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Where in your lovable Sar goes ballistic about something

Hannelore over at The Egotistical Priest hates Warlocks. Really, I don’t find this to be that big a deal – Priests often strike me as being our natural opposites, committed (in most cases) to exploring the opposite side of magic and using it for, well… completely different purposes. I’ll admit to sniffling a little, but I soon bucked up and realised that I actively encourage people to dislike me! My plan is actually working!

Of course, I myself have a class which I hate beyond all others. One which I would gladly see wiped off the face of Azeroth. My merriest dreams have been visions of their kind collapsing under some deadly strain, with myself hopping about amongst the survivors and cackling mercilessly as I delivered the final death blow in the shape of a painful, slow, unbearable DoT. A field full of shiny dead Paladins.

Paladins just creep me out. Plain and simple. Between their constant proclaiming of ‘For the Light!’, their irritatingly shiny armor, and their outright goody two shoes behaviour… uuuurgh *shudders*.

Not to mention that THEIR suicide seems to be socially acceptable! Only Paladins could turn it into an act of kindness. Makes me want to puke on their shiny boots (which are truly only kept shiny so they can check themselves out in their reflection). Not to mention, they only ever seem to cast the damn thing on OTHER Paladins! Selfish buggers.

Paladins have bugged me from the very first time I played. A class who can DPS, Tank and Heal? All at once?!?! AND they get to wear plate! Honestly, I did not envy the Horde one bit in not being able to have Paladins. Not exactly missing much. I believed that most Paladins would be unskilled, irritating children who rolled the class that could do everything because they were afraid of being smooshed by monsters. Turns out most 12 year olds play Rogues, but a fair amount of them are also lolret Pallies.

Oh… lolret. What other class in the game as an entire talent tree dedicated to making people collapse into fits of giggles every time they see it? Perhaps Blizzard was on to something there after all. Of course, they don’t make me laugh any where near as hard in PvP, where it turns out they have their magic ‘haha you can’t touch me!‘ shield, and then they proceed to murder me while I can not cast a single thing. Damn hammers!

The creepiest thing of all though? Lay on Hands. If a stinky Pally EVER dares to lay his hands on me he will be smacked through to next week.

Sure, Warlocks may be the emo class of WoW. Honestly though, wouldn’t you much rather hang out with a complaining yet intriguing Warlock instead of a do gooder, ‘For the Light’ chanting Pally?

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Larisa and Rohan touched on a subject which is close to my heart – the subject of the responsibilities and fun levels of different roles in raiding. I often hear from people that ‘it’s ok… it doesn’t matter what you do, you are DPS…’ or ‘but healing/tanking is SO much more stressful than your job!’ This attitude drives me bananas. People seem to get this weird kick out of belittling DPS, when in all honesty we are just as essential to a raid as any other role.

Threat management

You think that your DPS crew don’t have their eyes glued to the threat meter just as much as the tanks? One misstep, the boss eats you for breakfast, and the raid/class leader kicks what is left of you up the backside. Threat management is made even more complicated by the complex and unpredictable nature of critical strikes. Sure, tanks and healers need to be able to anticipate upcoming damage. DPS needs to be able to anticipate when they will crit, and exactly what impact that will have on their threat level. Every time I cast a spell I try to predict and calculate how much threat it will generate and the likelihood of it critting.

Spell management

I am sure that there is an equivalent for melee, but caster DPS need to know their spell rotations. They then need to be able to change this rotation at a moment’s notice, or adapt it to different situations while still maximising their DPS. This can be difficult to do in some encounters, which have threat wipes and other things interfering with your casting. You also need to ensure that you don’t cast useless spells (ie – non stacking spells, things bosses are immune to, etc). While this might sound really simple, it can be difficult to manage after being put into a set routine or pattern.


Often your DPSers have a secondary role in the raid. Whether it be maintaining certain debuffs on a target, crowd controlling a mob, or managing player placement, we do have more to think about than merely pewpewing. The fact that we are often expected to maintain our damage output while managing other tasks often escapes the notice of others. I often hear people congratulate the healers and the tanks at the end of a fight, but very rarely the DPS. This is just an observation based on raids and groups I have been in, and certainly may not be the norm.


