelling. Unfortunately, my brain somehow managed to invert the amount of XP that I have, and I was crushingly disappointed to find that I was only 4 bars in, rather than having 4 bars to go! Lots of this would have to do with the fact that I am a horribly lazy person. It would also have to do with the fact I just don’t have much time at the moment as well. But yes, I was totally crushed. I was then totally confused, as I am one of those nitwits who is really bad at finding their way around places, and I couldn’t find a way to jump up upon this island that I had to kill some dude on. Perhaps this is a good thing – I had to kill some guy and take his golden trident, and give it to a naga. It reminded me just a little too much of The Little Mermaid (if Ursula was in WoW, she would be a naga for sure!)

Some of the super slow levelling I am sure also has to do with the fact that I am insanely levelling destro. I know, I know, I counsel against it ALL the time. Lets just say that I suck at taking my own advice, and I am doing it just to remind you all – repeatedly – how crap it is, how hard it is, how much food and drink I go through, how people look at me like I am a total psycho… You get the point.

I suppose I could have also made a video today. I was tempted to do one on the weekend, but prior commitments make this basically impossible. We shall see what happens!

Now, I am sure that by now all of you are thinking ‘Sar, this post is a pile of jinkified garbage. I could write better than this!’ Well, someone (not me, I am notoriously possessive of my work) is offering you the chance to make me look bad. Head over to Matticus’ site, and take a gander at the event he is running – offering you the chance to become the third writer on his wonderful site. Imagine, sharing screen space with Matt and Wyn! Just thinking about it makes me jealous of the person who doesn’t even exist there yet! What are you waiting for already?

Just so you go over there even faster, I’m going to stop writing now. So NER.

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