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So, I log on today and check my mail. In there, I find a present, all wrapped up and labelled ‘do not open until Christmas’. While I do love Christmas presents, this means I need to sit there with this in my bags, waiting until Christmas (which is still 10 sleeps away!) to find out what it is! I am one of the most curious creatures in the world sometimes, and I have a feeling this is going to drive me bananas.

So, is Kalf lovely for getting me a present? Or MEAN for taunting me with it so early? You decide!!

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Thanks to some irritating issues I had updating to the new WP (I think it’s more my internet or computer mucking up things than anything else!), no post today. An installment of ‘Casual Guilds are not Easy!’ will be in tomorrow.

<3 Sar

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