Everyone knows that DPSers look at the meters. In fact, that is all I hear people saying DPSers do! Well, we all know that everyone else looks at those meters too, and they certainly aren’t afraid to say something if you aren’t pulling your weight. It can be very stressful knowing that your damage output is scrutinised, and I know some raid leaders who are not afraid to replace people at any time if someone logs on with better DPS (not that all raid leaders are like that). It’s a dog eat dog world, people! Again, this is merely my experience.

Sure, it’s not easy being a healer or a tank. However, you aren’t the only one who has to make snap decisions. Your DPS generally aren’t just goofing off all the time. Sure, a couple might be, but you know, I have seen plenty of healers and tanks do the same thing. Give us a little credit here people! As for ‘healer burnout’ – I think most people get burnt out doing the same thing day in, day out. I made a tank alt, because I was tired of caster DPS. I found it ‘boring’ after a while. Does that mean that either of them are easier? Heck no! It’s just a change of pace. All people in a raid are accountable, and saying otherwise is either trying to let yourself off the hook, or inflating your importance far beyond what it really is.

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Brewfesht is upon us once again! One of the most beloved of holidaysh, Brewfest allowsh ush to drink excesshive amounts of alcohol without having people glare at us and mutter nasty comments about ‘problems’, ‘drunkardsh’, or ‘dwarf wannabe’… hic! Of course, Sar frequently runs around with a hip flask stashed in her bags, but hey… she’sh a Warlock, she has to have SHOMETHING to cope with the constant whining from Mages, Priests, and the other inferior classes! Inferior I shay! *Shakes fist*

Brewfest as you all know is a shmidge different thish year – we have a boss to kill… hic! Shar likes killing! Especially after a few Thunderbrews, when her magic prowessh is second to none. What? You dishagree?!? *Shadowbolt!*

Unfortunately, my fantastical prowess was not recognished through any loot drops. Sar got nothing – because there is a Azerothian conshpiracy – hic! to rob Warlocks of their deserved loot… loot… loot which is deservedly theirs… hic! Well, while Sar got nothing, Hermia got mosht everything! Tisn’t fair! Shtoopid Drood… Need I mention she has fleas? AND doeshn’t shower? Tisn’t fair, Tisn’t fair… hic!

So I say that Brewfest is rigged. Brewfest be damned. I don’t care that I was excited about the free alcohol. Damn you Brewfesht! Damn you Dwarfsh!!… hic! *collapse*

P.S: It’s my birthday, surely today of all days I can get away with random incoherent posts, right?

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Homogenization (or homogenisation) is a term used in many fields such as chemistry, agricultural science, food technology, sociology and cell biology. Homogenization is a term connoting a process that makes a mixture the same throughout the entire substance.

- Wikipedia

I suspect that I am going to be the lone voice in the wilderness here, decrying the new way like the complainer I am. Well, it has been a long while since I wrote a rant, and I think it’s about time…

I have issues with the new gear itemisation in Wrath. There, I said it. The writing was on the wall when they had to give Warlocks a use for that stinkin’ Spirit. Next thing you know, Pallies don’t need spellpower anymore for tanking, Druids don’t need anything anymore for tanking (since I hear they currently die like flies), and what the heck, let all mail be good for Hunters and Shaman alike!

Now, I know all the arguments for doing this. It will be easier to get drops now. There wont need to be such a wide variety of items. You will be able to go into an instance without thinking ‘There is absolutely nothing here for me, this place drops SFA for my class’. All good reasons, yada yada yada. Too bad that the whole thing is utterly jinkified.

The problem with making gear accessible for all classes who are skilled in that gear type (cloth, leather, mail, plate) is that it requires a lot of tinkering with the fundamental mechanics of that class. Basic things will not work the same way anymore. This completely changes most everything that was ever thought about a class. Sure, me getting my head around ‘Spirit = good’ is not that difficult. Other classes have a much tougher time adjusting than we locks do. I have to wonder if this is really at all necessary. Why fix something that simply isn’t broken (OK – isn’t broken that badly)? Do we need to homogenise gear THAT extensively?


