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If there’s a video post, this is where it goes. Sar TV in all it’s horrifying glory.

I was kinda reluctant to post about this to be honest.  I think that it has been talked about on most every blog out there, and I really have nothing new to contribute to the conversation.  But, hell, it’s been a slow week, I have little to talk about on my Warlock, so here goes.


For money.

Ho hum.

I can’t even really define what the mass reaction is.  I don’t think there is really a mass majority in one camp or another.  There isn’t even a majority in the ‘I don’t cares’.  But, I am sure it will be a massive success for Blizzard, who can not make enough money off us it seems.

Now, don’t get me wrong…  I’m not saying that I dislike this.  At first, I was all like:


ZOMG RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!  How DARE they make a pet where all you have to do is buy it?  That is the STUPIDEST thing ever!  Where is the fun?  Where is the reward?  Where is the OMG I FARMED FOR FRICKING HOURS AND I FINALLY GOT MY OOZELING AND OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Instead, we have something akin to

“Hey… I think I have ten dollars left before I max out my credit card.  I am totally going to blow that cash on a set of pixels.  Yeah”

But then, well… I kinda got over it.

And then I had a thought.  Which led to another thought.  And another one.  Next thing you know…

Sar TV!  In which Sar seeks to educate you all about things which cost about $10.  And stuff.


- I misuse the word ‘exponentially’ once.  I was having a brain fart moment, it’s been a stressful week, give a girl a break!

- It’s blurry as all hell.

- If you were wondering, the cats’ names are Kamiko (the tabby) and Suki (the white fluffy one – pronounced Soo-key, because it’s NOT THE JAPANESE WORD).

- Yes, I have got a fat roll.  I blame the Chupa Chups.  And the coke.

- It’s been a while.  I’m out of practice.  And I was never much good anyway – just ask the trolls!

- Stupid microphone on camera hates me.  I suspect it’s because someone hasn’t actually installed the drivers or something *looks innocent*.  So, I have to wear my headset.  And yeah, I know, the sound quality sucks.

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So, this is my plea for help.  I know it’s kinda weird to ask the internet whether you should use a sick day or not, but, hey, I am strange like that.  My lack of decision making skills is legendary, and when you have a resource at your hands, may as well use it, no?

Sorry for the total lack of WoW content in there, I’ll make up for it when my brain is less fuzzy.  If only now I could get the damn mic on the camera to work so I don’t have to wear my headset all the time… damn you technology!

P.S: isn’t it amazingly scary how I look at this hour?  Maybe I shouldn’t let potential suitors see the blog… hehehe

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And you won’t be able to get rid of me this time!  I thought, what better way to welcome myself back than to make a video.  I can’t remember what I was talking about, I think I made it a smidge over a week ago, so it’s not 100% accurate I daresay anymore.  Oh well.  Apologies for the nasty phone interference a few minutes in – watch your ears!

I think that I may have lost a few subscribers in my extended absence, but them’s the breaks I guess.  It is great to be back, even though it looks like some faces are lost from the community, but others have come to fill the void.  Everything that has happened that I have been able to keep up with in the game looks interesting as well.

Well… hopefully I will have some more to talk about later!

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Yeah, so I decided videos count.  Bite me!  Sorry to those who can’t view them at work… must suck.  Written post tomorrow.

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Thanks to my hectic assignment schedule, this is all you get again today.  Enjoy.  Or not.  *Shrugs*

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Writing those difficult, serious posts really takes it out of me.  So much so that I struggle to type much at all.  Since I am so lazy, instead, have a video!

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1. I made muffins. They were tasty.


The brown ones are Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie Muffins, while the white ones are White Chocolate and Macadamia. I had to post pictures since someone didn’t believe me about the muffins. There was 12 of each… I was hungry. Well, I only ate 3… I gave some to the girls at work.

2. Despite eating the afore mentioned muffins (and TWO large slabs of lasagna) , I could squeeze into my comfy short shorts when I got home from work.


Yes, I was literally jumping for joy. You know how those first sunny days of summer just make you happy? Well… I was happy. I also did not mean to decapitate myself in the shot – I was just too lazy to dig out the tripod.

3. I made another crappy video

Since you all love to hear me babble so much! Well, truth be told, it’s because I was too lazy to write much. I think I yabber on about the sunshine, Sar’s guild situation, and cocktails. Took so long to upload that I no longer remember.

4. I get to watch the football tonight and drink the afore mentioned cocktails while eating pizza.


Go Roosters!!! If they lose, I am sure the cocktails will cheer me right up!

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Real posts should be incoming in a couple of days, when I feel back to my usual self. I will also possibly be doing BlogTV THIS weekend, Saturday 6pm American EST (so 9am Sunday for me I do believe). This all depends on whether I like my hair after tomorrow – I am a vain creature after all, and if I don’t like my new hair cut then I wont be doing it!

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There has been a stack of discussion lately about females and gaming. I have stated my thoughts somewhat incoherently in the following video, but I might just write them out as well at the end of this post since my written word makes much more sense than my spoken ones! Feel free to read or not read if you watched the video, as it will be pretty repetitive.

Video is now back up, last time I checked there was sound the whole way though, lets hope this one works

Personally, I do not understand all the fuss that there is about female gamers. Of course, there are going to be some who exploit the fact that they are female (and I have unfortunately met a couple of women like this), and there are going to be others who try to hide their gender so that people don’t discriminate against them. Personally, I just treat it as a total non issue. I don’t go out of my way to mention that I am female, although people generally pick it up through the way I write or things I happen to say. They certainly realise when I get onto vent! I don’t expect people to start treating me any differently or to act any differently around me once they know either – I am still a person who is interested in the same game as you, as well as many other things. Personally, I think that the ‘fat slob who lives in his parent’s basement’ stereotype is much more harmful to the gaming community as a whole, and the MMORPG community in particular. MMORPG’s seem to attract most of the flak for being responsible for ‘hooking people on games, ruining their lives’ etc etc. I am sure that everyone imagines the typical WoW player to be an unemployed lazy slob living off their parents or the welfare system. I personally do not know a single person to fit this stereotype. Most of the players I have met are intelligent people with families and active social lives. In fact, I am probably the most reclusive of most of them, and I still have successfully completed a degree, and, believe it or not, do make it out of the house occasionally!

Other things mentioned in the video include ‘Why Shadow Bolt is bound to the number 2′ and a quick mention of Matticus’ SYTYCB big question he had.

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So, as I do believe I mention, this is my first attempt at video. After viewing, I noticed a couple of things:

  • My fringe is a problem. If I am constantly tilting my head to get it out of my face IRL, I must look bloody stupid!
  • The screen is reflected on my glasses. Sorry ’bout that.
  • I also mentioned the dodgy looking synching with the sound and the video. If I can ever work out how to fix it, I will. Promise!
  • Once again, I mangled a blog name – it’s Sorry!!!!!!

After doing this, I am much more keen to do the BlogTV thing. I think I would much rather the interaction. The problem with this is, I don’t get home until 4pm here, which is, what… 11pm on my server Cenarius, and I think Cenarius is on Eastern time?? Not too sure on that one. At any rate, it would be a heinous for for you guys. Lemme know what you think anyway!

P.S – I got Hydra’s question a smidgen too late :(. The answer is chocolate, the question was ‘Vanilla or Chocolate?’ Chocolate everything!!!

P.P.S – speaking of bad spelling, look what I just found:

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