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WoWScrnShot_083108_211602 When Lin from Elune’s Guidance mentioned prom dresses the other day, it got me to pondering a) How many bloggers I could sucker in to post prom pictures on their blogs ;-) (admit it, old prom pictures are hilarious!), and b) How many people dress their characters up.

Now, those who know me know that I am not much of a RP’er.  I just don’t have the imagination for it.  However, a bit of the old RP sneaks out occasionally. Sar doesn’t really dress up much: she owns a black dress (but it was given to her by someone else), never wears it, and disdains all that which is ‘girly’.   Who needs to look hot when you can throw a curse on anyone who complains about your appearance?  Hermia is very pragmatic – no sense buying something nice when you are just going to turn into a bear and warp it out of shape anyway.  besides, we all know that cat form is for when you want to impress, and formal occasions.  She does have a couple of silly costumes for when they are needed – a Haliscan’s outfit for random fun; a Valentine’s dress for if she ever manages to land a date (poor Herm is just plain unlucky in love), and no matter what happens she will always keep her beloved Squidy to scare the Stormwind orphans with.

Jaquenetta on the other hand… well, she is undoubtedly a girly-girl.  She might run around the bush all day with a cat in tow, but when she wants to walk around town she enjoys the feeling of soft cloth against her skin over that scratchy old leather anyday.  The only thing she can usually manage to show off her girliness is her pigtails, but when she gets any excuse, she will throw on a dress.  Brutus, of course, looks at her with utter contempt.

As for the real life me?  Well… I am a lot like Hermia.  I tend to get around as much as possible in jeans and a T-Shirt (I tell the kids at school on the rare occasions I wear a dress or a skirt that it’s because I haven’t ironed in a while).  I can’t be bothered doing any of the annoying girly stuff unless it’s really required – make up? Eh.  Nails?  Eh.  Hair in anything that isn’t a pony tail? MEH.  However, when the occasion arises, I can make myself look girly, and I will doll myself up with the best of them.

So… prom dresses.  Since I want to see if anyone is ballsy enough to post their own prom picture, I had better post one too.  Now, I don’t know how it works over there in the US, but in Australia we kinda have 2 proms, only we call them formals.  You get a formal in Year 10 (celebrate the end of compulsory schooling), and one in Year 12 (celebrate the end of high school altogether).  I would take a stab and say that our Year 12 formal is probably the equivalent of the prom in terms of build up and level of celebration.  

12formalSo, that is me in my ‘prom’ dress.  Thankfully I don’t think it will ever be too humiliating to look at in terms of style – I didn’t go for anything too outrageous.  All the girls these days seem to go for cocktail dresses rather than gowns, which I think is a shame, although it would have to be a damn sight cheaper for their parents!

Well, Lin did say that bloggers have a creative way of evading topics.  So, I am going to challenge her to post a ‘prom themed post’ to see what she can come up with! ;-P.  It would be great if a few other bloggers decided to have a go as well!  (especially those who went to their proms in the 80’s or early 90’s hehehe)

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