Another major hurdle that I can see is the distribution of loot in raiding. As we all know, the most complicated pieces to handle are those which are good for multiple classes. In their effort to try and make things easier, Blizzard have actually made life more difficult for raid leaders by creating a situation where all your plate wearers will be fighting for the same pieces, and all your cloth wearers will be fighting for the same pieces. It will be more difficult to determine what pieces are best for whom, and as usual your DPSers will probably be left in the cold until every healer and tank has the gear.

Finally, I really get a kick out of the fact that different classes need different stats. It makes things more interesting, and certainly adds to the excitement of looking at a piece of gear and thinking ‘Wow, that is just great for …’ Now, everything is going to be ‘oh, yay, cloth…’ I think that will get tiresome very fast indeed. I also find it amusing that I was one of many people wanting more differences in gear for different specs, and the easy solution to this clearly was to just say ‘eh, we will just make it good for everyone instead’. Well… blah. How fricking boring.

I can’t say I especially object to the changes in class mechanics that have been implemented. Raid wide buffs are fantastic. Giving many classes similar abilities? Not so great in my book, but I can live with it (although I can’t say I really think Paladins should get an AoE heal for example… but that’s just me being ‘old fashioned’). However, this combined with the changes to gear mean that everything is starting to look awfully… the same. This is not what I would deem a creative solution to any problem. Yes, some classes needed better gear itemisation – badly. Was making everyone need similar gear really the answer to the problem? I don’t think so. Perhaps a bit more work could have been put into smarter solutions:

- Intuitive drops: I don’t know if this is even possible, but it would be great if items would drop in instances which could be used by the classes inside. It is incredibly frustrating seeing plate drop on a run with no plate wearers for example. Combining intuitive drops with larger loot tables would be fricking awesome. A lot more work, but infinitely more awesome.

Looking at it now, I actually can’t think of a better solution than that. Hey, I would have been happy with larger loot tables even so that all classes and specs had a chance to get something. Improved crafting professions to benefit ALL people who choose it would also be spectacular. I have no doubt Blizzard will address that anyway. I just don’t see how making things more generic is an adequate solution.

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I don’t know if you guys have missed them especially, but I am in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned rant. I know that it has only been a week or so, but I do love getting angry about stuff! Today’s victim: The WoW hater.

Every WoW player has had the misfortune to meet a WoW hater. They come in all guises – the ‘concerned’ parent or partner who just hates the game, the ex player who believes that everyone else should ‘kick the habit’ as well, the friends who declare it to be a waste of time, and the people who may even play the game and resent that you spend more time in game than they do. They are everywhere!

The issue that I have with these people is that they are incredibly one sided. An argument I often have with family members is that I spend about the same time playing WoW as they do watching TV. I would argue that playing WoW, where I do have to think about what I am doing and where I get to socially interact with people from all over the world is much more valuable than spending my time parked in front of the idiot box. Their counter to the argument is that they can get up and leave the TV at any point in time, while I can’t just up and leave in an instance. Both sides have valid points, but I think that mine is certainly the strongest.

The ex WoW players also really tick me off. Not all of them, mind you – I don’t mind people quitting the game. The ones who then feel like they have to convert every other WoW player to their ‘it is evil and time consuming and life ruining!!!’ cause are the most irritating of all. I don’t understand why they believe that their poor decisions they made while playing the game mean that all players are hopelessly addicted, and why they just will not believe you when you say that you don’t have a problem.

I also read some comments recently where someone stated that people who ‘take pride in defeating a raid boss or leading a guild need to realise that they have a problem’. Now, wait a minute here. Why can’t people take some pride in their achievement in the game? I also take a great deal of pride in other aspects of my life, and some of these things are pretty darn inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. I got a HD for one of my assignments last semester. Does this really matter? Heck no! Many people get good grades across their courses, and many people don’t care WHAT grades they get (after all, P’s make degrees!) I am also proud of the fact that I was once an officer in a guild, that I have downed several raid bosses, and that I have topped the damage charts a couple of times (while still doing my job and not dying!) Should I not be proud of these things? They are still achievements which took me a long time to achieve, and which relied on me being able to work in a team and use all sorts of real life skills.

