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Edit: Kamiko is now home… she had been missing for about 7 hours, which, like I said, might not seem like a lot to most… but she is like a child to me, and it was stressful.  I am just so glad she is back.

My cat is missing.  I know to some people, it might not mean very much or be very significant, but my cat is really all I have.  Living out here in the middle of nowhere, she keeps me company and gives me something to look forward to coming home to.  I let her out for her afternoon sunbake (foolish of me, perhaps), and for some reason today she disappeared.  I haven’t seen her for hours.  She missed dinner, and she is really a very timid sort of cat (scared of strangers, scared of cars) which makes me think something might have happened to her.

I keep imagining I hear her meows, and every little noise makes me think that she has come home.  I drove around the neighbourhood but couldn’t see her, I looked around the houses here and she wasn’t there.  The house feels empty without her, and I can’t even go to bed without her sleeping on the pillow next to me.

Please come home Kamiko.  I miss you.



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I am feeling kinda lazy.  I spent a few hours today in vent chatting with guildies while attempting to catch that damn sewer rat, and so don’t have much to talk about.  Instead, I’ll just log about stuff that has happened.  Well… not even blog.  Just post pictures, really.  They aren’t even set out well… as usual, if you read this in a reader, it will look lame.  If you read it at the site, it will only look half as lame.


  This is my FigurePrint!  Isn’t she shiny?  Unfortunately I am clumsy and have scratched her base a little… surely I can fix that with a permanent marker though (or something similar).  I took this picture to show off how great her weapon came out.


  The front view of afore mentioned FigurePrint.


The inside of my shiny new computer!  Squee!  Video cards should really be renamed to video bricks – the size of that thing is nuts! The other picture is of the setup of my new computer: one monitor is 23”, the small one is only 15”.  I now have a shiny new G15 keyboard, and wonderful droolworthy parts inside (my favourite being the new video card/brick – a Nvidia Geforce GTX 280.  It’s not top of the line, but it runs pretty damn well and I am happy with it).




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And you won’t be able to get rid of me this time!  I thought, what better way to welcome myself back than to make a video.  I can’t remember what I was talking about, I think I made it a smidge over a week ago, so it’s not 100% accurate I daresay anymore.  Oh well.  Apologies for the nasty phone interference a few minutes in – watch your ears!

I think that I may have lost a few subscribers in my extended absence, but them’s the breaks I guess.  It is great to be back, even though it looks like some faces are lost from the community, but others have come to fill the void.  Everything that has happened that I have been able to keep up with in the game looks interesting as well.

Well… hopefully I will have some more to talk about later!

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Very briefly:

My phone has FINALLY supposedly been connected.  If it has been done properly, all that I have to wait for is my internet service to be connected, and for my modem to arrive (which should be soon, it was sent by courier 4 days ago!)

However, my small personal woes have been overshadowed by the following things:

Bushfires in Victoria (a whole 4 or 5 hours from where I currently live, not far at all) have ravaged small towns, leaving (at this point in time) over 180 people dead, and at least 80 people missing.  The media – especially the filthy TV media – have descended upon the state, asking people revoltingly inconsiderate questions.  Some of the worst include

– “Your children have died.  How did you feel when you found out?”

– “Were you insured?  No?  Whatever are you going to do?”

– “How do you think this community is going to get back on it’s feet?”

– “Do you resent the police for not letting you back into your home?”

The TV media make me feel seriously ill.  Not to mention the major channels have been dedicating at least one hour extra television to the fires each night, which would be fine if it wasn’t an obvious ratings grab.

Then, since the Australian weather likes to be ridiculously cruel, up the top end of the country we have things on the other end of the scale:  Flooding!  Massive flooding!  Which then gets to be topped off by enormous king tides!  Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink (or chuck on a fire, for that matter)

The Queensland floods were originally the media’s Great Big Cause of the Month… until the bushfires came along and they decided to pull everyone out of QLD to go and report in Victoria.  Heh.  Not to be cynical, but I am sure it helps that smoking ruins are much more photogenic than floodwaters.  Well… that and the floods haven’t really resulted in much death, although there have been a couple of deaths, one of which was a small boy taken by a crocodile.  I can’t help but wonder if there will be more crocodile attacks, since they are now swimming right into town through the floodwaters.  Scary stuff (for those who are unfamiliar with crocodiles, they are larger scarier versions of alligators.  They can grow to up to 15 metres long, and are incredibly deadly).

So, I guess I really can not complain about my minor woes!  If everything goes to plan, I should be back to blogging regularly and playing WoW within a week.  Huzzah!

Donate to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal (Australians and non-Australians)

How to donate to the Queensland Flooding Appeal (Australians only)

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Well, I really don’t know what has been happening in the WoW world the last week or so, so the only thing I really have to talk about is what I have been up to. I moved in to my new place on the 22nd of January, and I tell you what, it has been an interesting experience so far!

Act One

I spent moving day sitting in the car for over 9 hours, which was totally exhausting. I dragged myself out of bed at 5am to finish packing the truck so they could get going, then got the last of my things together and left myself at 8am. The drive started out perfectly fine, until I managed to miss a turn at Mt Thorley. I was just cruising along, when all of a sudden I was on a distinctly unfamiliar road. Trees? Mountains? Winding road? This sure doesn’t seem like the way I am meant to be going! I drove until I found a place to ask a) where the hell I was and b) how to get back. That took half an hour or so… whoops. Part of me kept saying to turn around earlier, but there wasn’t really any good turning spots, and I also was hoping there would be a turn off at some point to get me back to where I was going.

Well, I eventually got back to where I was heading, and kept going as planned. I was now cutting it VERY fine on time, so I decided that I wouldn’t be able to stop and sit and have lunch when I got half way there. That was a bit annoying, but oh well. Caught up with the truck well past Dubbo, out at Nyngan, and overtook them there. That was at 3.45pm, and I had until 5.30pm to get to Bourke – another 200km away. So, I admit I put my foot down a little bit… which turned out to be a REALLY BAD DECISION.


Go and get your popcorn, go to the bathroom, and discuss over the light music kindly provided by the orchestra exactly what you think our heroine has gotten herself into!

Act Two

There really isn’t anywhere to stop for fuel past Nyngan… and at that point I was running on half a tank. Now, usually that would be enough to get me there… but when you are driving at 140km an hour on a REALLY hot day, the car eats just a little bit too much of the fuel. I was just out of Byrock, and thought that I would fill up there… but there was just not a petrol station to be found. Most of the towns between Nyngan and Bourke are these tiny 50-100 people places, and they really don’t have much. I got to 20km outside of Bourke, and the car died. Rats.

I probably should have sat there and waited for my Dad, but at this point it was 5.15 and I was running out of time to get my key. No key = no place to spend the night, which would have been bothersome. Thankfully someone picked me up, and dropped me off at a petrol station. I thanked them and let them know that they didn’t have to take me back – I would just phone the real estate, ask them if someone could drop the key around to me on their way home from work, and my Dad could take me back out to the car.

Unfortunately the petrol station I stopped at didn’t have any jerry cans. *sigh* They recommended I try the other petrol station, but I couldn’t leave the one I was at since I had phoned the real estate and told them where I was. I asked Dad to try there, and he got some fuel and him and his mate drove back out to the car while I waited for the key.

Act Three

15 minutes later… still no key. 30 minutes later… still no key. I phoned the real estate agent back, hoping against hope that someone was still there, and got a particularly grumpy man on the other end of the phone ‘She went to give you the key a long time ago and you weren’t there’. I said that I hadn’t left at all, and didn’t see her come in, which I thought was a bit strange. I gave him my number, and he gave me hers, and I called her. Turns out that when I said ‘Bogas’ she thought I said ‘Beaurepaires’, and so she went to the tyre place rather than the petrol station. Whoops! I guess crackly mobile phone connections don’t help matters much, not to mention I was as flustered as!

While Dad was getting petrol, the girl who worked there mentioned that most of the teachers were going out to the pub that night for dinner. So we went down there for tea, and I got a chance to meet a lot of the people I will be working with, traded numbers, etc etc. So it actually worked out to be a good thing that I ran late, and ran out of fuel!

As for impressions of the place, it seems like a typical country town: just also very hot, very red and very dusty. The news and ads on the TV are a weird mishmash of things from Queensland and the Northern Territory, which is going to take some getting used to. I’ll have to subscribe to a NSW paper to actually have an idea of what is going on within my own state! The only things that really annoyed me so far:

  • No bathtub! I am one of those people who can’t function without a soak in a bathtub every now and then, especially when I am stressed
  • For some reason the people who install phone lines are total MORONS.  They dug the ditch, laid the pipes, covered it all back up… and, you guessed it, neglected to put the phone line IN the pipes!  So, I won’t have any internet for… a LONG time.  So, no blogging, no WoW, no chatting… and when you live alone and don’t have a phone either, there really isn’t that much else to do.  You can only vacuum a one bedroom place so many times in one day!
  • No hot water for 2 days waiting for an electrician to come out and look at it – turns out something wasn’t connected quite right.
  • Garage infested with Redbacks, but they were quickly killed with a couple of bug bombs.