My achievements (or lack there of) also enable me to write here now. I may not be the best writer in the world, but I am sure proud that I was brave enough to give it a go. The same goes for those silly videos – they aren’t great, I am just learning as I go along, but hey, I’m trying and that is something. So you WoW players out there – you may not be the best. However, regardless of where you play or how well you play, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the game, and there is nothing wrong with being proud of what you achieve. Those who say otherwise and think you have a problem can stick it up their nose!

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So, I didn’t do the blog tv thing today. No one showed up, which is what I kinda expected anyway (it was set kinda late), then my raid went over time and I was just all tired and grouchy and grrrrrrr. Anyway, I do have a rant all lined up for you!

The thing that really got to me today was a couple of druids I came across in Arathi Basin. Clearly it was foolish of me to even try to do AB in the hopes of winning, but since it was the weekend BG and I really do want to get ahold of the Spirit of Competition before it is gone, I decided to brave it. The very first AB I got into, I helped heal at the farm, tried to capture somewhere else, died, and came back to this sight.

While about 8 of us were off actually trying to fight in this BG, these selfish jerks were dancing on the roof. Two of them were in the same guild, which leads me to believe that they both entered with the intention to lose the BG. I’ll admit, I lost my temper slightly (friends and guildmates had to suffer while I dropped several F bombs cursing these morons), and then confronted them about their behaviour, after someone asked the legitimate question “Why didn’t you try to help me when the horde killed me RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?”

To this they retorted that the roof was an excellent defensive position, which is all well and good if a) you are willing to actually defend the place rather than dance and watch the horde kill other people there and take it, and b) aren’t both resto druids (which they later admitted) who would be much more valuable out in the battle healing people. I was very tempted to name and shame them in here, but I have decided to try and be ‘the better man’. I will certainly be reporting them to a GM if I ever come across them pulling that sort of stunt – they only reason I didn’t today was because I didn’t think of it until it was too late. From what I have heard, people CAN get their honor stripped for this sort of garbage.

I know that many people have blogged before about people who deliberately lose battlegrounds. I really do not understand the phenomenon myself – it is perhaps the most ridiculously selfish thing that people can do in PvP, yet it seems to happen all the time. When there are 10 people in a 15 man battleground who actually want to put in an effort and win, who are you to waste their time with your dancing on the roof bullshit? Alliance in our battlegroup have a horrific reputation for PvP, and when you see the stunts like this that some clowns pull, you understand why. It gets frustrating seeing at least 10 AFK’s in Alterac Valley. People who just screw around in WSG and AB are even worse. There really isn’t that many of us to begin with, and having even one or two people refuse to play and leeching honor off the rest of us is a waste of our valuable time. These same people would not dare to pull this kind of crap in a raid, I can almost guarantee it. Why? Because raiding is serious business! People would get pissed if they sat on their hands for a whole raid! I suggest that these people need to learn that some people take their battlegrounds just as seriously as they take their raiding. I for one am not a big fan of battlegrounds – I am not especially good at PvP, and the general lack of organisation really doesn’t sit well with me. However, when I do decide to go in there, I take it seriously. Not just for myself, but for all the other people who are in there, who MAY just want to actually have a shot at winning.

/end rant

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Sorry everyone, been insanely busy, promise to return with a real post soon. Please don’t hate me! *pulls out hair*

I really need to learn to say no. People ask me to do stuff, to go to stuff, to help out with stuff, and my inability to say no is creating many problems. I just worked out I currently do not have a free weekend all internship, which means that I am stressed and panicking all the time. I also am one of those weird people who can not cope without having any alone time, and I wont have any of that at all for… well… the rest of the year, really. The having to do crap for people is really annoying though. So, let’s all say it together -

Just say NO!!!