So, I won’t really be posting for quite a while, very sorry about that.  Good thing I don’t need the internet to make money… I just use it to, you know, bank, do research for work, talk to people without running my phone bill up, etc etc…

/end nasty bitter rant


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Since I am not writing a real post, I decided that I would put some photos up instead from my trip.  They aren’t the greatest quality… but hey, what do you expect from a phone camera, right? (my REAL camera is currently on hiatus).  So, lots of pictures, few words, feel free to mark as read!

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While I had said that I was going to get into regular posting when I got back, there was a death in the family tonight, so posting might be a bit all over the place for a few days. 

Thank you for understanding.

<3 Sar

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I have a few more minutes to spare on my net cafe credit, so here goes:
1. Finally typical Melbourne weather has struck us, with today being hot/cold/windy/rainy/sunny.
2. I am down to my last $2. What a sad state of affairs this is!
3. I have finally gone through and approved comments, and in the process discovered a wonderful blog in Sideshow and Syrana ( ). If I ever get around to updating my blogroll when I get home I will get right on that!
4. Aussies are clearly more prudish than any of our foreign friends, with my friend and I being the only ones in our dorm who feel uncomfortable getting changed in front of other people. Others have ranged from sleeping naked (please note – mixed dorm!) to walking/sitting around in underwear.
5. Had a NZ guy going for 15 minutes about drop bears. Really, a New Zealander should know better than to believe in drop bears!
6. Oddly really missing everyone online. Maybe I need to get out more.
7. I was planning on moving in a week, and STILL HAVE NO HOUSE!! Am mad.
8. I am kinda hungry, but can only afford to have lunch OR dinner today. Dinner wins. I guess I can say that is part of the authentic backpacker experience.
9. However, I did manage to spend over $100 at Lush yesterday! Food < soap? Budgeting skills FTL.
10. “Wicked: The Musical” was incredibly awesome. Best night out this week, even beating the pub night where they played really bad music and I got to dance like an idiot.
11. Above night was also awesome. Think Spice Girls, Peter Andre, etc. Could barely walk or talk the next day. Drank far too much vodka. Accidentally left the net connected all night on my phone, so my bill will be huge. Have a funny feeling I sent someone some flirtatious messages on AIM – I don’t really remember.

See you guys soon on the flip side! What does that expression mean, anyway?

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That’s right, the time has finally arrived for me to go on holidays.  So, Destructive Reach will be on autopilot for a week, which means that, while posts are still incoming, your friendly neighbourhood Warlock is not here to reply to comments left.  This doesn’t mean don’t leave comments!  I’ll just have to get to them when I get back next week is all.

While I am on holidays my computer generated fake self will be posting regularly with lots of things – another part of Casual Guilds, some Unicorn chasing, and even some disco!  I’ll be tossing out the old year and bringing in the new (albeit, a touch late), and just generally causing havok around the internet.  You wont even notice I am gone!

I’ll also be Twittering like crazy while I am in Melbourne (at least, I am planning to).  You can see updates by either checking back at the big Twitter box in the side bar over there occasionally, popping over to my Twitter page, or perhaps even following me on Twitter!  If I can’t blog, I can at least microblog, right?

As a final note, Elf asked me a couple of posts back if I could write a guide to how I got my mini pets.  Well… I was going to, but Jess beat me to the punch!  I would heartily recommend reading her post instead :-).  Another great reference is Warcraft  I am pretty sure you can find me on there as Saresa as well, but it has been a long while since I updated that page.

Well, I will have fun in Melbourne, but I will certainly miss all of you in Azeroth and beyond.  May your drops be plentiful and your repair bills be few!

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OK, so now real post today.  My brain is currently on hiatus – I think it is still swimming in a weird vodka jelly mess.  So, instead, I wish you all a Happy New Year.  May your night be cheery, your New Year’s Day be not hungover, and your 2009 filled with good things, health and happiness (and a little bit of wealth wouldn’t go astray either).

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