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Firstly, I will admit that I haven’t had a chance to look at my reader yet this morning – I am currently at uni trying to puzzle my way through a Research Project while writing some units of work for the kids when I go on internship. Busy busy busy! So, someone may have already found what I am going to blog about, and you have probably already read it. If so, apologies for being boring to you, and apologies to whoever I unintentionally rip off!

Last night before I went to bed I did a quick flick through my reader again (I have to check it at least 3 times a day to ensure that I rarely have more than 50 posts to read at a time), when I found this nice shiny bit of information over at Tobold’s. The judge has finally made a decision in the Glider bot case, and Botting (or any other manipulation of the copy of World of Warcraft in the RAM) is a copyright infringement, and is therefore illegal (for the full technical stuff, please see Tobold’s post, where he has quoted the judge’s exact statement). They basically were able to come to this conclusion through the fact that when you purchase WoW, you do not purchase the game, but rather a license to the game (which is why you do not own your character, and technically you are not able to ‘sell’ your character).

This has immense implications for players. Of course, combined with the release of the Blizzard Authenticator, there should be a massive cut down in illegal activities in the game. Blizzard will be able to threaten gold farmers who use botting technology with legal ramifications (as opposed to previously just banning their accounts). Of course, I don’t suppose for a second that this will stop RMT at all, but it will certainly hinder the process just a little bit. At the very least, gold farmers are now going to have to find more legitimate ways of farming their gold. In all honesty, and I will probably get flamed for this, I don’t especially believe that gold farmers who farm their gold through ‘honest’ means (rather than account hacks or bots) really hurt the average player significantly. There are arguments that they artificially inflate the economy (but any more than daily quests, might I ask?) although in some ways they do provide a service. With the advent of dailies, many people no longer farm primals, herbs, etc to make gold. IF gold farmers make their gold through this process, they are simply providing materials to players in the AH, and also creating competition, which helps to keep costs down. I also suspect that most people who buy gold use it for large, extravagant purchases like epic flying mounts, which really do not affect the economy at all. This is NOT to say I support RMT by any means! I could also be way off base with my economic theories (after all, I am an English major, not an economist!)

The more paranoid amongst us will suggest that this could also potentially mean the end of modding as we know it. Logically, I believe that common sense will play a major role in this – bringing a case to bear over something as ridiculous as a harmless mod would be an expensive exercise with no real benefit to anyone concerned. This judgement wont mean that harmless mods are going to be affected, despite them ‘technically’ constituting an offense (I guess – I don’t get much of this computer mumbo jumbo!) I just hope people remember that common sense almost always wins out.

Now, for a small community service announcement!

Patch 2.4.3 is now active, which means that you need to update all your mods. Many people have complained about their mods being ‘broken’, when they haven’t updated. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but it has to be done people! :)


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How do you judge the level of knowledge and skill a player has? Do you go off their progression so far? Or do you go off things they say and do? Do you go off past progression perhaps? There are so many ways that we judge the depth and breadth of knowledge that a player has, often without even thinking about it. I am not sure how many times I have suddenly ‘lifted’ a person in my esteem when they mention that their main is in x guild, or has killed x boss. Of course, they quite often plummet right afterwards because they follow this up with bragging, which makes me feel just a bit ill. I find it amazing though that we immediately assume that a person is a good player because they have a hefty amount of shiny purples, or have killed a certain amount of end game bosses. I have always been a loud and firm advocator of ‘the person before the gear’, but I too quite often judge people superficially.

Now, this superficial judgement rarely leads us astray. Generally, those people in the shiny purples do have a great level of skill. You often need to have this level of skill to even get near one of the bosses in most cases. However, it is easy for an occasional person to ‘slip through the cracks’. Especially in the good old days of 40 man raiding. To get the gear without the skill. Generally these people are easy to spot. They will be the ones where people mutter ‘ebay!’ under their breath.

However, it is incredibly easy to be confused and mistaken in the other direction. To look at someone’s gear and progression, and undervalue their knowledge on this basis. I’ll give you an example that I heard over Vent the other day.

Basically, one of our paladin healers are respeccing to prot (because we have a total utter lack of prot pallies). He was asking some questions about how much dodge he would need. Since the people who were in vent were unable to provide him with a satisfactory answer, he decided to ask an old friend.

Pally: Well, I asked my good friend, and he said I should aim for this much dodge. (I don’t remember the number, cut me some slack!)

Elitist person: Oh, I wouldn’t listen to him.

Pally: Why not? My good friend knows heaps about Prot Pallies. He has been playing since launch!

Elitist Person: Yes, but it’s not like he has exactly progressed very far… at all

Pally: Well, he has got personal circumstances which mean he can’t raid. He used to do old end game raiding, but he can’t anymore. He has a family and things.

Elitist Person: I just don’t think he knows enough. You should try Elitist Jerks or something. Look at the paladins in Afterlife.

This exchange did get on my nerves a little bit. I know the ‘good friend’ in question, which is why it got to me. We aren’t the best of friends, but he is one of the best Paladin tanks I have ever met. I’ll put it this way – Kalf is also one of the most elitist, judgemental people I know (sorry dear, but it’s true :P). Even HE likes this pally tank! Sure, he is still in Kara epics. Maybe a piece or two from Gruul’s. I think that his skill is evidenced though the fact we were desperate for a Pally tank for Hyjal. I asked if he could help out. For someone in such ‘low’ gear, he held aggro off us admirably. The healers had to work a little harder to keep him up, I’ll admit. But he did do incredibly well. I have seen well geared Pally tanks fail in there.

So the assumption that people do not know their class based entirely on gear does get on my nerves a bit. I think this is also reflected in the blogging world – we are all in different states of progression. Some of the WoW bloggers who are still in Karazhan know so much about their class – they know how to play various specs, they know the benefits and disadvantages of each, and they are able to give sound advice about most everything. Progression isn’t a sole indicator of skill and knowledge.

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In the blogging world today, there is an uproar. Now just a quiet one either, this is a full pack of lions we are talking about here. So what is it that got our panties in a knot? Well, in Blizzard’s latest sweeping of the ban stick, they have given at least one innocent victim a bonk on the noggin. Now, it just so happens that one of these innocent victims are a member of the guild Aetherial Circle. Sound familiar? It should! AC happens to be the home of more bloggers than I can count on my fingers, and each and every one of these bloggers is up in arms over what has happened. Now Lamaa isn’t a blogger, but he is a good friend of everyone in AC. They are 100% sure that Lamaa did not cheat. I for one, trust their judgement and believe them.

Now, you may be asking what Lamaa did that was so wrong to get banned. You may suspect that he used the Glider bot, right? Well, nope. All that he did was…

Ban Stick!

Use a Logitech G15 keyboard in combination with running Wine on Linux. That’s right, he was banned because of a keyboard, and a program. Apparently the G15 has a macro functionality of some description, which goes against Blizzard’s EULA in some way. Don’t ask me to explain it, I do not get this stuff. Now, Lamaa didn’t even use this function of the keyboard apparently. But, because he installed the software when he purchased the keyboard *shockhorrorgasp!*, and Warden picked up that this software was installed, along with him running Wine… BAM! Ban Stick pwnage. AND they had the hide to charge him his next three months subscription fee – the very same day.

So, I think that the requests are fairly simple here Blizz. Reinstate Lamaa’s account. Send him more than a form ‘you broke the rules therefore we hate you’ letter explaining why you banned him. Perhaps even put up an official warning of some description about the G15 Keyboard, or about running Wine? Although, I can’t imagine Logitech would be too pleased with Blizzard saying there is an issue with one of their top of the line gamer keyboards.

And, in the future, take a closer look at who you sweep the ban stick at. You never know, there may be a whole blogging community hiding behind them, pens poised (or should we say, keyboards? G15 keyboards even?)

Note: For fuller details of Lamaa’s ban, see any one of the AC blogs. TJ is a good place to start, but most every blogger today has jumped upon this.


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